sacred geometry: mathematics, matrimony & 1.656

Divine proportion and the divine right of kings? The sacred geometry of the ancient philosophers had always fascinated Leonardo Davinci, and interest he shared with other Renaissance artists like Albrecht Durer…..

One very famous piece, known as the Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, is drawn according to the golden ratio. The golden ratio is 1:0.618 and has been coined golden because it is said to be aesthetically pleasing. The golden proportion can be found throughout the human body. A golden rectangle is simply a rectangle with dimensions that reflect the golden ratio. The Mona Lisa has many golden rectangles throughout the painting. By drawing a rectangle around her face, we can see that it is indeed golden. If we divide that rectangle with a line drawn across her eyes, we get another golden rectangle, meaning that the proportion of her head length to her eyes is golden. There are other golden rectangles that can be drawn on the rest of her body, like from her neck to the top of her hands. Read More:


---Later, Leonardo da Vinci painted Mona Lisa's face to fit perfectly into a golden rectangle, and structured the rest of the painting around similar rectangles. Mozart divided a striking number of his sonatas into two parts whose lengths reflect the golden ratio, though there is much debate about whether he was conscious of this. In more modern times, Hungarian composer Bela Bartok and French architect Le Corbusier purposefully incorporated the golden ratio into their work. Even today, the golden ratio is in human-made objects all around us. Look at almost any Christian cross; the ratio of the vertical part to the horizontal is the golden ratio. To find a golden rectangle, you need to look no further than the credit cards in your wallet. Read More: image:


But is this true? It is assumed that proportions of the circle and square reflect Golden Division. Ray Tyler Here we present analysis that shows that this assumption is incorrect.If a circle has radius = 1 unit, square side is equal to:

1.656 for Vitruvian Man
1.618 for Golden section construction
1.571 for the condition: circumference of the circle = perimeter of the square
1.772 for the condition: area of the circle = area of the square

---Despite these numerous appearances in works of art throughout the ages, there is an ongoing debate among psychologists about whether people really do perceive the golden shapes, particularly the golden rectangle, as more beautiful than other shapes. ...Dr. Stephen Marquardt, a former plastic surgeon, has used the golden section, that enigmatic number that has long stood for beauty, and some of its relatives to make a mask that he claims is the most beautiful shape a human face can have. ...Read More: image:

Leonardo’s Vetruvian Man is sometimes confused with principles of “golden rectangle”, however that is not the case. The construction of Vetruvian Man is based on drawing a circle with its diameter equal to diagonal of the square, moving it up so it would touch the base of the square and drawing the final circle between the base of the square and the mid-point between square’s center and center of the moved circle…Read More:

Fig. 2 Circle and square based o

lden Section read more:


---A snake clasped in the hand of England’s Queen Elizabeth I has appeared in a painting from the 1580s or 90s lending credence to the link between reptilian aliens and the European royal families. The painting by an unknown artist of the hideous dead queen has been unearthed from archives at the National Portrait Gallery in London to accompany the exhibit Concealed and Revealed: The Changing Faced of Elizabeth I, on show from Mar. 13 to Sept. 26. The snake was painted over by a bunch of roses, and the gallery stated in a press release that the removal of the snake may have been because of the ambiguity of the symbolism attached to the creature.---Read More:



---Da Vinci created other pieces that were also drawn according to the golden ratio such as The Last Supper, Old Man, and The Vitruvian Man. The Vitruvian Man (or Man in Action) is the drawing of a man inscribed in a circle. The height of the man is in golden proportion from the top of his head to his navel and from his navel to the bottom of his feet. The Vitruvian Man illustrates all of the divine proportions within the human being---Read More: image:



---The Golden Ratio is found extensively in ancient as well as modern architecture, paintings, sculpture and engineering, including that of bridges, airplanes and automobiles, plus even violins. So visually pleasing is this ratio, that it's used frequently in print ads. Example: an ad depicting a glass of wine. The height of the level of the wine is 61 percent the height of the glass (excluding stem). Measure knickknacks and ornaments in your house for the Golden Ratio. It also comes up in rugs, bars of soap, and pieces of furniture that involve shelving divisions. Get one of your credit cards. Measure its width, then length. Divide the width measurement by length measurement. What do you get?---Read More: image:


A study by Leonardo da Vinci of a dragon fighting a lion. read more:


Ray Tyler:In 1982, after an insight into the probable origin of the geometric concept which was critical to the creation of Chess, I began to re-create from the tabula rasa of the “collective unconscious” [Jung] – an ancient archetypal a priori pre-Euclidean geometric model. Subsequently I began to understand that I had entered a universal domain not unlike that described by Tons Brunes in his unusual book The Secrets of Ancient Geometry….

---Newton's theory of gravita- tion and Einstein's General Relativity ("I still can't see how he thought of it," said the late physicist Richard Feynman) are two perfect exam- ples of such spectacular advances. How can we explain these miraculous achievements? The truth is that we can't. That is, no more than we can explain how, in a world of chess that was used to victories by margins of half a point or so, in 1971 Bobby Fischer suddenly demolished both chess grandmasters Mark Taimanov and Bent Larsen by scores of six points to nothing on his way to the world championship. We may find it equally difficult to comprehend how naturalists Charles Darwin (1809-1882) and Alfred Russel Wallace (1823-1913) independently had the inspiration to introduce the concept of evolution itself—the idea of a descent of all life from a common ancestral origin. read more: image:

…What is striking about my initial quasi-mystical experience is that I independently developed the fundamental graphical gestalt of ORIGINSZ © prior to doing any formal research. The model’s key principles and features could well have been Pythagoras’s course material by which “the Euclidean consortium'” proceeded from the empirical to the axiomatic deductive system and in so doing, one might perhaps suggest, quite unintentionally perpetrated somewhat of a fraud in the realm of human intellectual endeavor….

---More recently French impressionist George Seurat's paintings contain numerous golden sections in them and many of Mondrian's paintings are just a collection of golden rectangles. Because golden rectangles are most appealing to the eye making the works more beautiful and correctly proportioned.---Read More:

Unfortunately there is a long history in the esoteric schools of NOT revealing the ‘secret teachings’ other than through art or arcane puzzle-like writings. Over the years in my attempts to demonstrate certain clear cut elements from the geometry, which I believe necessarily led to the creation of essential chess concepts, I’ve met with various responses running the gamut from ‘duh what?’ to ‘Aha’! in turn colored by the permutations of ‘where is your proof?’, ‘what makes you an authority?’, and my favorite one, a tenet from the sciences: “an empiricist cannot hypothesize” – because one is selectively fitting data or facts to fit a pre-determined bias. Mea culpa – but to which I can only answer, that in the absence of anything which reveals a substantially contradictory resolution as to how chess suddenly ‘appears’, isn’t it preferable to identify and consider as many of the features of the forensic evidence which provides for the most inclusive synthesis? Read More:


---A new revelation backs up this claim . Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton are related and are 12th cousins, once removed . They share the same ancestor Sir Thomas Leighton who was made Governor of Guernsey in the Channel Islands by Queen Elizabeth 1 . He doesn’t appear to have been a pleasant character with a penchant for hanging, drawing and quartering his enemies . This Sang Real ( royal blood ) goes back to the Egyptian pharaohs and allegedly includes Jesus and also King Merovee of France, who this website is named after and they have managed to remain control of our world through this interbreeding . If Prince William and Kate Middleton eventually marry, their offspring will continue the blood line . To view the family tree click: Mail Online .----Read More:



Westminster Abbey. Cosmati pavement. ---When I met him after the conference and asked him about the geometry of the pavement he was shy of discussing it, perhaps seeing me as the type of “sacred geometer” that gives the study of such a geometry a bad name. I still do not see that has been enough study of the geometric detail of the Great Pavement and the quincunx design on and around Edward the Confessor’s tomb related to the wider use of such designs in Cosmati work.---Read More: image:

Read More:

Ray Tyler:
Once upon a line, a point in time: a number, as a letter
marked its place in space,

but from its rigid viewpoint reached out to embrace a more universal reality.

As numbers come, so numbers go and some multiplied threefold

to stand like soldiers in a row doomed to become –BINGO –
why, and how did we fail

in our voyage of discovery where all is such perfect harmony?

But now let their inner truth be known and how magic springs:

BGINSZS… a child’s play game as the gateway to ORIGINSZ,

a geometric language by which to re-chart our mindscape

to challenge the twisted reason of this world

which cannot get its numbers straight

while its words are parsed to become absurd

as madmen plunder and destroy in their folly to claim God’s grace

The Divine Compass traces our ignoble fate:

Who will state Sum Ergo Cogito? Read More:

---Post Kennedy Assassination Golden Ratio JFK was became President on January 20, 1961. He was killed on November 22, 1963. This means he was in office for exactly 1016 days. (Note: close to the power of 2 number, 1024.) 1016 x 1.618 (Golden Mean) = 1644 November 22, 1963 + 1644 days = May 24, 1968. Check the cover of Time Magazine that was issued exactly on May 24, 1968. Robert Kennedy on his brother's assassination golden ratio.,16641 ... 24,00.html Robert Kennedy was killed 12 days later on June 6, 1968. Very close to the exact golden point."---Read More:

Read More:

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