polar bear: great white north

Polar bear capitalism. 355ml of joy. White as snow. The polar bear would have no qualms about eating snow white. Or anything for that matter. Its a symbol of grisly capitalism. The Bear market short sell. It a  lumbering, agile, bloodthirsty creature, and not particularly sympathetic as the Coca Cola Company would have us believe. Like the corporate behemoth that has adopted it, the polar beast is almost unique in its habit of hunting down people and munching us. The polar is the most aggressive and carnivorous of all the bear family, a metaphor for Coke, and the white male patriarchy to which it is part and party to.

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Interestingly, among northern Inuit and Cree the male polar bear is known as the “ice man” for its preference for hunting on sea ice. The ice connotation is also symbolic; a polar bear ambling along on the ice, always raiding the fridge so to speak, is psychologically related to frozen, blocked and repressed emotions and the need to allow these feelings to flow and express themselves. In the polar bear that means violent destruction to anything it can gets its paws on.

---The sad part is, there were whole Polar Bear platoons during the hay-day of the Third Reich. Yes, everyone knows that tons of Nazi war criminals fled to South American countries. But the real secret is, how many of them are living in the frozen north in igloos beside their furry fascist co-conspirators? --- Read More:http://sohereswhatshappening.blogspot.com/2011/06/polar-bears-are-closet-nazis.html

The polar bear and spirit murder? :

…The psychic dimension of this “profoundly troubling paradox” that Williams powerfully describes is the true measure of the harm to the integrity, coherence, integration and safety of self and spirit occasioned by spirit-murder. That harm is eventually captured, I think,
toward the end of the book, in what might be the diary’s most frightening metaphor: the recurrent imagined presence of powerful, unthinking,
lethal polar bears. Those bears, like the cultural memory and legacy of racism, are at once both real and imagined, at once a part of oneself and a part of one’s world. They are a marker of “where one has been” and a harbinger of one’s imminent destruction: I sleep fitfully in the New Orleans humidity.. . . Suddenly, from somewhere deep in my psyche, polar bears rise. … They hunch and settle and listen, from beyond-language.
I wake up in a cold sweat. I wake up. Yet large eyes still gleam inquiringly from the foot of the bed. The eyes at the foot of the bed are larger than flashlights. They are polar-bear eyes. I am terrified….

---The two first scenarios are two sides of the same future – a rich enclave on the inside and outside the promised land where there is no ecological justice, – the rich enclave, of course, living on borrowed time. The industrial nightmare is what the extremist wants – that is in particular why it is an extreme position – the second illusionary or technofetishist wet dream of the IT nouveau-riche almost exist for some, while the last and only viable option, really, is still on the magic cards.--- Read More:http://colonos.wordpress.com/2008/05/30/the-warped-mind-of-the-ecofascism-conspiracy-theorist/

Does it make your heart grow fizzy? . Polar bears have been associated with the distinctive holiday-themed packaging of Coca-Cola since 1922. Now, the soft drink manufacturer intends to raise awareness of the plight of the declining polar bear population by introducing limited-edition packaging for its successful range of soft drinks, according to the Huffington Post. Coca-Cola announced a partnership with conservation group World Wildlife Fund (WWF) earlier this week. The new cans, which are white and feature a design of polar bears, will go on sale from November 1 through February of next year. The soft drinks giant has donated an initial $2 million to the WWF, and plans to match consumer donations in order to preserve areas of the Arctic inhabited by polar bears….

---For years Coca-Cola has given millions of dollars to eco-extreme group World Wildlife Fund, whose alarmism and perpetration of falsehoods are unmatched among its cohorts in climate activism. Now Coke has initiated a new campaign with WWF that features its iconic advertising species in an effort to drive more funding to the international nonprofit group to “protect the polar bears’ Arctic home.” ---Read More:http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2800340/posts

…”We want to help the polar bear, a beloved Coca-Cola icon since 1922, by helping conserve its Arctic habitat,” said Muhtar Kent, chief executive officer of the Coca-Cola Company, as quoted by the news source. “That’s why we’re using one of our greatest assets, our flagship brand, Coca-Cola, to raise awareness for this important cause. Read More:http://www.canadapolarbears.com/news/coca-cola-raises-awareness-of-polar-bear-plight-with-new-packaging-800627273

Williams:…I am afraid of their claws and their silence and the accusation in their eyes, the mystery contained in their strong sharp teeth. I am afraid of their smell above all; the meat and blood on their breath, the stiff iciness of their matted fur, the soft grainy pads of the soles of their feet. They smell of even-tempered desperation, of the last resort of pure survival. They come to me in the middle of the night, disguised as insanity itself; they hunch at the foot of my bed, large and cold, warm-hearted and curious. I can taste their meat, the

h-sliced scent of lung and liver, of still-warm divinations of palpitating heart….

…What might be the legal description, and what might be the legal prescription, of the private racism, or spirit-murder, that Williams depicts?
Williams explores this question within two central legal constructs. On the one hand, the legal relation at the core of spirit murder is that of being an “object of property” – true in the most literal sense of the slave relation, but true, in similarly harmful ways, of the objectification that is the premise of modem spirit-murder as well. Understood in this way, spirit-murder is the injury to self, spirit, and humanity occasioned through the grotesque abuse of the methods of property, contract, and commercial law upon the objects of property, contract, and commerce. Understanding and recognizing spiritmurder as a real harm, with real and tragic costs, opens the door to a powerful critique of commerce and property. All we need do is examine the law of the transaction from the perspective of its object, and not from the perspective of its subject. Read More:http://scholarship.law.georgetown.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1664&context=facpub&sei-redir=1&referer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.ca%2Furl%3Fsa%3Dt%26rct%3Dj%26q%3Dpolar%2520bear%2520symbol%2520of%2520racism%26source%3Dweb%26cd%3D23%26ved%3D0CCwQFjACOBQ%26url%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fscholarship.law.georgetown.edu%252Fcgi%252Fviewcontent.cgi%253Farticle%253D1664%2526context%253Dfacpub%26ei%3D1tmzTp6pA4jn0QGB1J3ABA%26usg%3DAFQjCNGesojbqatelr3f_Ncyzo1QWta-jA#search=%22polar%20bear%20symbol%20racism%22


Maybe I’m hyper sensitive, but is there a subliminal message in this ad about race? Is “Uncle Teddy” a hip, black dude bringing the party to uptight white folks? Yes, yes, I realize the story is that he’s a white polar bear with a tan. But listen to his voice. I wouldn’t call it racist or offensive, just tacky….Read More:http://www.breakingcopy.com/pepsi-polar-bears

---And then there are the precious polar bears. Their estimated numbers – according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – have increased by somewhere between double and quintuple (that is, growing from between 5,000 and 10,000 to 20,000-25,000) from the 1950s until now. They are also known to be tremendously resilient, and in some areas where they have declined, the reason has been attributed to too much ice. As far as healthy populations, according to officials in the extreme northern territory of Nunavut in Canada, polar bears “have not declined.” “Based on hunter observations, polar bears are presently still healthy and abundant across Nunavut,” said territorial Environment Minister Daniel Shewchuk, “and for that reason, not a species of special concern.” --- Read More:http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2800340/posts image:http://www.greenpeace.org/international/en/multimedia/photos/polar-bear-arrested/

…“The polar bear is coming to symbolize the disappearing north, the end of the kind of climate we all grew up with _. The habitat that polar bears depend on is being wiped out. That is pretty strong stuff, emotionally and intellectually” (quoted in Churchill, 2000). As part of GPC’s campaign to pressure Canada to adopt the Kyoto Protocol, demonstrators, dressed as thin, unhappy-looking polar bears, urged negotiators at the Sixth Conference of the Parties at the Hague to reach an agreement in order to save the polar bear and other nonhuman life. Collapsing in a parody of polar bear demise, GPC activists attempted to bring the stark point of inevitable polar bear mortality home to climate negotiators.
The image of GPC activists in polar bear suits has an element of comedy that some argue is essential to politics (Merrifield, 2002; NGO, interview, Seattle,WA; resident, interview, Tucson, AZ). Polar bear hunger is not funny, but if people laugh first they might listen later. The bears, further, are not far out on the ice, creatures in their pristine habitat; they are, admirably, out of placeöin the Sixth Conference of the Parties accosting delegates, on the street with signs which people associate with the jobless, and in bars having a beer with unofficial representatives.Read More:http://www.rslocum.com/Polar%20bears%20and%20energy%20efficient%20lightbulbs%20strategies%20to%20br.pdf
Paul Chesser:Meanwhile WWF officials, like so many climate crusaders, fail to abide by the practices they admonish others to follow. The organization wants limits placed upon aviation because of its significant contribution to carbon dioxide emissions, but WWF president Carter Roberts (total 2009 compensation: $455,147) fails to lead by example, and routinely flies to remote locales as though it helps call attention to the planet’s plight. According to its tax returns WWF spent $5.1 million in 2009 on travel, which included a flight by Roberts as “one of several passengers on a roundtrip charter flight from Winnipeg to Churchill, (Manitoba).” Claiming there were no commercial flights available, WWF reported, “this trip was part of a field visit by staff and donors to see WWF’s work in the Arctic and the impacts of climate change.”

As for political inclinations, WWF’s managing director of climate change, Lou Leonard, was environmental policy analyst and field organizer for President Obama’s presidential campaign. His bio on the WWF Web site states, “As an environmental lawyer and climate policy expert, you can imagine the list of ‘to-do’s’ he has for the new administration.”

So each purchase of a white Coca-Cola can supports: false testimony on global warming; perpetration of the myth about endangered polar bears; ongoing distortion of the UN IPCC process; activism to fight the development of affordable coal, oil and natural gas; hypocrites who won’t follow their own recommendations; and expansion of already excessive environmental regulations. Read More:http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/2800340/posts

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