dixie: wrecking ball blues

Dixie Square Mall, over on 151st Street, is getting the wrecking ball today. It’s sat vacant for well over 30 years. Remember the mall chase scene in the movie, The Blues Brothers? That was Dixie Square.In 1979, two years after Dixie Square closed, the mall would be remodeled to appear like an operational shopping center, and later trashed by the Bluesmobile and two Illinois State Police cars for the 1980 Universal Pictures’ cult favorite “The Blues Brothers”….

---The film is one that leaves you reciting memorable quotes for days after each viewing. “Are you the Police?” “No Maam…we’re musicians…” “They won’t catch us….we’re on a mission from God” Read More:http://redriverpak.wordpress.com/2011/09/14/movie-flashback-the-blues-brothers/

In January, 2012, bulldozers finally began work on site to complete the demolition. Dixie Square Mall is getting the final wrecking ball today.

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