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Just make sure you win the last game.Under new management. Oh yeah. Remember: nice guys finish last. Wailing not whining. Its called the wailing wall; a cry of anguish of the forsaken, and not a whining of the comfortable piqued by momentary and temporal anxiety over the fetish object. Otherwise, it becomes Dissent TM. Its not an issue here over beliefs and the righteousness of  scapegoating and demonization. Neither in spewing hatred and envy. What is important is the issue of markets and our relation to them.  The basic enemy is not the bourgeoisie- as tempting as they are, since we all participate in the exercise to some extent- but: the  condition of the human spirit, a real chronic sickness conditioned as it is by circuitous  abstract thought, alienation, consumerism and overall cowtowing fear over ginned up false ideals. Without these,the market economy and the complicit state could not sustain itself.Unfortunately, you have to wonder if there will such a world, even a rough hewn deeply flawed similie of a utopic thought, though fragmentary. Large companies might vanish one day,Houdini-esque, but they will be substituted by other structures of oppressive and manipulative control, unless…

---I remember some years back kids in the ghetto were supposedly killing one another for their Nike and Adidas shoes. If those kids, many of them just as smart & motivated as I was at their age, really understood the products and more importantly the marketing schemes behind them, they wouldn’t be scragging one another for a pair of dumb shoes—they might try and find out where Phil Knight lives and beat him to death with swiping his wing tips though.-- Read More: image:

Can violent acts give rise to a better world? The marketing process itself epitomizes violence in all its packaged and hustled glory. There is an exchange process involved and a palpable lack of understanding this exchange and participating in it completely of  free will. Can we  espouse non-violence, moderation, and construction onto the present system rather than destroying?  That would be revolutionary. It would counter conventional pap  that moderation and non-violence are always non-revolutionary. A means of uniting individualism and some variant of socialism; the conservative and revolutionary spirit that engages rather than withdraws. A prudent and hopefully farsighted choice  of those elements considered of value  to be conserved and resuscitated for the make-over of the social being. As Landauer aid, “we are seized by the spirit, not of revolution, but of regeneration.” Perhaps the real radicals ARE on the higher floors of Wall Street.

---I believe in rules. (Sure I do. If there weren’t any rules, how could you break them?) I also believe I have a right to test the rules by seeing how far they can be bent. If a man is sliding into second base and the ball goes into center field, what’s the matter with falling on him accidentally so that he can’t get up and go to third? If you get away with it, fine. If you don’t, what have you lost? I don’t call that cheating; I call that heads-up baseball. Win any way you can as long as you can get away with it. ( Louis Durocher) Read More: image:

Cornel West:Because in the end we’re really talking about what Martin King would call a revolution: A transfer of power from oligarchs to everyday people of all colors. And that is a step by step process.” Dr. West also called on President Obama to apologize for calling on members of the Congressional Black Caucus to “stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying” when unemployment among African Americans has reached record highs and two of five Black children live in poverty….but it is a revolution, because these oligarchs have been transferring wealth from poor and working people at a very intense rate in the last 30 years, and getting away with it, and then still smiling in our faces and telling us it’s our fault. That’s a lie, and this beautiful group is a testimony to that being a lie….Read More:

---"How can a phrase from a wartime poster be copyrighted in 2011?" asked one person. Everyone needs to calm down, said Mr. Coop, who fears for his safety after receiving emails saying things like "You should be lined up and shot." The former producer on TV shows including Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? has accused the Manleys of "sour grapes" and said they were naive in not registering a domain name or trademarking the slogan. He has not tried to prevent the couple selling posters or other souvenirs, insisting he is only targeting people who are selling "cheap tat" online. "All I am trying to do is protect my business and my livelihood...---Read More:

There is only one way to overcome the power of the State according to Landauer and Buber. (The following is a paraphrase of Buber’s statement.) It is the growth of a real organic structure, for the union of persons and families into various communities and of communities into associations, and nothing else, that “;destroys”; the State by displacing it….association without sufficient and sufficiently vital communal spirit does not set Community up in the place of the State – it bears the State in its own self and it cannot result in anything but State, i.e. power-politics and expansionism supported by bureaucracy.Read More:

---Landauer:since there can only be a more human future if there is a more humane present.13 Abstraction, mechanistic thinking and cold blooded logic lies at the root of the terrorist mentality, not as is commonly thought, emotionalism. They have accustomed themselves to living with concepts, no longer with men. There are two fixed, separate classes for them, who stand opposed to each other as enemies; they don't kill men, but the concept of exploiters, oppressors... From force one can expect nothing, neither the force of the ruling class today nor that of the so-called revolutionaries who would perhaps attempt... through dictatorial decrees to command a socialist society, out of nothing, into existence. Read More: image:

Cornel West:I tell my brother; he got to understand the genius about Marley. He called his group the Wailers, not the whiners. The Wailers were persons who cry for help but against the context of catastrophe. When Wall Street cried out for help, they got billions of dollars. Working people, poor people are crying for help. Whining is a cry of self pity, of a sentimental disposition. That’s not what’s happening in poor America. That’s not what’s happening in working class America and that’s, certainly, not what’s happening in black America. It’s high unemployment rates, two out of five black kids in poverty, that’s not whining, that’s not complaining, that’s legitimate critiques and legitimate grievances out of a genuine grief….

Fernand Leger. Commodifying dissent. Social commentary without attacking the underlying consumerism and structural issues? --- The banality of the Left:Coverage of Michael Moore's credibility Two self-described “left-wingers" from Canada, Debbie Melnyk and Rick Caine, did a documentary of Michael Moore entitled “Manufacturing Dissent.” Although still fans of Moore to some extent, the two are disillusioned with Michael Moore's methods and the film is apparently not very complimentary of the Fahrenheit 9/11 director and attacks his credibility. Read More:

…The industry won’t tolerate one competitor to have coverage they aren’t covering because they want the viewers (read money). So small bits of coverage from one network will force the next one to up their coverage and then the media spectacle and attention begins.

r common uniter is also their common exploitable weakness. Money. If you don’t like how your bank is treating you and you walk away with your money they don’t really care because you are one. If a mass group of people do the same together they will pay attention. That is a tool that can be used against them but organization and being united is key….

---A campaign like Apple’s “Think Different” series in the late 90s provided the public with many beautiful images. It’s just that they were selling their silly products (which I use by the way—same as you.) with images of Dead People.™ We had no choice but to rectify this unseemly situation. When it comes to public service billboards, or cute kitty billboards or Mother Theresa billboards, we see them as fair targets as well. Read More:

…Chomsky:“Anyone with eyes open knows that the gangsterism of Wall Street — financial institutions generally — has caused severe damage to the people of the United States (and the world). And should also know that it has been doing so increasingly for over 30 years, as their power in the economy has radically increased, and with it their political power. That has set in motion a vicious cycle that has concentrated immense wealth, and with it political power, in a tiny sector of the population, a fraction of 1%, while the rest increasingly become what is sometimes called “a precariat” — seeking to survive in a precarious existence. They also carry out these ugly activities with almost complete impunity — not only too big to fail, but also “too big to jail.” Read More:

john heartfield art. Cornel West:I knew there would be some moral outrage as a two party system begins to decay, and the mean-spiritedness of the Republicans moving more toward reactionary and quasi-fascist politics and the relative spinelessness of the Democratic Party, tied to oligarchs as well, but centrists, trying to hold off against the viscous right-wing politics of the Republican Party, but refusing to, in any way be progressive. And you heard broth Barack’s speech to the Black Caucus the other day. March with me, condescending, insulting—-Read More: image:

As Peter King has asserted, there are valid reasons to oppose  market economies, even in its pallid version of market socialism which may be more dangerous, seduced by the promise of half a loaf of bread:

The defender of market socialism could say that there is an unjustified move from the claim that market socialism permits goods to circulate on markets to the claim that production under market socialism is for exchange rather than use. Production for exchange might be morally objectionable, but market socialism need not incorporate production for exchange. The market could function as a neutral means solely for the purposes of distribution. Therefore, the objections sketched above miss their target, no matter how the sketches be filled in. This counter-argument correctly identifies the assumption that market socialism structures production for exchange rather than use. I think the assumption justified. Production is either directly for consumption (use), or it is not. If production is directly for consumption, then markets are pointless. If, on the other hand, exchange under market socialism were no more than a neutral means of distribution, then it could easily be replaced by better distributive mechanisms. Markets are no more than venues for barter, according to this line of reasoning. Yet there are better ways to coordinate production and consumption…. ( Peter King)


Jack Napier BLF:The “Culture Jamming tm” is more in the domain of Adbusters than the BLF. We really don’t feel like it’s necessary to be part of a “movement” other than the requisite daily bowel movements. Unlike Adbusters and despite the fact that we promote our work as “advertising” we have neglected over the last 32 years to actually design, fabricate, market and sell a product! Silly us. Our confrere’s to the north not only have created a fairly complex business model that has been extremely efficient at marketing their trademarked schwaag, they have accomplished this not small task while marketing “non-marketing” type products. They only miss out on sales potential one day a year—the aptly named “Buy Nothing Day.” They amply make up for this down time in product sales the other 364 days of the year as do all other nationally and internationally known brands. This jiu jitsu marketing maneuver which targets a very specific but well heeled youthful protest market has been successfully used by others in the “Culture Jamming” business community. This demographic is also profitably mined by such brand as American Spirit Cigarettes, The Daily Show, Tom & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Burning Man, “Organic” of “Green” anything. Read More:

The classic failure of soft Marxism in the US and European universities for the last 50 years seems to me to be the simple fact that the academics and intelligentsia invariably know “what’s good for the masses.” They also, despite an ever so small number of them ever having had a real job outsider the warm smushy folds of academia believe they know what the “people” think. Hit me with a two-by-four if I EVER exhibit such arrogance. Read More:

…Passing a giant image of Amelia Earhart on a billboard gazing out onto the freeway and all comers with an ethereal gaze of such beauty…containing the promise of eternity nor the end of an entire way of life…all only to sell a dumb computer.

But I OWN that image. I took it from the corporation that so cynically appropriated it. The visual wash from that particular image up and off to the moderate impressive skyline of San Francisco was indeed a memorable experience for me. … It’s all in your eye and in your mind. Your brain is the ultimate editing device. Use it. The corporations, the government, the religions, your Mom, none of them can occupy and control your mind unless you invite them in… ( ibid. )


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