kinetic noir expressiveness

The Shadow
DC Comics, January 1975 issue, #8
Illustration: Frank Robbins (1917-1994)

Robbins had long been a newspaper comics stalwart who did the Scorchy Smith strip from 1939-1944; and—beginning in 1944—he created Johnny Hazard, a strip which ran for more than 30 years until ending its run in 1977. Robbins was a dynamic stylist, with a kind of Milt Caniff-inspired kinetic expressiveness. This would serve him in comic books as well, as he would bring the noir verité of his newspaper strips to the comics as an editor and artist on Batman (he has been credited by historians as taking great steps to bring the Batman back to the character’s Dark Knight roots after years of lighter, more campy adventures).

Frank Robbins.

His other comics work included stints on Captain America, Daredevil, Detective Comics, Flash, Ghost Rider, House of Mystery, House of Secrets, Human Fly, The Invaders, Weird War Tales, and Power Man, as well as comic-book adaptations of the Man from Atlantis and per this posting, The Shadow. ( Jesse Marinoff Reyes Design )

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