dr. jekyll and mr. raw hyde leather

Tell me lies. Tell me sweet little lies. Dr. Jekyll faced some atrocious consequences when he let his dark side run savagely wild with a potion that transformed  him into the animalistic Mr. Hyde. The extreme makeover aside, perhaps are we all endowed with a dichotomous personality, a yin-yang like Jung’s assertion of the split personality, each co-existing, and having its purpose. And what happens when their is a disruption in this menage a two or three or more, giving rise to a heretofore dormant monsters, an inclination to madness….especially keep an eye peeled on those all-American types that don’t drink, cuss or smoke. Like some figure from a Somerset Maugham story, or Hitchcock, when they break, the crack is often large an unrepairable…

Francis Bacon. Jung:"I have had much trouble getting along with my ideas. There was a daimon in me, and in the end its presence proved decisive. It overpowered me, and if I was at times ruthless it was because I was in the grip of the daimon.. . . A creative person has little power over his own life. He is not free. He is captive and driven by his daimon." http://www.oceansbridge.com/oil-paintings/product/50787/henriettamoraes

Not to get to paranoid or anything. But what of that nervous woman in the bank frowning. Overdraft issues or ready to tell her husband she is leaving him? …. The lover in bed turns to face you. Is he looking at you or through you, thinking of your best friend he just met…The university professor with the regular dose of sexual innuendo jokes. Trying to be friendly, or sexual predator? …

---the study of serial killers. Russell Williams — a colonel in the Canadian air force — was found guilty last week of brutally beating, raping and murdering two women, sexually assaulting two others, and committing or attempting 82 fetish home burglaries. But how did the commander of Canada’s biggest air force base turn into one of the most notorious killers in Canadian history? “I have committed despicable crimes, your Honour,” Williams, 47, told the court as he had his say before sentencing. “I deeply regret what I have done and the harm I know I have caused.” During his four-minute statement, he alternated from seeming to be overcome with emotion to sounding as though he were reading from a script. He was then handed life sentences. He can apply for parole after 25 years, but few believe he’ll ever see the outside of a maximum-security prison. Williams was led handcuffed and shackled from the courtroom, taking the reasons for his depraved double life to a cell barely bigger than a grave. “This guy is quite unusual,” said psychologist Vernon Quinsey, who spent 16 years assessing criminals at the Oak Ridge maximum-security psychiatric hospital in Ontario. Nothing suggests Williams was abused as a child. He studied at the country’s elite schools. He had a successful military career, a long, apparently loving marriage, and didn't embark on a life of crime until he began his fetish home invasions in September 2007, at the age of 44. Read More:http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/canada/101025/serial-killer-russell-williams

…People running to and forth in the city. What are they running from? What images haunt them? The silent screams are they their own or what they witnessed? The war vet who never talks of his experiences, a Don Draper who never talks of his past…. Maybe you know yourself.Maybe not. Psychic splitting really does exist  as a consequence of  deep-seated, narcissistic wounds and probably traumatic experiences as well. Who has not been the victim of narcissistic disappointment that arose from a battle  to reintegrate and synthesize some repressed aspects of our psyche ; activities of  dissociation to avoid, delay and circumvent  psychological damage. Obviously, the severe and chronic personality disorders of compartmentalization commonly known as multiple personality disorder do exist in which individual identity is fluid and elusive, a weakened state permitting  one of often many unconscious splinter personalities to takes total possession and control of the personality on a temporary basis.

…SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — For nearly a decade Stephen Kinzey worked as a professor of kinesiology, the study of human movement, at California State University, San Bernardino. A few students complained online that he showed up late for class and could lose his focus. But that was about it. Now, the police say, Mr. Kinzey, 43, is a man on the run, wanted on suspicion of being the ringleader of a circle of methamphetamine dealers and the president of the Devils Diciples, an outlaw motorcycle gang. (The group spells its name as such.)…

---Hank and Catherine, the professor’s parents, describe their boy as a “good Christian.” God-fearing and super bright, he doesn’t cuss, doesn’t drink and doesn’t smoke. He has spent 43 years making them proud. But the academic, the FBI and San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department allege, is not who he appears to be. Professor Kinzey is accused of being a drug-peddling outlaw biker and the president — and mastermind — behind the Devils Disciples Outlaw Motorcycle Gang. “It is a horror,” Catherine Kinzey says from her home in Rochester Hills, Mi. “It is a horror in any parents’ life to think that this could even possibly be true. “Stephen is a great man and a wonderful professor and it doesn’t make any sense. I don’t know what to believe. I am praying a lot. We support our son.”--- Read More:http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/09/20/beloved-kinesiology-professor-accused-of-being-motorcycle-gang-ringleader/#more-95312

Investigators from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department said that they were unable to locate Mr. Kinzey, who they say supplied a ring of midlevel and street dealers with methamphetamine, a persistent scourge in the working-class cities east of Los Angeles. “One side of him was a successful and productive member of society, but the other side of him is an outlaw motorcycle gang leader,” said Sgt. Paul Wynn, a lead investigator of the case. “He was the highest-ranking person in the group, without a doubt.” …Read More:http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/03/us/03professor.html

So we all have secrets, even if we discover them all the time. That means, we may be ignorant of  another’s secrets , but there is some certainty they are there, invisible but present. As Maslow stated, the individual’s essential needs are food, clothing and shelter, but secrets also find a place in the higher realms of self-actualization. After all, on the positive side,  secrets act as a safe zone that permits us the liberty to explore ourselves and to help find and consolidate an identity that we can develop as our own. The optimistic view is that even profound secrets can  be shared; and  some consider them essential to love itself. But, what happens when the individual suffers from an inability to love? …

Edward Hopper.---Prof. Kinzey is charged with six felonies, including drug trafficking, weapons possession and participating in a criminal street gang. He is currently free on bail, a US$300,000 sum posted by his bewildered father, Hank. “I don’t get it,” the elder Kinzey told the Los Angeles Times. “He is a Phd.” Read More:http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/09/20/beloved-kinesiology-professor-accused-of-being-motorcycle-gang-ringleader/#more-95312

Alfred Adler and Rollo May stated that individuals  develop a guiding fiction or myth, a running narrative of ourselves at around two or three years old, which is brought into  adult behaviors and unconsciously directs our decisions,our understanding of the sense of self, and the ability to differentiate behavior . This myth, our personal founding mythology, helps and influences how we perceive ourselves, and our immediate world and how we will relate to it. Whether this myth is coherent or dist

d, viable, plausible or destructive is perhaps the greatest secret of all.  In psychotherapy, unless we can dig out,and  become conscious  and adjust or diagnose the elements of false guiding fictions, myths or the overall scenario we have drawn for ourselves, sooner or later its going to be a painful walk back to the drawing board since no significant, central and permanent or sustainable change can take hold.

…Mr. Kinzey lived in an upper-middle-class enclave in an immaculate two-story Spanish-style home with his girlfriend, Holly Robinson, 33. When the police came to the home last Friday, Ms. Robinson was arrested along with half a dozen other members of the gang, who were there to pick up their share of a one-pound delivery of methamphetamine, police officials said. Mr. Kinzey was not there….

Lucian Freud. ---“And as a man he would give out his personal cell phone number and say, ‘Hey, if you got a flat tire, call, I will try to be there. If you have a problem in class give me a call and if I don’t answer send me a text message. I will always try to help you. And I will get back to you as soon as I can.’ “He was never disrespectful. He talked to us, joked with us, and laughed with us in class. He was that kind of man.” He preached to students about helping others, about the merits of being selfless and lending a caring hand. He was an open book, alluded to his troubles with “credit card debt” and spoke openly about his love of motorcycles.--- Read More:http://www.nationalgalleries.org/collection/online_az/4:322/result/0/511?initial=F&artistId=15810&artistName=Lucian%20Freud&submit=1

The police found several weapons in the home, including a shotgun, two rifles, two handguns and brass knuckles. The department began the investigation six months ago as an undercover operation. Motorcycle gangs are common in this part of California; Hells Angels has its headquarters just a few miles away, and spotting a group of several dozen bikers cruising down the freeways on the weekend is hardly unusual.“It’s not unheard of in the outlaw motorcycle gang world — a lot of people involved are lawyers and doctors and even kinesiology professors,” Sergeant Wynn said. “They like to give the image that they are doing good things and off on charity rides. That might be true for some.” …

The case of Carl Jung is instructive for finding the “real” when this process of spitting is recurrent yet unpredictable and the persona or ego won’t play nicely or by the rules:

Desiring neither to be like his long-suffering, dispirited, hen-pecked father (a Swiss parson) nor his sometimes psychotic, emotionally unstable (possibly borderline) mother, Jung, already innately introverted, was forced farther inward to seek and create his own personality. Or, as Jung himself puts it, his two personalities. The first personality was the ordinary, mundane, dependent, as yet undeveloped and immature boy, with his banal, bourgeois, conventional, rational outer reality and intense inferiority feelings. But the second personality was precisely the polar opposite: mature, powerful, wise, superior, autonomous, instinctual, spiritual, mystical, and deeply rooted and embedded in nature and the irrational. In hindsight, the grown Jung seems to have recognized that the second personality was clearly compensatory to the first, what we today refer to as a “grandiose self” designed to offset painful feelings of inferiority, anxiety and insecurity. Jung, however, felt strongly that this phenomenon is not intrinsically pathological, but rather, archetypal, indeed something “played out in every individual.” Read More:http://www.psychologytoday.com/collections/201110/secret-lives/who-are-we-really-cg-jungs-split-personality?page=2

Ray Ceasar art.---Police continue to investigate the theory that the academic was available for other things, too, like selling methamphetamine on school grounds. “He never gave me the option to buy drugs Ms. Almanza says. “He made an impact on me. Now, gosh, I wish I could talk to him and ask him what happened. I still don’t believe it. “I wish I could just talk to Kinzey and ask him: ‘What happened?’ ” It is a question his family back home in Michigan are grappling with, as the son they thought they knew now stands accused of leading a double life. “Steve has been a great, great kid, a great young man and he is a great man,” his mother says. “We are all shocked and saddened. “I don’t know what is true anymore, truly. Read More:http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/09/20/beloved-kinesiology-professor-accused-of-being-motorcycle-gang-ringleader/#more-95312 image:http://xaxor.com/drawings/5333-great-works-of-illustrator-ray-caesar-.html


Relationships are kept hidden through sheer ingenuity, and dark acts stay in perpetual darkness. The serial killer learns to live with secrecy as his constant companion; so does the illicit lover, or the tax cheat, or the thief. The balance of power between secret and secret-keeper is constantly being negotiated. If we can control our own secrets, making sure they occupy the place we want them to, then our lives can seem manageable. But when our secrets start to control us — and far too often they do — then a normal life clicks over into something else: a secret life.When that happens, everything changes. Suddenly we find ourselves forced to give up any remaining vestiges of openness and casualness and instead submit full-time to the exacting rules that the secret life inevitably demands. …Read More:http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/12191728/ns/today-books/t/when-does-secret-become-double-life/#.TpEdjLKFu_I

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