natural born killers

Open the lamp. Unleash the genie. Sometimes simple narratives don’t provide answers. Or, simply the inertia devolves into populism, trite formulas, generic thinking, or a romantic nostalgia for an idyll by-gone era that never existed and we are back to the disconnect between fantasy and reality. In a sense, the extreme left and extreme right are political bedfellows. We are approaching nine months since Breivik committed his murders, yet there has been no birth given to a new way of looking at the problem; Breivik did not operate in a vacuum, and as there are so called Islamic “sleeper cells” there exist the same phenomenon of dangerous people under other banners on the fringes of the right, nobodies waiting to detonate.

---What is certain is that Gaddafi and his children have lived up to the most florid myths of the dictator as self-indulgent connoisseur of monster art. It seems a moment for western self-congratulation as Nato jets bring about this family's fall. The artistic excesses of the Gaddafi house style more than live up to the image of the dictator as Neronian monster, now brought down with our military aid. These decorations are the visible signs of deviant rule. They even live up to western images of oriental despotism as typified by Delacroix's painting The Death of Sardanapalus--- Read More:

The romantic fantasies and violent extercises of Brievik’s masculinity seem endemic to the pathology of nihilism, the particular form of interpreting modern abstraction, the broken mirror and shards of pottery that give rise to a “sum of destructions” as Picasso described his art and the kind of narcissistic self hatred at the bottom that is sometimes mistakenly assumed to be energy and vitality.

This was a generally considerate piece on the Breivik killings. (see link at end): … Had Breivik not imagined himself a crusader, then he would have become an animal rights activist, an anti-capitalist terrorist, or just a random spree killer– acting out scenarios from Modern Warfare 2, his favorite video game, in real life. There is no use in trying to apply some measure of consistency to his beliefs. And his choice of targets likely had a large element of personal grievance or resentment to it that he then dressed up in manifesto form.

Breivik, like so many modern young Western males, was a loner, a disaffected cynic looking for something to believe in. A man in a place without positive images of manhood. No decent path between the hyperviolence of the action hero and the submission of the citizen of the postmodern state. A favorite escape of his was into a fantasy past through role playing games. An identity that he tried to adopt in reality by calling himself a knight.

The combination of steroid use, isolation and violent fantasies made him a ticking social time bomb. But it was the system that lit the fuse and made it possible for him to transform personal dysfunction into a political statement. That convinced an intelligent man that he could exploit a social problem to bring down the authorities. It was Breivik who pulled the trigger, but it was the Norwegian authorities who created and then ignored the social problem of Islamic immigration, that enabled him to exploit it in a burst of horrifying violence.Read More:

---According to Marks, we are the unconscious inheritors of a hidden genealogy of Islamic thought, one which was erased as vanishing mediator of modernity, and which is only now making itself seen again. Marks carefully traces the network of influences between Alexandria, Constantinople, Damascus, and Venice, and describes how Venetian culture during the period of the crusades was absolutely permeated with that of the more developed Islamic world. This Islamo-Venetian network is then largely destroyed when the monopoly of trade to the Far East is broken by Portuguese discovery of a sea route to the Indian Ocean, as well as the discovery of frontiers beyond Europe and Asia, all of which allowed European coffers to eventually develop the surpluses which were able to spur development in nearly every field (eventually giving rise to the Industrial revolution). But as Marks shows, Islamic models nevertheless snuck themselves into everything from carpets to design patterns, more than just philosophical models, often lurking in the collective unconscious of the European imaginary, with influences that can be felt even today.--- Read More:

…Oslo has become symbolic of pacifist idealism, which is why the bloodshed is so stunning, but also inevitable. Any ideal pursued to a far enough extreme gives birth to its opposite number. Violence attracts idealism and idealism attracts violence. Both pacifism and violence represent unbalanced extremes. And extremes often have a way of coming together in an explosive collision of opposites.

The search for blame in all the usual places is inevitable, but counterproductive. The Oslo killings are another item on the ledger of the high cost of Islam. The explosive rage on both sides fueled by a social instability created by aggressive immigration with no thought to its impact on the country as a whole. It was Brevik who spent

years planning and carrying out the attacks, but it was the political authorities who had created a scenario that made it possible.

There are of course shootings carried out all the time with no larger political justification, and it is possible that Brevik would have acted regardless of any of the events of the past nine years. But it is far more likely that by giving him an antagonist to fight, the authorities brought those violent events into being. …

…Muslim violence, whether it is planes being flown into skyscrapers or women being raped with religious sanction, are likely to inspire answering acts of violence. Such acts should be condemned, yet so should the apathy toward the social instability created by Muslim immigration that gives rise to them.

When a woman is raped on the steps of the Norwegian parliament, it should be every bit as shocking as Brevik’s massacres, not because their damage is equal, but because they are both wake up calls to a major social problem that cannot be swept under the rug.

Muslim immigration and its attendant violence gave Brevik his casus belli to take action against the authorities. It may inspire future Breviks as well. It is easy to blame the pattern of ideas that Brevik cited in his manifesto, but the manifesto and the ideas are the children of an existing social problem. A problem so severe that a woman can be raped on the steps of the Norwegian parliament with no one moving to intervene.

The European media will use the Oslo killings to argue against the regional trend of examining Muslim immigration. But they have it exactly backward. A social problem cannot be solved by refusing to examine it or by silencing all discussion of it. Social problems breed and worsen in silence. As do all things in the dark. Brevik’s shootings should rather be a wake up call to seriously examine the impact of Muslim immigration on Oslo in particular, and Norway in general.

Brevik was not a Muslim, yet he was motivated by Islam, as surely as the most devout Jihadist. Islam defined his actions, as surely as it does theirs….

…Talk of suppressing extremism will not prevent the Breviks, it will only encourage them by giving them a more definite enemy to fight. Anti-government violence in Norway and Sweden, countries which have repressed free speech the hardest, is no coincidence. Authoritarianism only feeds anti-government tendencies. It is impossible for Europe to rid itself of the Breviks, without also ridding itself of the social problems that make them possible….Read More:

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