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Get rich quick. There is no business like the money business. One of the most enduring and profitable businesses is the investment guides and investment newsletters where people pay sometimes substantial sums of money to receive investment advice. Many know of course of the Gartman letter from Dennis Gartman, but there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of self-proclaimed investment gurus out there selling subscriptions for investment advice. Often these come wrapped in headlines, “stock ready to skyrocket now-act today!” or “157% gain,” “potentially explosive growth.” Naturally, these are usually micro-cap stocks, that is, crucially, small companies who are thinly traded meaning a sudden demand on the shares tends to cause spikes after which the stock returns to its previous share price. First come first served.

Read More: ---So the idea behind this teaser is that the secret company owns “Territory 4″, the only remaining “mining territory” that’s not controlled by Newmont or Barrick in the Carlin Trend. And part of the reason that they’re picking this is that Porter Stansberry’s “trusted contact” is a big investor, having poured “millions of dollars” in to the company. But they also emphasize that another key is that their “lead geologist” is a local expert...

“…the company owns thousands of acres in one of the world’s richest gold regions. “The fact is, this region has the largest concentration of gold in the earth’s crust. “One major daily newspaper, whose name you would instantly recognize, describes this region as a geologic fluke ‘unlike any gold belt in the world’ and continues to amaze geologists as ‘a seemingly bottomless pit of gold.’ “A research paper put out by a well–known university says the discovery of this gold region ‘is one of the most significant events in worldwide mining…’

What is disconcerting is that there are thousands of people who sit around in front of a computer looking to make a quick buck by exploiting these teasers which are often something of a pyramid. There are plenty who invest their portfolio as an “investment” , but most of the people attracted to these advice columns fit the speculative mentality, likely a fair number of margin traders. What is interesting is all the investment systems that exist. The is the Peter Lynch and Benjamin Graham schools, but there are hundreds more that seem to work or provide reasonable returns such as the contrarian, the momentum players, the dividend specialists and so on. Its an entire subculture that is as intense, passionate and wild as say Punk rockers were, or beatniks were, except this group forms an enduring fashion that groups all ages together, with a surprisingly a larger number of women than one would expect.

Read More: the past they’ve usually offered Phase 1 “for sale” for $3,000 when they’ve run a heavily hyped tease, but this time around it’s at “full retail” of $5,000 a year. And they say they’re limiting it to 75 folks, which implies that you’re in a very small list of folks who read about this stock — but, of course, they’ve already told their existing subscribers about it (a couple thousand folks, presumably, few of whom have taken a vow of silence).---

…“I can’t name his name…or the names of the companies he’s backed…because I can’t risk exposing a single detail about the company he’s backing today. If this gets blasted all over the Internet, the opportunity could quickly be lost for all.“(In fact, throughout this presentation we’ve had to deliberately obscure some of non–essential details of this current opportunity.)”…

At Madame Pickwick we subscribe to Stock Gumshoe and is our favorite, as well as Contra The Herd in Canada which is a go against the grain house that is a squeeky clean operation and characterized by a reliable integrity. Both are hardly the pump and dump types from the Diamond Jim Brady  days… And, in the end it is probably more gratifying when individuals manage their own money rather than giving it to a stranger, some manager they never see. There was only one Madoff, but there are hundreds of little barracudas working the same angle, promising, promising, promising…


The above quotes are from:

…The judge found Stansberry guilty of intentionally defrauding his clients by falsely claiming to have the ‘inside track’ on government deals and charging his clients $1,000 each for access to thi

�inside’ information. In addition, Stansberry used the rising price of the stock he was promoting as proof of his knowledge and reliability to convince further clients to purchase the stock. Since the stock price was only rising due to the purchases of his earlier clients, who were purchasing based on the fraudulent information given to them, Stansberry was additionally found guilty of price manipulation.

Stansberry appealed the court’s decision in 2001 but the guilty verdict was upheld. A further effort to appeal the ruling was denied.

Stansberry likes to point to his conviction as “persecution by the federal government” who are denying him his First Amendment rights to free speech in order to stop him from revealing the evil truth about America. It’s an interesting theory, but last time I looked over the SEC’s case against Stansberry, the federal government received no injury from Stansberry’s actions. Rather, the people who were hurt were the clients who paid a subscription to his newsletter and then had their money taken by Stansberry and Pirate Investment…. Read More:

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