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Norman Laliberte, 1970.

the entire book is lettered with a crude cheap ‘crowquill’ pen and peppered with collages of old photos printed in sepia tones. it’s really quite magnificent, even though it looks modest here.

Norman Laliberte. 1970.

i used this idea as a starting point on a japanese released (1&2 records) collection of jack o’ fire singles called “beware the soulless cool.” my take on it was a lot darker tho. i love that old biestle halloween crap. laliberte did this piece about the time that presstype flooded the market. all through this book, he takes presstype and uses it in ways that i still deeply admire. i didn’t see typography like this again until punk exploded.

Laliberte. 1970.---this was about the time that cheap marking pens (specifically 'flair' pens) in multiple bright colors hit the market. laliberte too them and did all sorts of crazy artwork using these cheap marking pens. he did several books full of this stuff.)--- AC

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