11th commandment

Excerpt from interview in the Idler, from Paul Hamilton:

Kevin Godley: You know, the key to the writing process is finding your way in, bringing the stuff that’s in peripheral hearing into focus. You’re always aiming to get inside the song / story / film so it can write you instead of the the other way round. You’re always trying to build something solid out of invisible and ghostly raw materials. Did I just say that?…

---When he’s not pottering around the house, he’s making videos for Irish acts such as Gavin Friday and Bipolar Empire, trying to get his first feature film off the ground, putting the finishing touches to his ebook autobiography, a multimedia memoir that will also come as an app, or tweaking his latest invention – a web-based audio/visual application that, he believes, “could well be the saviour of the music industry”. Not up to much, then.--- Read More:http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/magazine/2011/1119/1224307613066.html

…KG: Yeah, pop culture / music is driven equally by its own mythology and its visual impact. It always has been, going all the way back to Elvis and even Sinatra. It’s hard to separate the music from the artist’s personality and the hype – what they do, how they look, who they are perceived to be. It really annoys me when people discuss the music of the ’70s – ‘Oh yeah, man – Bolan, Bowie, Roxy, punk, Slade’ – and 10cc are always excluded. This is because of our total lack of Bad Boy Rebel credentials and, for some reason, not really taking care of our visual presentation….

…IDLER: What is the 11th Commandment?
KG: The 11th Commandment? Hm, it was carved on a separate, tiny tablet of stone that has been passed down, through the centuries, via a secret Jewish sect known as the Dynastizees. Its meaning is, even now, hotly debated behind closed doors. It is rumoured to contain the key to time travel and will be made public, encoded into the lyric of whatever song tops the Israeli charts, at the true end of days.

IDLER: ‘My gravestone epitaph will be…
KG: … go invent a silent strimmer.’ … Read More:https://www.facebook.com/groups/41280145887/

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