a brake on the yellow

I am curious yellow. The taxi as an orgone box. Orgone energy, according to Wilhelm Reich, organizes itself into matter. He believed that when earth is made to swell by boiling or autoclavation, orgone energy is released from the fragmentation and disintegration of dirt, forming what he calls “bion water”. Bion water is yellow, allegedly indicating a high concentration of free orgone energy. Quack science?  When this water is brought to freezing point, the yellow color contracts into a spot in the middle, and when thawed, flakes of matter appear. Not exactly a subject of conversation among New York hacks, but the color yellow does figure….

Wassily Kandinsky was unequivocal about the color yellow, though its doubtful he ever hailed a cab in Manhattan. To him, yellow pitches itself at all obstacles blindly, a kind of hyper-activity bursting forth recklessly in every direction. Yellow is symptomatic of a disturbing and unsettling influence, an aggressive character devoid of profound meaning and symbolic of raving lunacy, madness and violence. Interesting in connection with Jews wearing yellow stars in the holocaust, and Reich’s influence on the film I Am Curious Yellow from Sweden in 1965.

---Helen Levitt photography. Read More:http://artblart.com/category/street-photography/page/3/

( see link at end) …New York City (9315MF)’s next generation of yellow cabs will be minivans featuring sliding doors, antibacterial seats, airbags in the back and outlets to charge mobile phones.

City officials unveiled the “Taxi of Tomorrow,” manufactured by Nissan Motor Co. (NSANY), at the New York International Auto Show yesterday. The vehicle, on display to the public from April 6 to April 15, was engineered to be durable enough to handle the city’s 6,300 miles (10,136 kilometers) of pothole riddled streets, according to Nissan officials. …

…The number of cabs will total 15,237, taking into account 2,000 more handicapped-accessible vehicles state lawmakers authorized in December. The mayor had sought the added liveries to reap more than $1 billion for the city’s $68.7 billion 2013 budget.

New York City taxi medallions sell for about $705,000 for individuals and $1 million for corporate operators, according to TLC’s website. Increasing the number of medallions by 2,000 shouldn’t dilute the value for current owners, said TLC Commissioner David Yassky, citing previous expansions of the fleet during the past 20 years. …

Joe Strummer. The Clash. Read More and source of image:http://theselvedgeyard.wordpress.com/2010/04/15/hookers-hypodermics-new-york-in-the-70s/

Yellow to Kandinsky also symbolized an approach to the spectator and an overspreading of boundaries, perhaps into the realm of private space, engaging and enforcing a material parallel in human energy which assaults intimacy. The active warmth of the yellow, its invasiveness, can be seen as the alter ego of the vigor and strength of red.

…The city’s current fleet of 13,237 now includes 3,983 hybrids, five that run on compressed natural gas and 17 “clean diesel” cabs, according to the commission. Yellow became the uniform color by law in 1967. Cabs have a life cycle of about three to five years, after which they must be replaced. Read More:http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-04-04/nyc-taxi-of-tomorrow-to-be-minivans-with-phone-chargers.html

Read More:http://blog.chron.com/iconia/files/2012/01/Petrus-Comestor-Bible.jpg


Wassily Kandinsky ( color theory):“Yellow and blue have another movement which affects the first antithesis—an ex- and concentric movement. If two circles are drawn and painted respectively with yellow and blue, brief concentration will reveal in the yellow a spreading movement out from the centre, and a noticeable approach to the spectator. The blue, on the other hand, moves in upon itself, like a snail retreating into its shell, and draws away from the spectator….

“In the case of light and dark colours the movement is emphasized. That of the yellow increases with an admixture of white, i.e., as it becomes lighter. That of the blue increases with an admixture of black, i.e., as it becomes darker. This mean that there can never be a dark-coloured yellow. The relationship between white and yellow is as close as between black and blue, for blue can be so dark as to border on black. Besides this physical relationship, is also a spiritual one (between yellow and white on one side, between blue and black on the other) which marks a strong separation between the two pairs.

“An attempt to make yellow colder produces a green tint and checks both the horizontal and excentric movement. The colour becomes sickly and unreal. The blue by its contrary movement acts as a brake on the yellow, and is hindered in its own movement, till the two together become stationary, and the result is green. Read More:http://unurthed.com/2010/02/21/kandinsky-on-the-effect-of-color/


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