fast food on the game reserve

Roadkill? Maybe its a metaphor for sexual tourism. Maybe he doesn’t really kill the animal, going through the whole tracking and shooting. Instead, he hers them into a fenced in area and runs them over in a Land Rover. Or he wounds them and chases them on a motorcycle until they drop dead from blood loss. It sounds weird anyway. But judging from Zuckerberg’s motivation for starting Facebook, the seemingly plausible allusions to misogyny and commodifying the male gaze, there is more than a tenuous pretext for the blurred sexual boundaries in the engagement of “sport hunting” that involves a complex relationship between animals, weapons and women that is more sophisticated that the fisherman’s catch and release after a little fondling. promised each hunter would be flown to Las Vegas and given the opportunity to choose between a menu of thirty different naked women. According to the site, these women were all paid volunteers, and ranged in attractiveness between the “girl next door,” to the “perfect 10.” The site also assured the consumer would “chase down (the women) and shoot (them) like dogs.” There was also a liberal amount of sophomoric innuendo and entendre throughout the site as such obviously hilarious double-meaning words like “rack” and “mount” are peppered into almost every other paragraph.--- Read More:

Mark Zuckerberg stabbing multiple animals to death. There was a video made of a Taiwanese interpretation of the news that  Facebook’s big Kahuna was only eating meat from animals that he kills himself . Was and he is practicing cannibalism? After all, hunting, the predatory instinct is rooted in patriarchy and through absorbed and refined cultural messages that we get mutant behaviors of white male dominance. Maybe its just a Hitchcock dynamic and he’s metaphorically bagging mom or embedding other cultural values into the prize of the male gaze. The video is rather visious and Jack the Ripper inspired though whether there is occult symbolism in the stabby routine is up to the viewer to determine.

What started as a quest to only eat animals Zuckerberg slaughtered himself has graduated to full-fledged hunting.According to Fortune, Zuckerberg now has a hunting license and has already shot, killed, and presumably consumed a bison. That’s a lot bigger than the chicken he started with….

---advertisements of a random sampling of Traditional Bowhunter magazines (1992-2003). Particularly prominent in the magazines’ hunting discourse is the sexualization of animals, women, and weapons, as if the three are interchangeable sexual bodies in narratives of traditional masculinity. This paper concludes that moral outrage at the degradation of women might be targeted best at widely read newsstand periodicals that serve as popular culture precursors to videos that celebrate hunting naked women.--- Read More: image:

Before you know it, Zuckerberg will be on safari, hunting big game in Africa. He’s truly a modern day Teddy Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway, rolled into one. Read More:

Also, the  cultural construction of hunting as rooted  in a symbolic system, primitive Veblen economics pre-workmanship that values predation and dominance and linking hunting and sex with females  and beasts. After all,we hunt everything from houses to jobs to ideas that shows a cultural mentality inured, blood lusting to predation.  Underlying all this hunting are mechanism, rational in an incoherent sense that identifies the prey, stalks it, fights over it- the alpha male and society’s glorification of “ambition”- and is intent on getting the first shot at it, the chance for the kill. All this goes under the name of money, women, land, resources, etc. Is there a relationship between capitalism, hunting and psychopathy or is it something more troubling in our genetic makeup, the reptilian factor as Koestler has written….


We argue, however, that numerous popular culture products link hunting with sex and women with animals. It is not difficult to establish that the erotic hunt has substantial “cultural currency” . Distressing representations of sex and violence and women and animals have been documented in many easily obtained and widely consumed cultural venues— pornography, music videos, prime time-television, feature-length films, magazine advertisements, and narratives of black slavery One key cultural commodity that so far has escaped the scrutiny of researchers studying the hunting-sex link is the hunting periodical. The paucity of information on sexuality in hunting periodicals is even more noteworthy, given the well-established theoretical tradition of connecting hunting with sex. Feminist theorists have used numerous sexual narratives to elucidate their readings of the contemporary hunting discourse—erotic heterosexual predation , sadomasochism , restraint for aggressive sexual energy , and allied with the abuse of women . Even pro-hunting primitivists such as Ortega y Gassett and Paul Shepard drew parallels in their writings between the predation of animals and the sexual predation of women .Read More:

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