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Bicycling has a long eccentric history, there was something about it that brought out a certain exhibitionism matched by an equal love for movement. Leaving aside a few crude what were termed “hobbyhorses” , essentially glorified walking aids, the first real bicycle, a two wheeler propelled with both feet continuously off the ground  was built by a Scottish blacksmith, Kirkpatrick Macmillan in 1839. Its rear wheel was driven by treadles and levers. He soon knocked down a child with it, paid a five shilling fine, and faded from history.

----Elegant cyclist Maurice Aron shows off the costume that won him the first place wreath in the New York Evening Telegram's 1896 parade. ---Read More:

Above: According to the Book, Once Upon a City ( Grace M. Mayer)  the dapper type who won first prize above made the costume himself, all in one piece.

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In Paris around 1862, Pierre Michaud devised the pedal and thus what became the “boneshaker” France built him a large memorial.

---A prototype of the bicycle were various running machines or ‘hobby horses’. This ‘running machine was developed by German Baron Karl von Drais in 1817; it had no pedals no chains, but two wheels. It was propelled by pushing your feet on the ground and was considered a little faster than walking. It became popular when introduced in Paris in 1818; it was a popular past time amongst the European upper classes.---Read More:

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