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Very angry birds. Hard to believe. In fact, superficially, it triggers disbelief. Can we blame the system of capitalism, neo-liberalism imposed on third-world countries, or rather perversely, is this their Thorstein Veblen response of raising status and distinction by being passionately involved in the most trivial and insubstantial. Its also indicative that in our raucous era of social media, -think Georgian England- an existential crisis can be crowd-sourced in short order…

( from last spring )…Bolivian president Evo Morales is under fire for suggesting that eating hormone-injected chicken could provoke male “deviance”.

Bolivia’s opposition and homosexual groups criticised comments made by Mr Morales at the first “people’s conference” on climate change the previous day, in which he said chicken producers inject birds with female hormones and “when men eat those chickens, they experience deviances in being men.”…

Joan Miro. ---Male pattern baldness and the mysteries of human sexuality are no puzzles for the president of Bolivia, who has declared they are caused by eating chicken. Evo Morales has claimed that both homosexuality and baldness can be caused by the humble chicken.--- Read More:

The Bolivian president also suggested that European food made men go bald.

Spain’s National Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals sent a protest letter to the Bolivian embassy of Madrid, calling Mr Morales’ remarks “homophobic.”…

---Aelbert Cuyp, 1651. Chickens, roosters, chicks.--- Read More:

…The president of Argentina’s homosexual community, Cesar Cigliutti, said “It’s an absurdity to think that eating hormone-containing chicken can change the sexual orientation of a person.” Read More:

He also said hormone-injected chicken causes young girls’ breasts to grow prematurely, according to Noticias 24. The Associated Press notes that most Western countries ban hormone injections in chicken, but Morales, Bolivia’s first indigenous president, also went on to diagnose the practice as the cause of male baldness. “Baldness, which seems normal, is a sickness in Europe,” he said. “Almost everyone is bald. And that’s because of what they eat.”The Bolivian president pointed to his own shock of thick black hair as proof. No sign of baldness on his head, Morales said….( L.A. Times )…………

---Having been drafted into the war, he faked a nervous breakdown and ended up a civilian letter carrier who was not above dumping his assigned deliveries to incite dissatisfaction and protest the war. His most explosive work came in the early thirties as he made Hitler's political rise the target of his creative venom. One photo montage, Have no Fear--He's a Vegetarian, depicts a butcher, his head replaced by Hitler's, sharpening his knives, hungrily eyeing a rooster, the symbol of France. When Hitler eventually came to power in 1933, he ordered Heartfield's arrest. The artist made a hair-raising escape by literally bailing out his second-story bedroom window.--- Read More: image:

There is no doubt that the Western economic model is not suited to all of South America. There will be the standard 80/20 rule where a fifth do reasonably well, relatively in export related industries.What Morales could mot articulate is that much of our present “con

ation age” , the subjective turn in cultural analysis has come out of the gay and lesbian community. These communities were the first to establish effective platforms for activism, both consumer and social and the traditionalism espoused by Morales fails to acknowledge how participatory culture alters the way society and politics will operate:

Henry Jenkins: For me, perhaps the most important influence, though, was the emergence of queer studies as a theoretical paradigm closely linked to the experience of scholars making decisions about whether or not to come out of the closet in their professional lives. My office at MIT was across the hall from David Halperin, who referenced my discussion of slash in his work in queer historiography; I was deeply informed by his stance as a scholar who openly acknowledged his own desires and sexuality as a source of insight and knowledge. In media studies, I was also inspired by the work of Alex Doty, Erica Rand, and others, who were insisting on the value of “making things perfectly queer” (as Doty’s book title suggests). At the same time, Rand’s work on Barbie was suggesting the ways we selectively mobilize and retrospectively construct aspects of our own lived experience in order to reconcile them with our current self-perceptions.

Queer politics was being felt within fan culture itself during the early 1990s, with the rise of a global AIDS pandemic and debates about Robert Mapplethorpe’s federal funding representing turning points in terms of how slash fans in particular saw themselves and their culture. Many were talking about “coming out” or being “outed” as fans. Reading as a fan was often a queer practice, and many fans joined pride parades and spoke out for gay rights. Queer scholars often signaled their identities through their introductions, feeling that there was an ethical obligation to be honest about how you knew what you knew and what motivated your work. And for me, this commitment spilled over into how I wrote about fandom. I do not mean to see the stakes of queer studies in the age of AIDS as comparable to fans trying to defend the value of their cultural identities but one informed the other. In some cases, they were linked, as when young fans were thrown out of their houses when their parents found their slash zines hidden under their beds or when adult women had to hide their involvement in fandom from husbands who saw their reading and writing of male-male erotica as sexual betrayal.

So, I can’t tell you when Acafan was born, but these are the ideas and feelings from which it was born. Read More:


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