lost values

Jesse Marinoff  Reyes:

Here are the first part of some illustrations that graced the special feature cover story of the October, 1984 issue of Mother Jones (my Cover of the Day). I thought it worth presenting not only for the glimpse into our political past of 28 years ago, but also of the world view of magazine culture of the time, when even a specialty magazine could afford to run seven full page, full color illustrations—and cover art—on top of everything else they were doing. And the art was statement-making, not merely illustrative of a given writer’s words. For contemporary viewers it’s worth pointing out, this was relatively routine. It made publications of the era richer and more thought provoking, not only for the value they placed on the written word, but for the value placed on art as well.

Art Director: Louise Kollenbaum

Marshall Arisman


Gary Panter


Sue Coe


Matt Mahurin.

It’s worth noting that at the time, Mahurin was in his early 20s.

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