peel and deal: less mellow yellow

I imagine if it was sculpted on a mango, or a kiwi, or an apple it wouldn’t have the same psychic charge, and the same metaphoric utility …

The innovative ideas of human beings are outstanding. And if that person who creates a new thing is an artist, then whatever he creates, provides immense pleasure to others. In this context Banana art is a latest development of drawing on a yellow banana or carving on a peeled banana.

When talking about Banana art the very first name comes in this field is Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada. Recently he is in news as he has created a number of banana arts by carving human faces resembling different characters of movies and also normal human faces with different expressions.

Read More: ---To create these fruity masterpieces, the only tools Keisuke uses are bananas, toothpicks, and a spoon. He uses the spoon to prime the banana by smoothing its surface and then does the majority of the actual sculpt work with toothpicks. ---

Among the created faces the faces of Elvis and Davey Jones from Pirates of The Caribbean have become more popular. He uses a toothpick and a spoon as tools to create those figures. If I am not wrong this is for the first time the arts has been done on peeled bananas. Read More:

---Guiseppe Arcimboldo Vertumnus 1591---Read More:

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