but did the chicks dig it?

Most of the girls wanted to dance, but only a few of the guys did….

by Art Chantry (art@artchantry.com):

a REAL gigposter (not one of them fancy pants ‘art print’ thingies they make today) from back in the daze when men were men – and dorks joined rock and roll bands. this is from way back in them days of yore before they started referring to White Center as ‘Rat City.’ I dig them black dickies…

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…we always encore with a ‘louie, louie’ bunny hop line, too. biff actually jumps off the stage and starts the line going and we march them right out the door with biff blowing the sax like there was no tomorrow. man, it’s so cool. you actually get to touch the girls below the waist! (well on their hips, anyway….)…

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