ozzy zine

by Art Chantry (art@artchantry.com)

i was packing up my studio (yet another move!) and was going through some more piles of crap and found an old proof sheet from the rocket days. it’s probably from the late 80’s and i have no idea who the photographer is.

charles r. cross, the owner of the rocket, had a side line going on involving (among other things) a fanzine centered on bruce springsteen called “Backstreets.” is was a glorious glossy very fat magazine/’zine that obsessively covered anything to do with bruce. it’s was probably the very best produced and written fanzine of all time. it ran out of a back room in the rocket space.

AC: and who knew the oz was a bruce fan, anyway, eh?...

one of my duties as the art director of the the rocket was to design the covers for the ‘zine. so, this cover is by me. and yes, that’s OZZY holding it! i mean how many of you have a photo of the lord of darkness hisself promoting something you designed, eh?

i have no idea when this was shot, but we did have a series of similar shots of ozzy wearing a rocket tshirt and literally ripping it off his chest. i know have a proof sheet of that around here somewhere. so, i assume that this was taken during the same ‘session’? dunno. he’s not wearing any rocket t’s in this. so, i’m only guessing.

when i found this yesterday, i beamed. it made me very happy. wouldn’t you be happy?

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