evil, what evil?

Can the world be mended of fragmentation? Is it our destiny to be treading water between connection, unity and oneness and highly radical, morbid and death infused darkness … de-realization, disorientation, and fragmentation. But also Klein’s epigraph to The Second Scroll, “Where shall I find Thee?”  poet A.M. Klein asked in his epigraph to the Second Scroll. A question about God’s absence and his whereabouts and how to articulate an expression of the poetics of absence. Somehow, memory must fulfill the void created by genocide and deicide. How does one find the language for  nightmarish events in a world without values? …

Libera. ---Kleebatt mentioned filmmaker Todd Solondz, whose recent movie "Storytelling" mocks what might be called the Holocaust chic of comfy Americans who exaggerate their connection to genocide in order that some of its saintly dignity might rub off on them.--- Read More:http://dir.salon.com/story/ent/feature/2002/04/03/mirroring_evil/

As Hannah Arendt explained, there does exists a more pernicious evil, independent of political ideology, whose execution is limitless when the perpetrator feels no remorse and can forget his acts as soon as they are committed. Murder is going on daily. Just look at Assad father and son in Hama, Mubarak, WTC, etc. In looking at Adolf Eichmann, Arendt  asserted that “The deeds were monstrous, but the doer … was quite ordinary, commonplace, and neither demonic nor monstrous.”  Arendt’s view that he seemed to be  common man, as seen in  his transparent superficiality and mediocrity finished by leaving her surprised in tallying the unaccounted evil he was responsible for: the deportation of millions of Jews to the concentration camps. How can we put into context the mass killings perpetuated daily?

What Arendt perceived in Eichmann was not even stupidity. He portrayed something  negative.Iit was thoughtlessness. Like playwright Peter Barnes wrote in a play, one was facing a bureaucratic compact mass of basically men who were perfectly normal, but whose actions were monstrous. Confronting this dichotomy of  normality and atrocity, Arendt formulated the question of the banality of evil. This normality led to looking at the then novel  precedent, regarding the possibility that some attitudes commonly repudiated by a society, such as  Nazi attitudes, often find as a center of manifestation in the common citizen. An individual who has not reflected very deeply on the content of the rules.

---Alan Schechner. ---.Thus, for Arendt, it is not true that "there is an Eichmann in each one of us," and that the banality of evil has a commonplace in each of us. In fact, there was a deep inclination of a whole society to not exercise the faculty of thinking. Even in Eichmann in Jerusalem Arendt says: "... if this is 'banal' and even funny, if with the best will in the world one cannot extract any diabolical or demonic profundity from Eichmann, that is still far from calling it commonplace" Read More:http://www.bu.edu/wcp/Papers/Cont/ContAssy.htm

…Almost 10 years after Eichmann in Jerusalem, Arendt reaffirms in Thinking and Moral Considerations this same dimension of evil: “… the phenomenon of evil deeds, committed on a gigantic scale, which could not be traced to any particularity of wickedness, pathology, or ideological conviction in the doer, whose only personal distinction was a perhaps extraordinary shallowness.” Read More:http://www.bu.edu/wcp/Papers/Cont/ContAssy.htm

---Hurst said: "It's good to fight back - but not by killing young white people." The warped 22-year-old reckoned the victims were needed to "breed" to increase the white population. And blaming immigration for Breivik's shocking slaughter, he added: "Isolated incidents like that are going to happen more and more as the problem gets worse." Hurst was talking to an undercover Sun team before a concert by far-right Swedish singer Saga, whose horrific racist lyrics inspired Breivik. During the two-hour gig - billed as a highlight of a fascist rally in Hungary - he repeatedly gave the Nazi stiff-arm salute and shouted, "Sieg heil." --- Read More:http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3732148/BNP-chiefs-Hitler-salute-to-Breivik-heroine.html


Steven Plaut:I mentioned this earlier, but it is worth repeating, now that the Norwegian ambassador to Israel is justifying Palestinian terrorism,
and distinguishing it from the “Norwegian terrorism.” Dersh has a nice piece on this here: You see, killing Scandinavians is bad. They are blond. But killing Jews is understandable and justifiable. Jews are Untermenschen….

Tom Sachs. ---because Prada had of course never created or sponsored a death camp? Kleeblatt: It's always a question of how we restate, how we re-inscribe, how we re-animate memory. Kaplan: The question I have is related to the reactions of the Prada Death Camp – coming from the fact that Tom Sachs' structure was neither a memorial nor a model of the actual Auschwitz structure. It's a facsimile that doesn't really have a place in the history that existed, yet at the same time contains associations or memories that were real. The Prada Death Camp is caught in the middle. Kleeblatt: And that's precisely what Tom wanted to have happen – that the viewer gets caught in the middle. Kaplan: To exacerbate the disparity? Kleeblatt: These are difficult symbols and difficult representations existing somewhere between whatever the meanings of those representations are and what we assign as meaning to those representations. Kaplan: It almost puts the whole idea of memorials and that kind of memory effort up for grabs. It's scary. It's not like you're going to a known site to feel pain.... Read More:http://www.db-artmag.com/archiv/2003/e/11/1/94.html

…The fact of the matter is that the Norwegian killings, horrific though they m

e, were not acts of terrorism at all. They were more like
the Columbine shootings, murderous acts of the deranged, with no real ideological motivation. The killer Breivik is far more Charles Manson
than he is Yassir Arafat. Terrorism is what Arab fascists do. It is ideologically and religiously motivated. Its aim is ultimately genocidal.

That is why the Norwegian Eurotrash thinks it is acceptable. And that is why a Palestinian state should be erected only in Norway.Read More:http://zioncon.blogspot.com/
In an unusual move for a newspaper, the Jerusalem Post has published a full-length editorial apologising for a previous editorial which attracted widespread criticism for its comments on last month’s Oslo massacre….

---Authorities said Breivik also owns several firearms and belongs to a gun club; the suspect used pistols and automatic guns to murder at least 80 young people at the island of Utoya. Doesn't anyone understand Norway's strict gun laws? Nobody can legally acquire an automatic weapon. Hunters don't bag their reindeer with 30 internally exploding bullets a second. Who gave him the mass murder weapon?...And who gave him a police uniform, not a costume, a real uniform? Not the police, who never heard of the guy....Now, come on tricksters, give us some credit for rationality. No 32 year old man still plays video games...while hunting and enjoying Machiavelli. This personality page was too violent and political to be real. Did he have two different Facebook pages, one in Norwegian and one in English, and he only identified himself as a Christian and a conservative on the English one? Or did he pause from his murder spree to add "Christian" and "conservative" to his Facebook profile? Or maybe the whole page is a fake, as has been reported. But in creating the killer's plausible personality, someone used the oldest trick in the game: The televised Fair Play For Cuba scam. If you really don't know what that is, then everything is lost on you anyway.... Read More:http://www.pacificrimcoins.com/pacrim/content/barry-chamish-norway-now-feels-just-israel image:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/norway/8672801/Norway-massacre-the-real-Anders-Behring-Breivik.html

…Titled Apology to Norway, Friday’s editorial in Israel’s leading English-language daily said the original leader column “squarely condemned the attack” in which 77 people were killed by an extreme rightwing gunman acting alone. “However, it also, inappropriately, raised issues that were not directly pertinent, such as the dangers of multiculturalism, European immigration policies and even the Oslo peace process.” ( Harriet Sherwood, Guardian ) Read More:http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/aug/05/jerusalem-post-apologises-norway-attacks
Eight days after the attacks, clothes and looks remain as important as ever to Breivik, principles of dress code laid down in the 1,516-page manifesto emailed to alleged followers in the hours before he struck. “Nothing over the years I knew him, or what I have since read in his so-called manifesto, suggests that he is crazy or disturbed,” says Peter Svaar, a former schoolfriend, journalist and one-time press officer for the Eurovision song contest. “Everything that happened after the bomb went off at 3.26 on Friday afternoon has followed his plan. My biggest fear now is that he is still playing us – the media, public opinion – like a piano. Read More:http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/norway/8672801/Norway-massacre-the-real-Anders-Behring-Breivik.html

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