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Jesse Marinoff Reyes ( Jesse Marinoff Reyes Design, Maplewood, N.J.)

S. Neil Fujita (1921-2010)!

---His first run at Columbia was '54-'57; then he took off to freelance, then returned and then headed the department (but I need find a better chronology).---

A book cover and especially an LP designer, S. (for Sadamitsu) Neil Fujita was a formidable and versatile graphic artist whose work is truly due for reevaluation and rediscovery. He was hired by Columbia in 1954 to build on the work of Alex Steinweiss—the virtual creator of album cover design—and he did so for several years and should be considered as important to the history of Columbia (and to record packaging) as Steinweiss is.

Time Out, Featuring Take Five
The Dave Brubeck Quartet LP sleeve cover
Columbia Records, 1959
Art and Design: S. Neil Fujita

…He’d have been 91 this year. Steinweiss is still with us (95!), knock on wood.

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