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Jesse Marinoff Reyes ( Jesse Marinoff Reyes Design):

TALKIN’ ‘BOUT THE BEAT G-G-G-G-GENERATION: Here’s a small sampling of how Jack Kerouac and the Beat writers were presented in their time, and from the relatively recent past. Dig it man. More inspiration from the archives…

JMR Design

The Beats
Gold Medal Books/Fawcett Publications, 1960
Design: uncredited
Photograph: uncredited

The quintessential look (more precisely, the look that set the stereotype) for a “beat” themed book–though here an anthology of the primary writers themselves and passages by critics and observers, like Norman Mailer, and not exploitation fantasy. Dig that title typography all you cats and chicks. But where are the bongos man?

Jack Kerouac

Readings by Jack Kerouac On The Beat Generation
Verve Records, 1960/Rhino Word Beat, 1990
Design: researching
Photograph: researching
Art Director: researching

Probably the most influential graphic piece for me, Kerouac’s spoken word album (this is taken from the reproduction made for a cd collection published by Rhino—and yes, I want this album and good luck finding it). I was trying to do “this” for Memoirs of a Beatnik and trying to echo this on most everything else.

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