pouring salt on the dream: land of wine and roses

Radical Jewish culture. It seems to be the natural habitat of the near geniuses, the brilliant, the firebrands, the authentic rebels and the general shit disturbers motivated by a profound conviction. Come to think of it, Zionism has and will ultimately be an abject failure in “normalizing” the Jewish condition, something which cannot be done. If they had their way, the Peres’s, Sharon’s, Barak’s they would burn every Torah in the land, and pitch the religious into pens and let them die of heat and starvation, or feed them by launching them in catapults or as human canon balls into the Gaza.After hanging them by their prayer shawls.And maybe perhaps after buggering them.Such is the confidence they inspire.   And the antipathy is mutual. And will become more so. And its healthy. Cleans out the bad bacteria, like flavor of the month Zionisms.

---Saving a captive is one of the greatest Mitzvos in the Torah, but not when done in this way. With all due respect to Gilad Shalit's family, this “deal” is evil and obscene- 1. High risk of re-offense, G–d forbid: Letting loose convicted terrorists with blood on their hands endangers Jews who would, G–d forbid, be their next target. This has happened before countless times, and not even the most ardent advocate of this deal doubts will happen again this time. According Haaretz last week (click to see article), it is expected that sixty percent of such freed terrorists will commit more acts of terror. Now, this would be true if even one terrorist were to be released; all the more so in this case, when over a thousand are to be released? This amounts toto hundreds of stabbings, sniping attacks, or suicide bombings waiting to happen, G–d forbid. ---Wolpo. Read More:http://www.chabad4israel.org/oldevnt/oldevnt.shtml

Its hard to believe that a relatively bright people can exercise total ineptness in regarding their own situation. Such is the brainwashing success of Zionism. That Hebes are pulled by force out of their homes, having their children snatched from them as bait by the army and then having their homes bulldozed into scrap as in Gush Katif was a great crime. It would matter less if it happened in Equador for example, but near Jerusalem, it is the center of the world…

---In an interview with Beis Moshiach, the journal of the Chabad Movement with ties to settlers, Katzover says that "the main role of Israeli democracy now is to disappear. Israeli democracy has finished its role, and it must disassemble and give way to Judaism. All leads toward recognition that there is no other way but to place Judaism at the center, above all else, and this is the answer to every situation."...Since 2008 Katzover has headed the Committee of Samaria Settlers, an NGO which has fought against the freeze of settlement construction and the razing of outposts. Katzover believes that Jews should stay in the territories even after they are evacuated. He is well respected among the hilltop youth because of his views. His ideological line has been gaining popularity among settlers since the evacuation of Gush Katif in the Gaza Strip. Read More:http://www.chabad4israel.org/index.shtml

Considering that the army put the most hardened and least Jewish soldiers- even mercenaries- from high crime areas to do the dirty work is another crime. But the country’s religious leaders are equally to blame. In another eviction, Amona, over 330 young people needed medical attention after an inglorious head smashing session by the army who carried out the evil deeds without name identification in violation of their own laws. But the rabbi’s told the flock that the army is “just carrying out orders.” Right. Eichmann, when that mental case was hauled back said he also to justify the expulsions and transports said, ” he was just trying to find a little firm footing for his jews,” and he was “just a simple man carrying out orders.” Well, the flock is starting to get annoyed. And those who see the lie and the con are raising their game.

( see links at end) …SOS Israel claims that the land dealings affair involving designated IDF chief Maj.-Gen.Yoav Galant is a punishment from above for his role in the unilateral disengagement from Gaza. Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo, demands that Galant apologize for his involvement in uprooting Jewish settlements in the Gaza Strip while serving as military secretary to former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

Rabbi Wolpo wrote: “In a time of thorough investigations which you are undergoing regarding the issue of illegal annexation of property in your land in Moshav Amikam… Our Sages of Blessed Memory say ‘There is a judge and there is judgment’ and the phrase ‘an eye for an eye’ takes on a special meaning in light of these events you are going through. The slogan you came up with in (Ariel Sharon’s) ranch forum – ‘a solution to each settler’ – might have helped you in Moshav Amikam but did nothing for thousands of our brothers who where the salt of the earth, valorous, the cream of the crop of Israel society.”

A relatively new phenomenon of non-Vatican, non mainstream Christianity supporting Israel. The quote is not entirely true; from my limited knowledge the Jewish Torah advises giving the land to another people . If. The safety of the Jewish people will be improved and enhanced under such a circumstance. There is some flexibility here, however, eversince jacob stole Esau's birthright and since the Exodus there has not been much goodwill or good faith from the neighbors. But there is still a window of opportunity for some solution.

In the letter, the designated IDF chief of staff is asked “to have the courage to forgive our deported brothers who were cast off to caravilla camps.” Wolpo called on Galant to apologize to the entire Israeli nation for his involvement in creating the “dangerous missile situation from Gaza” and for the “many dead and injured who have paid the price for the irresponsibility.”

“This is the time, major general, to publicly announce: ‘We have sinned, committed a crime, and we shall do no such things in the future,’” he wrote. Read More:http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4018993,00.html


and …SOS Israel Chairman Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo called on West Bank settlers living in outposts and their supporters to use violence against soldiers and officers who use crowd dispersal means during evacuations.

In a radio interview Saturday night, Rabbi Wolpo estimated that Israel was heading toward a civil war. “The army decided to fight against settlers and against the people and State of Israel. …”So when Jews or Arabs come to destroy houses and shoot rubber bullets, like what happened in Havat Gilad, we need to fire rubber bullets back at them. If they come to beat us – we need to beat them back,” he asserted.

“These terrorists clad in black – their faces concealed, without tags or names – how should we know if they are Jewish or Arabs or terrorists? If they come to fight me, I will fight them back. We are not talking about a normal police or normal army…there’s no one to talk to – the special police unit beat us as if we were Nazis,” added Wolpo.

The SOS Israel chairman harshly criticized Israel’s leaders and institutions, calling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak “oppressors,” and referring to the High Court of Justice as “low” and the “foreign agent of terrorists.”

During the interview, Wolpo claimed that given Israel’s current judges and leaders, there is no need for Hamas and other enemies. “The country is crumbling and will end up like Libya and other places,” he warned.

“It will probably come down to a war between Jews, to our great dismay – and it’s not the settlers who are initiating it – it’s the army that is fighting them and wants to inflict on them the same fate as was inflicted on the residents of Gush Katif. We will not let this happen,” he said. Read More:http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4039076,00.html

For the most part, the society is somnabulant. Sleepy comfort. As long as the missiles from Gaza are dropping on the losers to the south or the hicks and hillbillies in the north no one really cares. It was only when the the town of Ashkelon was struck , home to lot of religious, they started to wake up and smell the sulpher, pull their schnozzes out of a book and get a whiff of reality. But things are changing, and the heavy Zionists are worried, the former head of Mossad Meir Dagan said, “The government is unable to govern the country of Israel,” he declared, as he attacked the politics and policies of the prime minister and the cabinet. “Israel is not controlled by the majority of the people,” he stated with certainty. Then he accused the “Yeshivas [of] cheating the State of Israel.”….In fact if there are true pioneers left in the country it is the religious and the settlers, who have some magnificent personalities among them, except they are tortured between religious values and a commitment to Zionism which is ultimately incompatible.


But to wean Israel off Zionism is going to be like curing a long-term and chronic heroin addict. When you think of it, the Jewish commies in Russia were probably behind the pogroms. The marauders and hooligans sent into the pale of settlement were sanctioned by the party, the Trotsky’s and the rest of the leadership, loaded with Jews. They weren’t doing the actual killing themselves, but by proxy…

( see link at end) …Shalom Dov Wolpe, a Chabad rabbi, argues in a new book that the disengagement is proof that religious Zionists should abandon their faith in the state of Israel as a vehicle for ultimate spiritual redemption.

In his book: “Between Light and Dark”, Wolpe states, in an I-told-you-so way, that the disengagement proves Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the last Chabad-Lubavitch rebbe, was right about rejecting Zionism as a way of hastening the messianic era, as is believed by many religious Zionists. “Even after that terrible destruction took place people stubbornly believe that we have begun the process of redemption,” said Wolpe in an interview with The Jerusalem Post.

Wolpe was instrumental in organizing anti-disengagement demonstrations before the Gaza pullout. Two weeks ago Wolpe organized a rally under the slogan ‘We won’t forgive, We won’t forget!’ that drew thousands to the Jerusalem Convention Center [Binyanei Haumah].

“If this is redemption how could something so horrible happen?” asked Wolpe rhetorically. “The disengagement is God’s way of saying that only the messiah, not the state will bring redemption.”

…Belief in the coming of the messiah is shared by all orthodox Jews. However, while religious Zionists believe the state of Israel is a means of bringing the messianic era, Chabad holds that only our good deeds [mitzvot] can hasten the coming of the messiah. Wolpe, despite having been in the forefront of Chabad anti-disengagement activities and director of Gush Katif Museum in Jerusalem, has no official position in Chabad’s organizations and who is considered a rebel by mainstream Chabad leaders, said that the religious Zionist population was beginning to wake up to the reality that they have been living a lie. However, several right-wing religious Zionist rabbis, followers of Rabbi Avraham Yizhak Hacohen Kook and his son Tzvi Yehuda, rejected Wolpe’s call.

Religious Zionists Beginning To Wake Up To Idea That Israel’s Govt Is Not Messianic? Rabbi Yehoshua Magnus, a spokesman for Rabbi Avraham Shapira, one of religious Zionism’s most senior and respected spiritual leaders, said that Shapira and his many followers have not budged in their belief that the state of Israel has inherent holiness. “Many things in this state are not like we would like them to be,” said Magnus. “But no one disputes the idea that the establishment of the state marked the beginning of the process of redemption.”

Magnus said that although Shapira appeared on the same stage during a post-disengagement rally with Rabbi Yitzhak Ginzberg, another Chabad rabbi who rejects the religious Zionist idea that the state is a vehicle for redemption, he opposed Chabad’s anti-Zionist theology. “For Rabbi Shapira the state is a religious entity.” … Melamed agreed to appear with Ginzberg and Wolpe at demonstrations under the banner ‘we won’t forgive [perpetrators of the disengagement], we won’t forget’ because, explained Cohen “Rabbi Melamed thinks they have a healthy way of thinking. “They don’t have the sickness some people have of hugging soldiers who come to kick you out of your house,” said Cohen referring to more moderate religious Zionist rabbis such as Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, who have been attacked by Melamed for not encouraging religious soldiers to refuse IDF orders to evacuate Gaza. … “But for people in Yitzhar, disenchantment with the state of Israel is a result the current moral bankruptcy of Israeli society. “A Chabadnik and a young man from Yitzhar might both decide not to serve in the Army,” explained Amitai. “But the Yitzhar boy’s decision is based on the sorrowful fact that the IDF has become a political instrument.” Amitai explained that while Chabadniks believe that only the rebbe can bring redemption, religious Zionists believe that a Jewish state, perhaps not this one, will eventually help usher in the messianic era….

Yehuda Rubin, a Chabad emissary in Elon Moreh, a settlement, like Yizhar, that is located near Shechem, said that he read and agreed with Wolpe’s book. “But I won’t put it in my synagogue library. It would only make people angry.” Rubin said that Chabad Hassidim oppose much of religious Zionism’s theology. “The rebbe prohibited his emissaries and Hassidim from saying the part in the prayer for the state of Israel that talks about Israel being the ‘beginning of the burgeoning redemption’. He said this was a dangerous belief because it fools people into thinking that we don’t need a messiah. He likened it to believing that darkness is light.” …Read More:http://www.chabad4israel.org/oldevnt/oldevnt.shtml

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