odd cellmates: turn, turn, turn…

Two different conceptions of peace. Both claim to be patriotic in ensuring and working for the security of jewish people. Two visions of a one state solution. A one state solution might be a one prison cell solution for both of them. Ironic that two diametrically opposed visions could be staring at each other in jail. The far left left of ICAHD, a foreign funded NGO of Jeff Halper and Meir Margalit seeking to rebuild, “illegally” legally demolished Arab homes with emphasis in East Jerusalem, and a chassidic rabbi, Shalom dov Wolpo an equal force of nature who presents money compensation to parents of soldiers imprisoned for refusing to participate in settlement expulsions. Wolpo is also against the land for peace dynamic and opposed the government for the Gush Katif evacuation with the fiery rhetoric that certain unnamed-here anyway- pliicians should be strung from the gallows for treason.

( see link at end)…A fiery left-wing Jerusalem City Council member is accusing the Interior Ministry of running a “McCarthy” campaign against him in order to remove him from his position for political reasons. Meir Margalit (Meretz) holds the municipality’s east Jerusalem portfolio, and was one of the founders of the Israeli Committee Against Housing Demolitions (ICAHD).

As part of their activism, ICAHD volunteers rebuild homes that have been demolished by the state due to their illegal status. Margalit estimates ICAHD has rebuilt 1,000 homes across the country, including 200 in east Jerusalem….

Read More:http://www.chabad4israel.org/oldevnt/oldevnt.shtml

…On Sunday afternoon, the Interior Ministry’s Building Inspection Branch summoned Margalit to answer questions about his involvement with ICAHD’s rebuilding activities. Margalit acknowledges he has been involved in rebuilding homes that were demolished, and that his activity is illegal. But he accused the ministry of trying to bring him to court to settle a personal vendetta, because he has used his international connections to stop a number of demolitions at the last minute.

“This is the first time they’re trying an activist for illegal building, and the first time they’re building a portfolio on a city council member,” he said on Sunday. Margalit said he was not surprised the Interior Ministry targeted ICAHD for an investigation, but he was taken aback that they had zeroed in on him.

“I think someone advised them to do this. This comes more from the political direction than the professional direction,” he said. “We’re in the McCarthy era, and it will get to everyone sooner or later.”

Ministry spokeswoman Efrat Orbach confirmed that Margalit is being investigated because there are reasonable suspicion that he is involved in illegal activities.“Everyone has to obey the law, there are no exceptions,” she said. Orbach said it is too early to tell if the investigations will lead to a court case….

---This booklet was first published in January 1986 in opposition to Shimon Peres’ “peace” plan. Twenty years have passed, and we have already experienced the first exile from modern day Israel. Twenty-five Jewish settlements were handed over to the enemy, and the intellectual, psychological, and physical infrastructure for destroying the rest of the Jewish settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria was laid. In the next phase comes the “cleansing” of the Judean-Samarian mountain ridge and the exile of about 100,000 Jews in order to make way, in the language of the “Road Map,” for a “Palestinian state with temporary borders.” This time, it is not the Biblical Rehoboam who is splitting the nation and the kingdom, but latter-day dividers: Ariel Sharon and now Ehud Olmert. However, the one who has always pulled the strings was and remains Shimon Peres.---Read More:http://www.acpr.org.il/ENGLISH-NATIV/10-issue/haetzni-10.htm

If the Interior Ministry believes it has enough evidence to prove that Margalit broke the law through his involvement in ICAHD, it will serve him with an indictment and begin the process for a court case.Read More:http://www.jpost.com/NationalNews/Article.aspx?id=268004

And Shalom Dov Wolpo; whereas ICAHD  is deeply secular, read anti-religion, which may explain even a certain tolerance and complicity among a basically left political tilt in the country and a left media by such anti-religious stalwarts as Gideon Levy; Wolpo is a Torah scholar and first made an impression speak

out against Jimmy Carter and Camp David; oddly Jeff Halpern, not the hockey player, and rabbi Wolpo are the same age.The Zionists really dislike the religious; a remant an old rag for the Old World, and people like Halper from ICAHD are to them, it appears, what Lenin termed “useful idiots” who have a built in expiry date. Maybe. See link at end:

…His interrogator showed him a video clip of a ceremony in Jerusalem over a year ago, with prominent Rabbis and Knesset members present. It showed Rabbi Wolpo presenting a “Hero of Israel” certificate, together with 26,000 New Shekels, to a soldier’s parents. The soldier, at a previous initiation ceremony held at the Western Wall to swear in new IDF recruits, had led a group of soldiers recruits in raising a banner proclaiming that they swore to protect the Jewish state and its people, but not to evict Jews from their homes. For this courageous act he was sentenced to 26 days in military jail. When any soldier is jailed for such acts, the Museum awards his parents 1000 New Shekels for every day of his jail sentence – “as a sign of esteem for their merit of having raised such children who are prepared to sacrifice themselves for the people and land of Israel,” as Rabbi Wolpo says….

---Read More:http://www.chabad4israel.org/oldevnt/oldevnt.shtml

…The interrogator informed Rabbi Wolpo that he is under suspicion of encouraging soldiers to disobey orders, a crime liable to heavy punishment. Rabbi Wolpo declared that he intends to continue on this path, because it is inconceivable that a young person initiated into the IDF at the Western Wall with an oath to protect his people and homeland, should later be compelled by his commanders to transgress that oath by aiding the enemy’s battle against Jews faithful to their homeland.

“I’m not encouraging disobedience to orders,” declared Rabbi Wolpo to the police investigator. “I’m encouraging soldiers to follow the order of G-d, who gave the entire land of Israel to the Jewish people and commanded us to settle every part of it. Disobeying orders are those trying to please the enemy by advocating establishment of a terror state in the heart of the Holy Land. We already see the results of that policy, following the expulsion of thousands of Jews from Gush Katif and northern Samaria – a senseless act that has already brought loss of life and limb to hundreds of Jews from missiles fired from the territory of Gush Katif, and that has only distanced us ever further away from peace!” Read More:http://jewishvoiceny.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=512:r-wolpo-questioned-by-police-for-encouraging-idf-soldiers-to-disobey-orders-to-evict-jews&catid=107:israel&Itemid=290

---Margalit:Demolishing 22 houses in Silwan under the illusion of improving the local residents’ quality of life is just the first step in Barkat’s “salami method.” If any more proof is needed that Jerusalem is not just a city, but a volcano about to erupt, here comes the Gan Hamelech affair, in the Bustan section of east Jerusalem’s Silwan neighborhood, to remind us how dangerous life in the city can be when the wrong hands are steering the wheel.---Read More:http://desertpeace.wordpress.com/category/home-demolitions/page/2/


True or not? :

ICAHD consistently manipulates the language of human rights to promote an anti-Israel political agenda. ICAHD routinely refers to Israel as an ‘apartheid’ state while Jeff Halper promotes a one state solution which would mean the end of Israel as a Jewish state. This is in direct contradiction to the EU’s official policy, which promotes a two state solution.

Halper played a leading role in the ‘Free Gaza’ voyage — a publicity stunt which provided another example of ICAHD’s exploitation of human rights and the rhetoric of peace to promote an anti-Israel agenda.

NGO Monitor’s Executive Director, Prof Gerald Steinberg commented, “ICAHD’s façade has finally been acknowledged, and the European Commission has acted appropriately in ending further funding. In reality, ICAHD does nothing to advance coexistence and instead promotes extreme views which fuel the conflict.Read More:http://philosemitism.blogspot.ca/2008/09/icahd-loses-eu-funding-ngo-monitor.html

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