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by Art Chantry (

norman laliberte is a great hero of mine. he was endlessly experimental and took whatever medium was laying around (or just invented) and did brilliant iconic work in that medium. every single things i’ve seen by him has been totally different than the last, but still idiosyncratically his own work. the more i find by him, the more impressed i am. this guy was one of the best. but, he lived in canada. oh well.

Norman Laliberte. 1972.

herb lubalin & john alcorn (illustrations), 1972.lcorn worked with lubalin a LOT. they were quite a team at one point.

alcorn has no interest in type and let others do it so he didn’t have to bother (even though he was actually a gifted typogrpaher). he stuck to his style throughout his entire lifetime. he did what he did and he did it better than any of his imitators.

John Alcorn. 1975.

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