…and now we’re called consumers

Design is a language, drawing is a picture…

by Art Chantry ( art@artchantry.com )

there was a time when advertising didn’t talk down to the customer (before we were called ‘consumers’). there was a time when ads were smart and clever and witty and fun. there was a time when ad agencies didn’t rely exclusively upon copywriters for their creative thinking. there was a time when the language of graphic design was respected and desired and applauded. and MY! that WAS a time!

AC:i think drawing is an incredibly over-rated design tool. i used to draw beautifully (i have degree in art). but, i haven't really "drawn" anything (in a classical sense) in over 35 years. no need for it. i'm a designer.

back then, “Hane’s” made ladies stockings. now they make Michael Jordan’s underwear.


AC:see, they’re legs! the legs of a BIRD (get it?) a naked bird legs, too. get it? all boney and ugly? just waiting for beautiful hane’s nylons to make them look great? it’s all about drawing, right?…design is language. drawing is a picture….i remember when they didn’t try to TRICK me into buying things, they tried to actually SELL things to me….we used to be called ‘citizens’. now we’re called ‘consumers’. what happened?…

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