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Cutting Him Loose

 Funeral processions are an essential element of New Orleans culture, and the impromptu variety in particular — honoring the passing of someone of distinction, especially a musician — are a time-honored tradition in certain neighborhoods, among which are the oldest black  neighborhoods in America. Marek Edelman,  commander in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising was an iconic [...]

Art of Alienation

Does alienation have a predefined or finite limit after which death writes its inevitable postscript? Can it become an all-consuming identity; part of a core genetic makeup? Is victimhood  a path forged on the basis of free will, or a preordained destiny that unfolds over a lifespan. And, why does the victimizer feel compelled to [...]

Art of Insurrection and Resurrection

On a large grassy square between Karmelicka and Zamenhofa streets, in the centre of Muranow,in Warsaw is the Ghetto Heroes Monument. One of the most desperate battles in human history took place.Nathan Rapaport is the sculptor  created the monument  and it is sometimes referred to as the Nathan Rappaport Memorial. The monument commemorates the tens [...]

Seraphine & Mystical Inner Visions

Hypnotic art. A relationship between an avant-garde art dealer and a visionary cleaning lady. There is a mystery of creativity and the resilience of one woman’s spirit. It is also a marginalized artist and deeply eccentric individual presented as a victim. An excessive devotion that created intense, surreal illusions on another plane of reality and [...]

Naturalist Art Keeps Its Plants On

A collaboration with nature resulting in sculptures with an ecological art narrative. Call it coaxing nature and romancing the stone. Andy Goldsworthy uses nature as his canvas and creates arrangements and composition with materials generally found on the work’s site. Nothing is created per se, he simply shapes elements of the environment into an aesthetic form [...]

Assembled With Your Rhythm Sticks

Interesting new piece from Banksy, the British graffiti guru. The elements of the composition  show a number of narrative possibilities.The man could be in a prison, or maybe outside a prison or ghetto.Certainly, the idea of cultural compartmentalization is present and its complementary form of isolation and group identity.Or, the quality of Ikea is based [...]

Illustrating a Fine Art

Walt Reed, author of “The Illustrator in America” said that “his pictures are probably more admired – and more imitated – than those of any other current illustrator.” Bernie Fuchs ( 1932-2009 ) created magazine illustrations and advertisements with a unique vibrant style that captured and defined middle class life in America from the post-war until the late [...]

Shangri-La Found North by Northwest

A type of hybrid between Gilligan’s Island, Robinson Caruso and The Mosquito Coast; with a dash of the urban angst of Seinfield. Eating Buccaneers is an independent comedy to be released this week.It involves  four advertising types—the agency v.p.,the junior account executive, copywriter and art executive who have to work together with their neurotic client [...]

Take A Pass On The Mao

Hou Bo should never have got the assignment. Aged just 25, she had picked up a camera after stints as a nurse and teaching peasant farmers to read. But the more experienced photographers were in the provinces and could not reach Beijing in time. So when Chairman Mao ( Zedong ) stood on the rostrum [...]

Dylan & Rimbaud: Whose Not There?

Should Bob Dylan be considered a songwriter or a poet? Dylan was asked that very question at a press conference in 1965, when he famously said, “I think of myself more as a song-and-dance man.” It is indisputable, though, that Dylan has been influenced a great deal by poetry. He counts Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine alongsideWoody Guthrie as his [...]