strike three for assad

Back to the Valley of Tears. Will he be called out on strikes, or take a hack at it hoping to put some wood on the ball? Or just go down swinging? It doesn’t look good for Bashar Assad. Not that he doesen’t have it coming, and the West, somewhat cynically proffering liberty and freedom will be prepared to block another piece of the giant game board that constitutes the new reality of geo-politics today. And it’s going to be messy. Father Hafez  Assad killed roughly 10,000 of his own in Hama in a weekend binge as part of PR campaign for terror, so son Bashar can almost be seen as “liberal” within the context of Syrian jungle politics.

---Sports Illustrated, October 5, 2009 issue Photograph: Walter Ioos, Jr.---

The Assad regime has a family history of playing the game of wily manipulating alliances in Lebanon and Iran, but they seem to have run out of chips at the poker table. They placed on their bets on the wrong horse: China. at least in this game. The so called China experiment, even in diluted Singapore version of authoritarianism failed by a conscious effort not to separate politics from economics. A case of too late and too little. Reiterations of neo-feudalism except with a few more of what Malcolm X would call “house niggers” willing to rat on the field slaves.

---Residents said dozens of corpses stored in two refrigerator trucks parked near the mosque – where snipers were seen standing by the minaret – started to decompose after the trucks ran out of diesel. Human Rights Watch cited figures from Syrian rights groups saying 350 people had been killed in Daraa. It urged authorities on Friday to 'lift the siege' on the city and to halt what it called a nationwide campaign of arbitrary arrests. 'Syria's authorities think that they can beat and kill their way out of the crisis,' said HRW's Middle East director Sarah Leah Whitson. Read more:

While there is a degree of comparison between Chinese economy and Syria, or at least China in the 1980′s; there is no foreign investment in Syria. Everything is protected for the local cabal. Were talking billions of dollars in addition to managerial and technical knowledge to be invested in the workforce. The Syrian experience in the Western diaspora has shown talent in the arts, business and science, that could have been applied in the homeland had circumstances opened up more opportunities. Syria’s so called great unwashed are unduly stigmatized an deserve better.

Syria remained bound to demonizing Israel and the West- China must be floating the dough to keep it going- and watching a Libya II unfold on home turf. The real wealth will flee with their money, the brighter lights will end up in the West, a brain drain of sorts and it appears it will be chaos there for decades with Marxists, Socialists, Kurds etc. all battling for the best goats on the hill.   The tragedy of this situation  is that Syria is a  more liberal society than the other major Arab states, which is not saying much.But.  Radical Islam and the fiery Imans are far less entrenched in Syria than  in Egypt,  Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. Syria is a country always on the cusp between robust social and economic development and stagnation and since no-one wanted to take the country in a new direction, the toys it appears will be taken from the Assad clan.. Maybe Asma should review the marriage contract and last will and testament…

1973. Read More:

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