the great white hope

The shitty nothingness of it all. Shit as pure nothingness. The essence of the empty and void.Nothingness. A man eager to give society, the political body, a political enema to purge it of all its shit. Politics as substitute shit. The politician as anal masturbator and that his public statements are shit in disguise masquerading an earnest rhetoric, though the heavy wadding is a giveaway. Politics as substitute shit, dwelt on with a careful, obsessive sense of delicacy. Ultimately, this is what is produced when candidates become convinced that good politics entails a quest for authenticity as a means to connect with an electorate. Its an erroneous equation of populism with authenticity that produces nothing but a trip to the outhouse and the seat of power is situated over a bowl and flusher.

Mr. Trudeau also challenged Defence Minister Peter MacKay and Tory MP Rob Anders to fight, but both Conservatives said they were too busy to train.A former national chief of the Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, Senator Brazeau has a second-degree black belt in karate — and a healthy dislike for Mr. Trudeau.“They don’t seem to care for each other,” Mr. Imbeault said. Both men have been training for the match since November.Following on the heels of Mr. Trudeau’s adoption of a d’Artagnan-style moustache — and an incident where he used the s-word in Parliament — the fight is only the 40-year-old MP’s latest restless pursuit. ( National Post)

Read More: ---But even writers for The American Prospect, which co-sponsored the discussion, have raised questions about the new quest for authenticity among progressives. Under a posting called "Authenticity is Stupdi," Sam Rosenfeld argues, "Authenticity is a pointless thing to care about in politics. Obsessing over the personal motivations and supposed core beings of individual political actors is, in fact, close to the opposite of what politics is actually all about. Institutional arrangements and historical contingencies largely determine political (and thus policy) outcomes, and outcomes are what matter."---

Andrew Potter: The problem with politics today is not that there is not enough authenticity in our politics, it is it that there is far too much of it. The push for more authenticity fundamentally misunderstands the nature of mass politics, and contributes to the very problems it is supposed to solve. …It is hard to overstate the importance of this. The shift from objective facts to self-actualization marks the shift from reason to the emotions as the foundation of knowledge. The hero of a culture of authenticity is not Descartes, or Bacon, or even Hume, but Oprah Winfrey. … When it comes to the politics of authenticity, character assassination becomes a legitimate — if not completely obligatory — gambit. That is why, despite what supporters of authentic politics like to argue, the focus on authenticity may end up exacerbating the deeply partisan and negative campaigning that voters claim to find so off-putting….But so what? The desire for something else — for Dave, for Turnip Day, for Politics Unplugged — is often held up as the stance of noble idealism. It is not. What the pining for authenticity amounts to is just the desire to take the politics out of politics. If this is idealism it is of a very immature sort…Read More:

Read More: ---Liberal MP Justin Trudeau and Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau have sparred on Twitter, but on March 31, the two will fight for real in the ring.---

Maybe all of Trudeau’s attention grabbing exploits are based on the old ideas of alchemy, of turning human turd into gold. And maybe he’s just a prematurely old political hack with delusional bigness, though one who is also completely comfortable with a sparkling level of narcissism; what what else is going for him it is designer, fashionable shit, high class political show business in the Society of the Spectacle. Its to be taken that to make politics what it is not, show business industrial entertainment, brings the management of state  into the realm of unadulterated narcissism;  emotionally regressive, developmentally arrested, that reflects  poorly on the society that produces it.


Read More: father famously uttered fuddle duddle in the House of Commons. On Wednesday his son went one better, calling the Environment Minister a “piece of shit.” Justin Trudeau, the Montreal Liberal MP, admitted he just lost his “cool.” He just couldn’t hold back in Question Period after Peter Kent attacked NDP environment critic Megan Leslie for not attending the climate-change conference in Durban, South Africa, last week.---


---The company that made the fur-trimmed parkas worn by Liberal MP Justin Trudeau's family in this season's Christmas card has defended the use of coyote fur as "sustainable." The prominent animal-rights group PETA this week denounced the holiday greeting card that features a picture of Trudeau, his wife Sophie, and their two young children wearing coats by Canada Goose. The family is enrobed in thick fur trim lining the garments' hoods and huddling behind a fur blanket. But the Toronto-based company's response to the criticism raises the question: Does the word sustainable really mean anything? The short answer? Not much. Read more:

Duchamp was also taken with shit: Dali reports that “during the course of the Second World War” he developed “a new interest in the preparation of shit, of which the small excretions from the navel are the ‘de luxe’ editions.” Dali’s representation of shit in the substitute form of beans, well known for producing abundant shit, in Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Premonition of Civil War) (1936), is not as offensive as Duchamp’s perverse union of opposites, but it has its own offensive perversity….

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…It is worth noting that Dali’s picture can be read as the beginning of the popularization of Surrealism — Dali was already in Hollywood — that can be said to climax in Mel Brooks’s film Blazing Saddles, in which the Surrealist fascination with shit becomes a joke. Brooks is a populist Surrealist, and Dali became a Surrealist populist, suggesting that scatology is always surrealist and popular. It is no longer the forbidden artistic luxury it was when in 1958 Dali enviously expressed his admiration of Piero Manzoni, “a well-known Pop artist of Verona who sells artist’s shit (in very sophisticated packaging) as a luxury item!” Read More:

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