wild safari park

and so it is. A human game park. How many “things” , animals, are the hunters allowed to bag. The famous line of “cockroaches in a bottle” has now gone green and ecological. PC Green occupation.The bugs have to be preserved somehow with a few air holes in the mason jar.  This idea of creating “national parks” in the Occupied territories is the most fantastical stretching of the boundaries of cynicism that makes George Orwell work seem like sandbox banter among infants. Basically, its the continuation of war under the most ingenious of guises, one that even extends to the appropriation of religion as pretext of some alien form of messianic vision; the rather dubious and unpredictable vagaries of Yahweh’s unstable and often absent behavior upon violation of the land melding both prostitute and salesman in one.

Jack Levine.---The Jewish people were understandably eager to be free from the oppressive Roman occupation of Israel. However, this zeal for sovereignty so heightened people's messianic expectations that, when Kosiba met with initial victories, Rabbi Akiva recklessly declared him "Bar-Kochba" ("son of a star") - a title taken from Numbers 24, a prophecy which referred to the Messiah. In so doing, Rabbi Akiva became a false prophet, and Kosiba a false messiah. Kosiba made no effort to disavow the title bestowed on him. It is worth noting that, up to this time, Messianic Jews had been fighting right alongside their non-messianic brothers. But once Akiva's pronouncement was made, that became impossible, and the Messianic Jews withdrew their support and involvement in the revolt. They could not, in good conscience, be aligned with one they knew to be a false messiah. --- Read More:http://www.shema.com/articles/articles-083.php image:http://03varvara.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/jack-levine-hezekiah-1956/jack-levine-hezekiah-1956/

…Expropriating from Al- Isawiyah and Al-Tur, the land was re-zoned by the Jerusalem municipality for a nature reserve, which would inhibit the Jerusalem resident Palestinians from use. A legal rights group filed a petition this week to stop construction of the nature park, and the court issued an injunction. However, the environmental ministry is violating the order, already demolishing road access between the two villages. …The violation of the court stays demonstrates the absence of legal avenues for Palestinian communities facing demolition and land confiscation. This park is of particular weary to the resident effected, as it Efrat Cohen from the planning rights NGO contends it will cause Palestinians to be “boxed-in from all sides.” Furthermore, Meretz’s Meir Margalit deems the park a “farce,” citing:…

---What started as a quest to only eat animals Zuckerberg slaughtered himself has graduated to full-fledged hunting. According to Fortune, Zuckerberg now has a hunting license and has already shot, killed, and presumably consumed a bison. That’s a lot bigger than the chicken he started with. Before you know it, Zuckerberg will be on safari, hunting big game in Africa. He’s truly a modern day Teddy Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway, rolled into one.--- Read More: http://insidescoopsf.sfgate.com/blog/2011/09/28/mark-zuckerberg-has-progressed-in-his-animal-killing-is-now-shooting-bison/

There’s nothing there but rocks and thorns, certainly nothing to justify a national park. The only reason for such a plan is to seize lands and hold them as a reserve for a future settlement, while suffocating the Palestinian neighborhoods. Thus far, the parks authority has moved a large amount of earth and debris from one area to another, blocking a dirt road. Read More:http://occupiedpalestine.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/another-day-in-the-annexation-two-palestinian-villages-in-east-jerusalem-lose-their-connection/

Harold Bloom: ...tongues and dragon's teeth. The objects, the audacious naturalists said, were parts of fossilized creatures from a previous era. Using the latest theories of geology, Buffon and his fellow iconoclasts demonstrated that placement of fossils in the rocky strata suggested primitive creatures had occupied the earth far before the supposed Biblical date of creation and had progressed to increasing levels of complexity as they'd moved from their birthplace in the seas to footholds on dry land.... Read More:http://www.glowleaf.net/Howard_Bloom___The_Lucifer_Principle.pdf image:http://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2011/08/21/west-bank-settlers-suspected-of-attacking-palestinian-child/

… At the same time what Norman Finkelstein calls Count Dracula in Transylvania, we have the near absurd spectacle of the March of the Living, traipsing across Poland and raising Cain in the name of the dearly departed, or as Finkelstein calls it, using money robbing the dead, which is not contextually that different to the Third Reich. The lynch mob mentality and the invocation of the poetry of Eli Weisel slobbering off the lips is the same zeitgeist of vigorous affirmation of the need for lebensraum that blood and soil mixed with messianism seems to arouse in the Occupied Territories. Who knows. Maybe the ghosts of Kahanism are more ambitious than originally thought and the Polish comrades in the hinterland can be induced to warm the fires…. again.


---This view was reinforced subsequently when the shady deals involving the New York/New Jersey branch of the Global March of the Living Program were exposed. The March of the Living was founded by Avraham Herschson, the disgraced former Israeli finance minister who is currently serving a jail sentence for fraud. Herschson had arranged for Curtis Hoxter to receive consultancy fees in excess of $700,000 allegedly for fund-raising activities on behalf of the March of the Living, despite the fact that the bulk of contributions were being provided by the Claims Conference. When Hoxter was asked why the March of the Living paid him $700,000 he could not recall. The Claims Conference then undertook to do a thorough investigation to ascertain what had happened to these funds, but since then there has been a deafening silence.--- Read More:http://www.normanfinkelstein.com Image:http://thephantomcountry.blogspot.com/2010/05/vivre-sa-vie-on-dvd-godard-year-zero.html



Christopher Hitchens:Recent advances in DNA testing have either simplified or complicated the claims of holy books and founding texts. A riveting recent essay in Commentary described the results of a match-up between the genetic database of the Kohanim — those whose Jewish ancestry is supposedly the strongest and best-attested — and that of a “lost tribe” in Namibia that has long claimed Jewish descent. The fit was amazingly close. So it is with other groups in the Asian diaspora, many of whose folk stories had been thought to be merely legendary. It also turns out that there is a close DNA affinity between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs; a finding that, if it does not confirm Freud’s weird speculations in “Moses and Monotheism,” at least reinforces his theory of the narcissism of the small difference. How long before we can codify Khazar DNA and find out if Koestler was right or if the Ashkenazim have any genetic claim to Gaza? (The learned author of the Commentary article, eventually concluded that enough was enough already, and that better uses could be found for the research money than the infinite theoretical expansion of the prolific seed of Abraham.)

Read more: http://www.forward.com/articles/148147/#ixzz1lhplJYZ5

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