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Jesse Marinoff Reyes:

DON’T GET LITERARY WITH ME, BUSTER! A sampling of novels I’ve done with a more classic, mostly atmospheric intent—including three that address Middle Eastern culture and Islam.

JMR Design

The Bastard of Istanbul
Viking, 2007
Design: Jesse Marinoff Reyes
Art Director: Paul Buckley

After I’d completed the jacket cover that accentuated Turkish culture by using its design motifs, the author was arrested by the authorities for “insulting Turkey” (the novel indirectly discusses the uneasy relationship between Turks and Armenians). She beat the rap, but this tends to happen, unfortunately, to Turkish novelists like Shafak (and Orhan Pamuk) who courageously confront their culture’s history head-on.

JMR Design

The Whereabouts of Eneas McNulty
Viking, 1998
Design: Jesse Marinoff Reyes
Photograph: Mary Javorek
Art Director: Paul Buckley

A warm silver metallic, blue and warm black treatment. The colors were carried around the spine, back cover and flaps using Irish tartan elements as a border in the same warm gold and blue color scheme. The novel is set in the years after WW1, and Mary Jovorek’s photo, possibly shot with a pinhole camera, amazingly looks 80 years old.

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