mono men

by Art Chantry ( )

here’s tura satana holding up a copy of the mono men’s “live at tom’s strip-n-bowl.” i designed the cover of this one, too. how about that? traci and tura endorsing my work! don’ git no betta!…

Tura Satana.

…as far as i know, this is the first time it’s been public. dave enjoyed this stuff, but he thought it wasn’t fair to traci or tura to exploit them without getting any say-so or such. dave is actually an incredibly fair and honest guy. he’s like the single most honest guy i’ve ever met inside the record industry. but, that’s actually not saying very much, is it? guess, you’ll just have to trust me…

AC:she's holding a record cover i designed!!!!! cool, eh?

…but i am sexist. i was raised in america. this is 2011. we are all sexist racist pigs around here. us white guys are homophobic and religious in the extreme and gun crazy and warmongering and just plain scary nutso weirdo tax-dodging corporate welfare cheats in this country. don’t you watch the news?

where the heck have you been hiding? under a rock?…

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