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Days of their lives…The United States Congress established the Days of Remembrance as our nation’s annual commemoration of the Holocaust and created the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as a permanent living memorial to the victims. Holocaust Remembrance Day is Thursday, April 19, 2012. …Read More:http://www.ushmm.org/remembrance/dor/

Zoltan Kluger. Stage propaganda style pics to encourage immigration and raise shekels for absorption, but still very good work , certainly the equal of Robert Capa. Image:http://livefromjerusalem.tumblr.com/post/21259327181/two-immigrants-from-czechoslovakia-arrive-in-their

Whats the meaning? We will never know. It is impossible to comprehend, it so far beyond our intellectual capability to begin to grasp it. In a certain sense the Jews are still coming out of Egypt, and still in exile, whether on a Biblical Judean hilltop, the jungle on the Amazon or on tony Park Avenue. This artificial creation, the made made monster of Zionism is the elephant in the room as this year’s theme. Scientific, normative values and understandings applied to a people to whom radical culture is intrinsic in its relation to the torah shows an incredible division, a chasm in dealing with the existential. The blatherings and blandishments of a Norman Finkelstein on the Holocaust industry which provide a general anasthesia to undermine authentic jewish patriotism is really a scar, an extra tattooed number on the arms of the survivors; wittingly or unwittingly all these far left groups, the super secularists and ardent Zionists are acting like a fifth column projecting the value system of nominal jewish ancestry like acid on the Ark of the Covenant.

---HAIFA, MANDATE PALESTINE - JULY 15, 1945: Jewish survivors of the Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp, some still in their camp clothing, stand proudly on the deck of the refugee immigration ship Mataroa July 15, 1945 at Haifa port, during the British Mandate of Palestine, in what would later become the State of Israel. (Photo by Zoltan Kluger/GPO via Getty Images)--- Another staged photo lacking authenticity, but a lovely composition and piece of art, a bit modeled on Delacroix's Liberty Leading the People.photo taken from the Guardian

Authors like Raul Hilberg asserted that Judenrats were complicit in their own people’s annihilation is self-hatred at a treasonable level. Realistically, to pin the tail on a donkey like Hitler , is appealing to the dunce of absurdity in that a half wit pervert can be the anti-Jesus for what transpired. No, the roots of the holocaust go back five thousand years ago, which is deep but not that profound, back to the Exodus when what became the zionists should have been strapped to a donkey and sent packing into a horde, a swarm of wild Tuareg slave traders and cannibals. The ancestors of the Sharon’s, Edud Barak’s, Olmert’s, Peres’s et al. Yids of convenience. “Faux” hebes:

As the Israelites were leaving the devastated land of Egypt, Egyptian opportunists who were frightened yet moved by the catastrophes that swept across their land, watched with awe as the entire talented working class of Egypt hastily exited from the borders of their land.

This mixed multitude, as they were called, were Egyptians who in their outward façade posed as members of the fleeing Israelite tribes. According to the Chazal (sages of blessed memory), this “mixed multitude” called the “Erev Rav” were not true converts to the God of Israel but superficial Israelites who believed that this god was stronger than the Egyptian gods. They took the opportunity to follow what they believed was the “winning side.” (Zohar I,119a and Pirkei D’Rebbi Eliezer 28) They also saw this was the “golden opportunity” and became what was known as the “Fifth Column” in the Israelite social culture….

---Well to do residents of British Mandated Palestine taking a flight from Haifa to Tel Aviv (1930s) "I'm suffocating," he was quoted as saying. "I'll die. I'm not progressing. I'm lagging behind other photographers in the world. The pioneers here are dying from fever, living in poverty, tired and gloomy, and I'm supposed to always photograph them laughing. I'm tired of taking photographs of laughing pioneers." Eventually he moved to New York, opened a photo store and , until this exhibition, was forgotten. --- Read More:http://telavivrooftop.blogspot.ca/2008/06/zoltan-kluger.html

Yet, they quickly became disillusioned, wanted to assert authority over the leadership chosen by the Almighty. They were to the first to complain and murmur about any inconvenience that came their way.

We Christians have long criticized the Israelites for being a complaining and ungrateful group of people. Maybe we should put ourselves in their place. Let us suggest that we take a trip waking through the Sinai Peninsula and the Arabian Desert, not knowing where food and water will come. Are we wiling to put our trust in the unseeing God of Israel who gave us the promise that He will provide? Yet we understand that the people called the “mixed multitude” not authentic Israelites. They were called the Erev Rav….

---Over 300 people were injured, including about 80 security personnel. Among the injured were three Knesset Members

fi Eitam was hospitalized after being trampled by a horse, Aryeh Eldad suffered a broken arm; and Nissan Slomianski. Many injuries were treated on-site. More seriously injured people were evacuated to hospitals in Jerusalem on buses, ambulances, and army Humveess, and airlifted for medical treatment by CH-53 helicopters. Some required emergency surgery---Wiki

…According to the sages, the Erev Rav were the ones who were responsible for constructing the Golden Calf and they shouted, “Israelites, this is your god.” (Sh’mos 32) To the sages of Judaism, the Erev Rav or the mixed multitude will be a prototype of the future “superficial Jews” who will “break rank” with the guiding lights of the Torah observing Jewish leadership.

They have done it in all the past ages and will do so especially at the time of the end. At this time, they will patronize and support the cause of their enemy. Their own agenda, private or pagan, far removed from the commands of the God of Israel in the Torah, will become the source of discomfort and calamity of the Jews for all ages. The rabbinic writings are clear that the Lord criticized Moses for allowing what we call today the mixed multitude to accompany the Israelites in their fateful journey. (Sh’mos Rabah 42:6-7, D’varim Rabah 3:11 and the Zohar II, 46a.) As the Raya M’hemna said” Read More:http://www.biblesearchers.com/hebrews/jewish/messiah3.shtml

in any event, the meaning of the holocaust day this year is to support Judea and Samaria, because it is plausible, from the religious jewish perspective that a two state solution will be a horse designed by a committee, the kind of tatty perimeters that followed the armistice of 1918, and just a prelude to more fighting, more trading land for a scrap of paper and a slow death. Two state will become 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 etc. Never Again,  means no Gush Katif and no Amona, expulsions from unauthorized settlements. And never again that a jew should be beaten and pushed out of his house and then having the dwelling demolished in the land of Israel, agree of disagree with their religio-biblical perspective on the land.

In any event, all the saber-wagging we have seen from Netanyahu and his cabal seems to be more gesture and posture, burnishing the image of an authority figure. Truth is, the army’s treatment of the hilltop people, the illegal settlers seems more indicative of his inclination to channel aggressiveness than to deal with more existential issues. And they do exist. With the ranges and sophistication of missiles that can reach Israel today, it is not unfair to say that the jewish population faces a greater threat than in 1967 and 1973….


( see link at end) His interrogator showed him a video clip of a ceremony in Jerusalem over a year ago, with prominent Rabbis and Knesset members present. It showed Rabbi Wolpo presenting a “Hero of Israel” certificate, together with 26,000 New Shekels, to a soldier’s parents. The soldier, at a previous initiation ceremony held at the Western Wall to swear in new IDF recruits, had led a group of soldiers recruits in raising a banner proclaiming that they swore to protect the Jewish state and its people, but not to evict Jews from their homes. For this courageous act he was sentenced to 26 days in military jail. When any soldier is jailed for such acts, the Museum awards his parents 1000 New Shekels for every day of his jail sentence – “as a sign of esteem for their merit of having raised such children who are prepared to sacrifice themselves for the people and land of Israel,” as Rabbi Wolpo says.

The interrogator informed Rabbi Wolpo that he is under suspicion of encouraging soldiers to disobey orders, a crime liable to heavy punishment. Rabbi Wolpo declared that he intends to continue on this path, because it is inconceivable that a young person initiated into the IDF at the Western Wall with an oath to protect his people and homeland, should later be compelled by his commanders to transgress that oath by aiding the enemy’s battle against Jews faithful to their homeland.

“I’m not encouraging disobedience to orders,” declared Rabbi Wolpo to the police investigator. “I’m encouraging soldiers to follow the order of G-d, who gave the entire land of Israel to the Jewish people and commanded us to settle every part of it. Disobeying orders are those trying to please the enemy by advocating establishment of a terror state in the heart of the Holy Land. We already see the results of that policy, following the expulsion of thousands of Jews from Gush Katif and northern Samaria – a senseless act that has already brought loss of life and limb to hundreds of Jews from missiles fired from the territory of Gush Katif, and that has only distanced us ever further away from peace!” Read More:http://jewishvoiceny.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=512:r-wolpo-questioned-by-police-for-encouraging-idf-soldiers-to-disobey-orders-to-evict-jews&catid=107:israel&Itemid=290


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