king for a day: take a pass on the cake

All the king’s men and women. Indeterminancy and inevitability, fortuity and fate.Sacred geometry and secret recipes. The chance of being king. Or is it chance? The chance of being king is charged with multiple and contradictory associations among of which is the inevitable fall. Chance has the implication of that which we fall into or that which befalls us by surprise- the incident, the accident, the final throws of the dice. There is a dual nature of chance and all is not what it appears to be. Interestingly,  Prince William’s eventual ascendancy to the throne will mark the return of a Stuart monarchy after 400 years since James I….

---Although she's no virgin like Diana, Isis, and St. Catherine, Kate Middleton now steps up for the role of May Queen for her Beltane wedding. Unlike Diana who was named after the goddess of hunting, but despised it (perhaps because she was always the one being hunted), Ms. Middleton has no problem taking down a deer as she did during her first deer hunting expedition with Prince Charles at the Queen's Balmoral Estate ...And Guess what, apparently Ms. Middleton is no commoner either. AND it turns out that she is a distant cousin of her soon to be husband. According to the Daily Mail online, the man who links William and Kate as kith and kin is Sir Thomas Leighton. He is William's 12th generation great-grandparent, and Kate's 11th, making them 12th cousins, once removed. Although they are not brother and sister like Isis/Osiris and Arthur/Morgan, they are royal family complete with pedigreed bloodlines that will ensure the right to divine kingship is passed on. Read More:

King James I of England, son of Mary Queen of Scots.The last Stuart king. He won the prize that had eluded his mother: the right to rule over a united kingdom. But in the process he earned himself a very bad press, something the Royals have had trouble eluding since James…..

His absurd generosity and his constant indebtedness forced him to go to parliament again and again, asking for money.His extravagance and that of his hangers-on “passed all measure of taste or sanity.” However, James had come from a primitive and straitened court in Edinburgh and it was natural that he would ape the flamboyance and magnificence of his Tudor predecessors. The beginning of the seventeenth-century was a lavish era throughout Europe of giddy expenditure, splendid building, gigantic feasts, and lavish, evanescent shows.( Trevor-Roper)

---Another intriguing coincidence pointed out by Time Magazine is that April 29 marks the feast day of the Italian saint Catherine of Sienna. This Italian saint, who bears the same first name as Kate (Catherine) Middleton, was known for her Mystical Marriage with Jesus giving yet another sign that this is indeed a Hieros Gamos, or Alchemical Wedding. Although this intriguing synchronicity may feed conspiracy theories that Prince William is the chosen one, or even the anti-Christ it is more likely that this coincidence alludes to the divine right of kingship of young William, whose bloodline may be traced back to Jesus and/or Egypt through his own mother and her Merovingian ancestry...Read More:

The English contribution to these entertainments was the masque, a plotless, poetic opera or pageant, depending on complex scenery and elaborate costumes for its effect, performed only once. Despite the elegant beauty of Inigo Jones’s stage sets, no art form has proved so impermanent. But the masque was sadly typical of the purposeless expenditure so usual in the Jacobean court. Noblemen built enormous houses, “like Nebuchadnezzar’s” and extravagant feasts were the norm, with much of the delicacies simply thrown away as decoration in a prelude to an even more sumptuous feast…

However, even Aristotelian logic and reasoning cannot be applied to the disjointed postmodern life of the royals. Seemingly, their story branches out in all directions, without a beginning, middle or end without unifying structure. It is a mystery of the sacred geometry.  Try as one might to find evidence of shards of an ultimate divine truth,a divine right of rulers, there is always an absence of an organising center or a frame,which  gives way to a vast and complex pagan proliferation of meanings as to what is actually transpiring. The Royals appear as a collection of fragments  which exist alone whose attempts at linear  progression to move their reign along seems to rely  on “chance” events to move their plot forward such as the death of Diana. There is much to learn from the Royal family: a complexity that opposes all  linear ordering of cause and effect.

---King James VI of Scotland, who was very dedicated to finding and executing witches, succeeded Elizabeth I in 1603 and thus became James I of England. This bigoted, fanatical, monarch described Scot's book as "damnable," and ordered all copies of the Discovery to be burned. Those copies remaining are now very rare. Even earlier, in 1586, a decree of the infamous Star Chamber had greatly tightened censorship laws. In spite of this, the book was reprinted several times, and was largely instrumental in changing the thinking which eventually ended the pursuit of witches in England and Scotland. The complete work, covering such subjects as: charms, the names of demons, angels and other "words of power," conjuring tricks, astrology, alchemy, divination, spells, rituals, sabbats, Biblical and Egyptian magic, and more, was researched with such academic integrity---Read More:

Chance by itself  is an unpredictable and whimsical goddess;   a way of shattering the power of reason and logic as it occurs in in following the Royal narrative. The unexpected occurs with almost numbing regularity in their lives. As the improbable exists in reality, it is also a source of imagination presented in a manner that is almost fiction. Disneyesque. The incredibly long tradition of royalty plays on the view of Aristotle who advised poets to select events that were impossible but plausible in place of ones that are possible but implausible,since plots should not be made of irrational events. It seems that the history of the British royals is uniquely composed of these irrational events; their inexplicable and bewildering human existence challenges certainties and preconceptions of the world. Perhaps nothing is real except chance.  In an unpredictable universe, causality is no longer the hidden demiurge that ruled the world, where down was up, first was last, the end was the beginning, the change is the only constant.Perhaps these are the secrets of the sacred geometry that Charles is so fascinated by and his conversations with green plants is not just New Age quackery: A glimpsing of the possibility of his own release from determinist metaphysics.

Jean Baudrillard asserted that certain phenomena happen beyond our control and hence chance allowed certain space to escape responsibility for these phenomena.There is always a bewilderment at the sense of contingency, which we are not aware of,and is  present in our lives. Like the universe in Jarry’s play Ubu Roi, Baudrillard’s is a totally absurd universe where objects rule in mysterious ways, and people and events are governed by absurd and ultimately unknowable interconnections and predestination. Like Jarry’s pataphysics, Baudrillard’s universe is ruled by surprise, reversal, hallucination, blasphemy, obscenity, and a desire to shock and outrage: Hitchens: Some British people claim actually to “love” their rather dumpy Hanoverian ruling house. This love takes the macabre form of demanding a regular human sacrifice whereby unexceptional people are condemned to lead wholly artificial and strained existences, and then punished or humiliated when they crack up. The last few weeks brought tidings of the latest grotesqueries involving Prince Andrew, Charles’ brother. If I haven’t forgotten anything, he had just recovered from tidings involving over-warm relations with the Gaddafi clan when his ex-wife was found to have scrounged a loan from a wealthy American friend whose record, alas, was disfigured by a conviction for sexual relations with the underage. The loan would have defrayed part of the unending wasteful expenditure that is required to keep the Ferguson girl staggering between scandals and sponsorships. I mean, the whole thing is just so painfully and absolutely vulgar. And, among the Queen’s many children and grandchildren, not by any means exceptional behavior either. Read More:

Baudrillard’s “evil genius” is the object itself that is much more malign than the merely epistemological deceptions of the

ject faced by Descartes and which constitutes a “fatal destiny” that demands the end of the philosophy of subjectivity. Henceforth,
for Baudrillard, we live in the era of the reign of the object. Read More:

---Tracy R Twyman:What the article fails to point out is that April 29th is the eve of Walpurgis, the high holiday of pagan Europe, which is itself the eve of another pagan holiday, Beltane, or May Day. Beltane is named after Baal, the fearsome divinity of the ancient world to whom children were sacrificed en masse, in remembrance of Baal’s sacrifice of his own son. May Day was a traditional day for weddings in the British isles during the pre-Christian era, as well as highly sexual free love fertility rituals. The Queen of the May was the goddess Diana, and her king during these rites was the Green Man, or the King of the Wood....At Saturnalia, a temporary king is elected called the “Lord of Misrule.” Similarly, in old Britain, at Beltane, festivities included the election of an “Abbot of Misrule.” Also, at the Epiphany Feast, a cake is made, and a token hidden within one of the slices. Whoever receives this token is the temporary king. He will be treated like royalty for a short time, and then symbolically sacrificed. In the more ancient versions of this rite, a literal blood sacrifice was performed. Similarly, at Beltane, there was the baking of the “Beltane cake,” which was used to select by lot the “Beltane carline”: the sacrificial victim. Whoever received the piece that had been blackened over the coals was the unfortunate one. The burning of the cake was a foreshadowing of what was to happen to him....Read More: image:

With James I and his excesses, there began a growing feeling that kings should take better care of their immortal souls, devote spare monies to charity, and be a firm example of devotion and clean living. Unfortunately, James was in many respects, the worst example one could find. He was notoriously foul-mouthed, even on solemn public occasions. He drank too much, and although he coud hold his liquor, many who tried to imitate him, including women, could not.

David Lindsay:Monarchy embodies the principle of sheer good fortune, of Divine Providence conferring responsibilities upon the more fortunate towards the less fortunate. It therefore provides an excellent basis for social democracy, as has proved the case in the United Kingdom, in the Old Commonwealth, in Scandinavia and in the Benelux countries. Allegiance to a monarchy is allegiance to an institution embodied by a person, rather than to an ethnicity or an ideology as the basis of the State. As Bernie Grant understood, allegiance to this particular monarchy, with its role in the Commonwealth, is a particular inoculation against racialism….

---So will this global marriage rite bring celestial energies to rejuvenate the British monarchy by restoring its mythical magic and power over a future new world order through the bloodline of Christ/Egypt; or might it bring about a sacrificial death which might it keep the Windsor line on the throne?---Read More:

No wonder that the National Party abolished it in South Africa. No wonder that the Rhodesian regime followed suit, and removed the Union Flag from that of Rhodesia, something that not even the Boers’ revenge republic ever did. And no wonder that the BNP wants to abolish the monarchy here. They are not the only ones. But the others have essentially the same motivation. Read More:
Q: Was “River Of Orchids” (the first track on Apple Venus 1-XTC) a bizarre prediction-come-true, given the sea of flowers that accompanied Princess Diana’s funeral procession in London? (Andy: “Ooo, spooky.”) Do middle-aged guys from Swindon give a toss about the Royals?…

---Twyman:The next coronation, however, is going to be even more special, because it will take place on top of a mosaic representing the exact center of the cosmos, and the end of time. That mosaic was created in 1268 by the command of King Henry III, but it has not been seen at the coronation for over 150 years. It is called the “Cosmati Pavement,” and it has only recently been rediscovered....Each stone has meaning. The earth-like circle at the center makes it absolutely clear that this is the ceremonial and sacred epicenter of the world. From the collection of tiles that were shaved from columns of ancient Rome linking English coronation with the approval of the Roman Catholic Church, to the imperial purple stones that were imported from Egypt linking it to the origin of divine kingship, this floor is clearly designed to represent the connection between heaven and earth which is upheld by the throne and legitimized by the divine right to kingship passed on along through history. ...Read More: image:

Andy Partridge: I think the royal family are a wonderful addition to the tourist industry. And that’s it. I think, unfortunately, they made too much of a hobby of killing things for pleasure and they are the reason there is the class system. It’s the hierarchy of ass-licking all the way up to the royal family. That’s the class system, that’s the pyramid of, “We’re superior” right down to, “You’re inferior”, and that’s the reason we have a class system is the royal family. So keep them on, strip them of all their powers, keep them on as tourist magnets, I say. And I feel very sorry for them as people., their in a zoo. Kurt Vonnegut couldn’t have written it better. They’re trapped in a zoo.Read More:
…This is very interesting, given one of the details of Kate and William’s wedding. In addition to the traditional fruit-based wedding cake that will be served for the rest of the wedding party, Prince William is breaking with tradition and commissioning his own “Groom’s cake” just for himself. It will be made of dark chocolate and tea biscuits, based on a “secret family recipe.”…

---Twyman:So I would say that the Royal Wedding which is brimming with alchemical and apocalyptic symbolism and which will take place on the archetypal macrocosm of the world center with a Prince who was born under a special alignment with the galactic center is beyond extraordinary. Another strange coincidence that ties the symbolism of this pavement with the upcoming royal wedding is, once again, the number 29. Within the entire Cosmoti Pavement there are 29 circles each filled with difference geometrical shapes. What could these 29 circles represent? 29 worlds? 29 heavens? 29 dimensions? ...Thus the sacred geometry embedded in the Cosmoti Pavement represents the blueprint of heaven and earth, the secret of the flower of life, and the divine right of kings to maintain the seat between heaven and earth through the coronation at the center of the circle. In sacred geometry, the circle represents not only the spiritual realms, but is also universal symbol of unity, wholeness, and infinity. Read More: image:

I’ll bet. The ancient rituals we are dealing with here have their roots in a tradition by which a reigning monarch sacrifices his son to prevent him from threatening his reign. There were also many traditions throughout the ancient world of temporary kings being wed to their “queen” just before the sacrifice, just as Hitler was married before his suicide. This is part of the alchemical process as well. The king and queen must unite into one hermaphroditic being (the “chemical wedding”) before being killed, burned, and then regenerated into something new: the royal heir….

---Heigh ho Who is there? No one but me my dear. Please come Say how do the things I'll give to you? A stroke as gentle as a feather I'll catch a rainbow from the sky and tie the ends together Heigh ho I am here. Am I not young and fair ? Please come Say how do the things I'll show to you? Would you have a wond'rous sight? The midday sun at midnight Fair maid, white and red, Comb you smooth and stroke your head hmm How a maid can milk a bull And every stroke a bucketful...Read More:

Given what happened to his mother (coincidentally named after the Queen of May, to whom the Beltane sacrificed were offered), let’s hope that William sleeps with one eye open. Read More:

Read More:

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