godzilla : wag the monster

by Art Chantry ( art@artchantry.com)

this great little photo has been circulating on the net recently. it brings to mind the tale (tail?) a friend of mine (dave crider) has about actually being allowed into the toho ‘monster’ museum on the studio lot. in this museum, they have all of the surviving rubber suits from all the various godzilla movies over the years. it seems they make a new godzilla suit for every film. they also had all the various mothra, gammera, ghidra, mysterion, mechas and assorted evil monsters, too. dave said it was like getting in to tour heaven.

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he was also allowed (through insider connections) to tour the back lot and has a photograph of himself next to the giant godzilla tail prop – a big rubber tail mounted on a weathered wooden frame with a couple of toyota tires mounted on it. they would just wiggle the thing back and forth when destroying tokyo every so often.

but, of course, the thing that really cemented the experience for dave was that right next door to the toho studios monster museum was the neighboring film studios lot and the museum that housed all the INFRAMAN props and materials. he managed to talk his way into that, too.

a perfect day!

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