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Convoke the Committee for Un-American Activities. Revoke the Civil Rights Act. Was Obama’s crime to be on a white’s only bus? Or, you would think he was reveling with Neal Cassady and Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters on their magic trip. Ostensibly, the issue is the national humiliation of riding on a Canadian made bus, or at least the shell, chassis and drivetrain.

greg lynn. fountain of plastic toy sharks---"This is an outrage that the taxpayers of this country would have to foot the bill so that the campaigner-in-chief can run around in his Canadian bus and act as if he is interested in creating jobs in our country," Priebus said. The GOP chairman said the President should spend more time in the White House working on ways to solve the nation's high unemployment rate instead of "planning his next vacation in Martha's Vineyard." Read More: image:

On news and opinion website, writer Gig Veres called it “a slap in the face to Americans standing around doing nothing but waiting for a job.”… Steve Ziegler, the director of business development for Prevost, says the company only designed the outer shell of the luxury bus. The interior was mainly done by a company in Tennessee and the U.S. Secret Service — which ordered the bus — put in a few finishing touches. The Post reports that the vehicle is modified to carry all the president’s equipment, including codes to the U.S. nuclear arsenal. But the Quebec-based bus-maker doesn’t have anything to do with things like the so-called nuclear footballs….The company lists Beyoncé, Cher, KISS, Van Halen, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, and Pope Benedict XVI among its clients. Read More:

Stephen Harper. honorary chief of the blood tribe. ---GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry told New Hampshire voters Wednesday that he does not believe in manmade global warming, calling it a scientific theory that has not been proven....But Perry's opinion runs counter to the view held by an overwhelming majority of scientists that pollution released from the burning of fossil fuels is heating up the planet. Perry's home state of Texas releases more heat-trapping pollution carbon dioxide — the chief greenhouse gas — than any other state in the country, according to government data. Read More: image:

Where does the President keep the nuclear codes when riding the bus. On a folded piece of paper in his wallet? In special compartment in the heel of his shoe? Or does he just tape them to the back of the mirror on the bus toilet?

Meanwhile back at the ranch its crank up the rhetoric at the Demagogue stampede with Rick Perry, GOP hopeful, accusing Ben Bernanke, a jew, of treason.Its take no prisoners and find some good trees for a public lynching: Shrugging off criticism even from within his Republican party, Texas Governor Rick Perry kept up his attack on the Federal Reserve yesterday, demanding that the US central bank open up its books to show it was not engaging in “improper” actions that undermined the economy…

What does Gov. Perry expect to find when he opens the books. A cabal? Fagin and the artful dodger plotting to syphon the pockets of hard working righteous Americans. ---Yesterday his tone was less acerbic, his target the same. The central bank should become more transparent, Mr Perry declared. Otherwise, "there will continue to be questions about their activities and what their true goal is for the United States".--- Read More: image:

…Mr Perry’s comments, on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, the site of the first primary next February, came barely a day after he caused a furore by accusing Ben Bernanke, the Fed’s chairman, of pursuing potentially “treasonous” policies that would have seen him “treated pretty ugly” back in the governor’s home state.Read More:

The Fed is actually run by fellow Texan Kinky Friedman. Bernanke is just a front....tbc....---It was a fresh attack on the Fed from Perry, who created a stir on Monday when he said he would consider it “treasonous” if Bernanke “prints more money between now and the election” in November 2012....As part of a push to add jobs, Perry suggested that corporations holding money offshore should be allowed to bring back their funds at a lower tax rate. “Have them brought back at substantially less than 35%. If it’s going for job creation — like, zero. To get this economy working again.” Read More: image:

But, any attack on Obama is usually also embedded with an ingenious attack on color. The race card plays well to NASCAR crowd and other loyal constituencies. In this there is common cause with the white liberal yuppies. The best analogy I can make is that Obama is treated like an African American domestic in the new movie “The Help”. The President as white liberal fantasy in historical drag; a black narrator of an essentially white story of an arc of enlightenment.

The Obama story is framed like the film: Its about about what essentially good-hearted the white power brokers are, and how fortunate visible minorities are to have them give us such a wonderful man. Its all

ented as fiction, the American psyche’s ability to reinvent innocence is almost inexhausitible , history is whitened and it all feels like  college or university diplomed white liberal wish-fulfillment fantasy. Heck, without our idealism , those downtrodden black women in The Help  would have continued to suffer in silence along with the Obama family.

---In the week since its release, The Help, a movie telling the story of a group of black maids in the South in the early 1960s, has been derided repeatedly in blog posts and reviews as a lazy collection of racist tropes, an irredeemable expression of naive bigotry. In an article in the New York Times, film critic Nelson George condemns the filmmakers for failing to properly “come to terms” with America’s racist past. In her review, the University of Georgia’s Valerie Boyd simply called The Help “a feel-good movie for a cowardly nation.” But I suspect more than a few Americans—many of them black—are coming out of The Help asking their companions “Um, was that movie really racist?” The answer, simply, is no—and the absence of bigotry in the film ought to be apparent to anyone watching it with an open mind....---Read More: image:

To the Republicans in particular, but not exclusively, the interest, unsurprisingly, is what  happens to white folk’s consciences when African-American suffering stopped being an irritating abstraction and began to affect them personally. The trick has always been to associate Obama to a figure like the domestics : Confined to the representation of an era smugly  tucked and folded safely away in a past, to when the collective dysfunctionality that held society in its sway evaporated thanks to good hearted liberals and pragmatic god-fearing conservatives like all of us. If only Americans could export disavowal…

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