footprints in the desert sand: eternal dust

A divine foundation for nature. Even human nature. The whole thing would probably be unintelligible to alien beings and the cold reason of modern rationalism, scientific inquiry that tends to fudge the facts, cannot really explain it. So, there must be, under the rubble and nihilism, the existence of the soul. Our reductionist approach to understanding, reducing us to the laughable and ridiculous notion of a Kurzweil, a transhuman contraption, a sophisticated machine cannot seem to reconcile, or even come close to mending the contradictions we face. Tonight is the Jewish holiday of Passover, a leaving of the condition of slavery in Egypt. Are the descendents still in exile? ….

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( see link at end) : …Avi Farchan, who was expelled by the government in 2005 from Elei Sinai in northern Gaza, said Sunday that the uprooting of the Jewish community in what is now the Hamas-controlled area defeated the purpose it was supposed to serve. Interviewed on Arutz Sheva’s Hebrew journal, the reserves lieutenant colonel recalled how he told every opinion shaper he could, from ministers to reporters, that his home would become a launching pad for terrorist rockets. He said then chief of staff Shaul Mofaz told him that the move was intended to reduce the number of soldiers in the Gaza area. Farchan noted that now there are ten times the number of troops in the area and the country is spending millions on defensive measures dictated by Gaza-based terror….

---Then, Farchan walked in to his empty house, lay on the floor, and sobbed. When he finally got up, he felt that he needed to walk. He walked for days, until he reached Jerusalem. He had the flag from Yamit with him, and he left it with the Western Wall’s rabbi. Then, he packed his family into their car and drove south once more, as far as they could go, to a new community in the Gaza Strip called Eli-Sinai. In 2005, the Farchans were evacuated once more. Again, there was talk of a curse. But the real curse, Avi Farchan said, wasn’t cast on the residents on Yamit; rather, he argued, the residents of Yamit had cursed the state of Israel. “After Yamit,” he said, “Begin completely deteriorated, and Ariel Sharon, who made the unforgivable decision to blow up the houses in Yamit, invaded Lebanon two months later, and look what happened to Sharon after the evacuation from Gaza.”---Read More: image:

…Farchan said military action in response to the latest wave of terror is not enough. What is needed is a return to control of the area, even if it brings condemnation, because it will bring security. He said that military efforts have to be accompanied by information efforts, but expressed concern that such efforts would only take place after a major tragedy, warning that attacks could hit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem as well as the south.Read More:

It seems that the State structure, secular Zionism is totally inept  as a modern means of expressing archetypal feelings. To rehumanize the inertia of formal rigor. When modern art began its abstraction movement, culminating with Jackson Pollock and de Kooning, it was felt that spirituality was a by-product of materiality, that atheism, Freudian understanding of monotheism was the default position; and Zionism incarnates a chunk of this element of self-hatred, an intrinsic rage that in effect directs the Oedipal dimension so fetishized by Freud towards higher spirituality, an intrinsic rage repressed an unable to become aware and at one with more complex feelings. There is an inherent negativity leading to a certain contemptuousness towards humanity; a glorification of the black hole star instead of the light of the sun, a preference for the broken mirror and down the hatch of Alice in Wonderland as if it was a Tombola amusement park.

Truth is, there is an antiquity to  Judaism, which arguably originates almost at the beginning of time, according to the Old Testament, and  is  fundamentally human; an ancient  sense of the human is ancient compared to modern formalistic constructions such as all the “isms” which are subject to built in expiry dates by reason of their limited objectives. The question is why should Zionism take precedence over the former, rather than vice versa? There is an inherent nostalgic Jewishness,that is clung to, because for many there is definitely more to lose by abandonment and negation than by swallowing and acting on all the dogmas of post modernism. Sentimentality is not necessarily a curse. Though it  may appear soft and naive,  the hardness, brittleness, and ice coldness of formalist constructions do portend to a vision of a failed  humanity. Absence disguised as presence; hollow and shallow conceptions peddled as cosmic essence. At heart, for better and worse, sentimentality just signals a need for love; but outside of just sexuality; a loving attitude, and investment in emotion that can easily fall into the pit of narcissism and a fascination, read obsession with the sensation of love instead of act; but the opposite is potentially an apocalypse. Society is in part a huge junkyard full of narcissistic sentimentalists compensating with ultra secular isms….


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