anti-heroes: porcine branding

by Art Chantry (

graphic design anti-hero of the day award!!!

banksy can suck this guy’s….

AC:i bow down in worship. i am not worthy....



Montpelier, VT. -

A Vermont prison inmate who makes
stationery and license plates has gotten
the best of the state police by adding
the image of a pig to the state decal
on their cruisers.
One of the spots on the cow in the state
crest has been changed to the shape of
a pig, a derogatory term for police. The
16-inch car door decals are made by
prisoners in Windsor.
State police discovered the pig images
Wednesday. They say they believe the
decals have been added to about 30
cruisers in the past year.

- AP
Huffington Post:About 60 altered decals were made over the last couple of years, said Andy Pallito, commissioner of the Department of Corrections, which is looking into who made the modification and when.

New decals will be made by Monday at a cost of $780. The expense will be covered by a surplus in the revolving fund that supports the offender work program, Pallito said.

State police Maj. Bill Sheets wasn’t amused by the prank.

“While some may find humor in the decal modifications, the joke unfortunately comes at the expense of the taxpayers,” he said Thursday. Read More:

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