hilltops to the sea

The government implies the settlers relationship to the land exists only in a nominal sense, a legal and technical sense grounded in international law, and the larger sense of the international community and its administrative apparatus. A nominal sense for what it can function as, and not for what it represents. Spirituality is to land an afterthought, an inconsequential by-product of its sheer physicality, perhaps vaguely attached by some notions of theology-washing, a Spinoza type ecstasy where god is found in everything , and therefore not at all, or equally in the backwoods of Zambia to a hilltop in Biblical  Judea and Samaria.

There is no biblical convergence with mother earth, no convergence period, it is the broad Newtonian lines, spiced with Voltaire and John Stuart Mill, that represent the foundations of western liberalism and all the secular playground and confrontation it has been adept at creating under various pretexts, none of which since to clean themselves of the stains even after repeated washes. The settlers desire to restore the original unity of being removed from the designed beauty and absolute power of rational Hellenistic thought….

Read More: http://www.artnet.com/magazineus/features/kuspit/bourgeois-the-phallic-woman11-3-10.asp ---There is no reciprocity between the incongruous parts; they are often strung together like misshapen pieces of broken bone on a pole, upright as a spinal column yet about to topple over and fall apart rather than integrated into a stable whole. ---

Robert D. Monk: ( see link at end)…. At the time of the Exodus, the Israelites left a devastated Egypt with a collapsed economy and ruined social culture. Many Egyptians who had befriended the Israelites watched with the fear and awe of spectacular series of natural disasters that quickly spread across the Egyptian landscape devastation and collapse an entire imperial order. Out of the chaos, the hand of the God of Israel guided and protected those whom He would soon proclaim to be His own.

As the Israelites were leaving the devastated land of Egypt, Egyptian opportunists who were frightened yet moved by the catastrophes that swept across their land, watched with awe as the entire talented working class of Egypt hastily exited from the borders of their land.

Read More:http://leschevaliersnoirs.hautetfort.com/archive/2008/10/index.html ---Thousands arrived Tuesday and camped out, by Wednesday morning's Supreme Court decision, most have packed up their tents and sleeping bags and headed for the nine building slated for destruction. Protestors continue to stream toward Amona, having cut through local Arab villages and back roads. They are met by a line of Border Police with clubs who chase after and beat anyone who attempted to cross the line. Many succeeded nonetheless. Musician sings and encourages protestors following the announcement that the Supreme Court rejected the Yesha Council's offer to destroy the houses on their own and that thousands of troops are on their way. Protestors choosing passive-resistance locked arms and surrounded the homes. Whole families came together to protest, not imagining the level of violence that would be used by the police..---

This mixed multitude, as they were called, were Egyptians who in their outward façade posed as members of the fleeing Israelite tribes. According to the Chazal (sages of blessed memory), this “mixed multitude” called the “Erev Rav” were not true converts to the God of Israel but superficial Israelites who believed that this god was stronger than the Egyptian gods. They took the opportunity to follow what they believed was the “winning side.”   They also saw this was the “golden opportunity” and became what was known as the “Fifth Column” in the Israelite social culture.

Yet, they quickly became disillusioned, wanted to assert authority over the leadership chosen by the Almighty. They were to the first to complain and murmur about any inconvenience that came their way.

Read More:http://www.sefer-torah.com/blog/2006/02/03/amona-the-day-after-appalling-accounts-of-police-yassamnikim-brutality-confrontation-pour-in/ ---“Knesset Member Aryeh Eldad (National Union), who had his hand fractured in confrontation with police during the forced evacuation of Amona today, told Arutz Sheva Radio that he foresees an escalation in clashes between the state and its citizens in coming months.” “‘From here, we go on to the next confrontation,’ Eldad said, ‘which will be far more harsh. In the third confrontation, there will be shooting deaths and in the fourth confrontation, the government will fall. I do not think that Acting Prime Minister Olmert will want to stop before then, because he is sure that if he beats the settlers, then he will appear to be a strong prime minister and earn a few more seats in the elections.’”---

We Christians have long criticized the Israelites for being a complaining and ungrateful group of people. Maybe we should put ourselves in their place. Let us suggest that we take a trip waking through the Sinai Peninsula and the Arabian Desert, not knowing where food and water will come. Are we willing to put our trust in the unseeing God of Israel who gave us the promise that He will provide? Yet we understand that the people called the “mixed multitude” not authentic Israelites. They were called the Erev Rav.

According to the sages, the Erev Rav were the ones who were responsible for constructing the Golden Calf and they shouted, “Israelites, this is your god.”  To the sages of Judaism, the Erev Rav or the mixed multitude will be a prototype of the future “superficial Jews” who will “break rank” with the guiding lights of the Torah observing Jewish leadership. They have done it in all the past ages and will do so especially at the time of the end. At this time, they will patronize a

upport the cause of their enemy. Their own agenda, private or pagan, far removed from the commands of the God of Israel in the Torah, will become the source of discomfort and calamity of the Jews for all ages. The rabbinic writings are clear that the Lord criticized Moses for allowing what we call today the mixed multitude to accompany the Israelites in their fateful journey.  As the Raya M’hemna said”

Read More:http://www.artnet.com/magazineus/features/kuspit/bourgeois-the-phallic-woman11-3-10.asp

Raya M’hemna, Pinchas, 246b – “Hashem will seek to avenge the actions of Esav (Esau), Yishmael (Ismael) and Erev Rav (mixed multitude) – the Erev Rav that is mixed up with Esav and Yishmael.”

According to the Zohar, in the time just before the coming of the Maschiach (Messiah), the Erev Rav will align themselves in an alliance with the descendants of Esav (Edom, Rome, the European Union and the Western Globalists headed by the United States) and Yishmael (Arabic tribes and modern Islamic nations) seeking if possible to successfully delay the arrival of the Moschiach.ReAD More:http://www.biblesearchers.com/hebrews/jewish/messiah3.shtml

Image:http://www.ortzion.org/news53_4.html Read More:http://www.biblesearchers.com/hebrews/jewish/messiah3.shtml ---Rabbi Nisan Aryeh Novick - “Theirs has been a proxy government run by people who, by accident of birth, are Jewish. They don’t appear to be making decisions that further the advancement of Judaism or that protect Jews. …They certainly do appear callous and indifferent to the pain suffered by Jews.” Yet some today are questioning whether these government leaders are in fact Jewish. It was Dov Bar-Lieb who posted this blog on Years of Awe blogsite on January 16, 2006 in an article called “Travail of a Shepherd.” He gives insight into the same fact that Rabbi Novick wrote about nine years ago. Dov Bar-Lieb – “Finally, I will have to write some more about the yichus (family tree or family background) question regarding the "Shepherd’. Is he (Ariel Sharon) a Jew or is he an imposter? If it were my choice, I would rather not open this can of worms. I do not enjoy questioning someone’s Jewish identity, but Rashi’s interpretation of the Targum Yonatan is very clear. The rule of the Shepherd is not considered by the Targum to be a Jewish one.---

… and the more insane the settlers activity looks, there is a certain incomprehensible uncertain certainty that may actually be sane.They speak a language that is neither poetic or scientific, that reaches deeply into the subconscious revealing what seemed to be anachronistic and primitive to be artistically engaging and conscious on a spiritual level,alive and mobile, untrappable,a magical creative regressive…


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