horse-play: georgie fame

Glittering with rubies and plumed with pearls, the figures of Saint George and his chalcedonic horse emerge victorious over a writhing green dragon. This is a twenty-one inch high reliquary, inset with precious and semi-precious stones, commissioned by Duke William V of Bavaria, called the Pious, in 1590.

---An incredible bejeweled statuette in the treasury of the Munich Residenz. It depicts St George, mounted, with his sword stabbing downwards toward the dragon beneath his horses hooves.---Read More:

It was designed by his court goldsmith, Hans von Schwanenburg of Utrecht, and executed by Hans Schleich of Munich. Within the pedestal, encrusted with a sapphire-and-enamel Bavarian coat of arms, is a drawer containing bones purporting to be from the arm of Saint George. The reliquary is now in the Treasury of the royal palace in Munich.

Another image. Credit Wiki


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