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The Golden Dawn. It conjures up some weird Kabbalah and esotericism of Aleister Crowley. Actually, it’s Greece’s rebranded Nazi party dressed in the regalia of post modernism. The breakaway white trash segment projecting identity politics and clearly jabbing at the country’s elite and the status-quo. Unfortunate, but maybe the only stimulus Greece’s golden cow could be prodded with. After all, austerity measures are the path of least resistance; decrees from the throne that pitch misery on those least able to absorb it.

The heavy lifting of structural reform is not undertaken, leaving the source of Greek’s problem intact and the country still firmly in the control of the oligarchy which operates it and shapes it to their benefit. A dark shadow to be sure; and one completely comprised of dark rhetoric, talk of work camps and detention centres, forced eviction, militarism. In fact anything to make the situation of the precarious more insecure while leaving the top echelon of wealth untouched. A gesture and pose of the bottom feeders, at least for the time being. Eventually, they’ll get the pink slip after trying the same business model as a Hizbullah.

---Now why does he show this curve of the spine"? "That's the organic result of the eternal "Heil Hitler"---Read More:http://mikecockcroft.blogspot.ca/p/small-slice-of-retouching-history_08.html

…The party does not mince words on how to carry outs principle of cleansing Greece of “illegal immigrants.”Out of my country, out of my home! How will we do it? Use your imagination. This victory is dedicated to all the brave youngsters who wear black T-shirts with Golden Dawn written in white,” Michaloliakos shouted after the election results were announced….( Daily Mail)

---Boris Artzybasheff Illustration from Life Magazine (1942)---Read More:http://thedailyhitler.tumblr.com/

Immigration, the sullying of the gene pool, is always the flashpoint, and its a complex issue; liberal democracies encourage it and they have to in order to serve and improve their own self interests which are selfish in the main. The financial sector, and government needs more immigrants to add ballast and support the unwieldy structures they have created. The phenomenon is not limited to EU countries but applies equally to middle powers like Canada and Australia as well who have big geographic buckets to fill, even if immigrants end up localized in a few large urban centers.

In any event, the capital outflows over the last three years means the wealthy are already protected from a return to the Drachma and devaluation; nominal Greeks ready to go to North America if things worsen…

---Harsh austerity measures imposed on the Greek people are making them look to the past for unfavorable comparisons. Overnight, posters featuring Chancellor Angela Merkel dressed as a Nazi officer have appeared all over the capital, Athens. Berlin’s interference in the Greek economy has caused people to make comparisons with Hitler’s occupation and destruction of the country 65 years ago. For many, Germany’s involvement in their affairs is pure meddling, while some have actually called on Germany to bail out Greece “on the grounds it owes Athens money for war atrocities in the past.” And it’s not just the ordinary citizens who feel this way. Even the Greek Prime Minister, while claiming that the move has helped his country avoid “a national mortal danger,” mentioned the national gold “taken” by Nazi Germany during the occupation and never “returned.” ---Read More:http://rt.com/news/greek-germany-people-bailout-011/


ed-up Greek voters took to the polls Sunday to deliver a devastating blow to the political establishment and made hard turns to both the far-left and the far-right, with both a Communist Party and a Neo-Nazi party winning a significant number of seats.

Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn won its first seats in the Greek parliament since the end of the military junta in 1974, winning 21 out of 300 seats.

The party’s leader, Nikos Michaloliakos, warned rivals and reformers that “the time for fear has come” after his breakthrough.

“The time for fear has come for those who betrayed this homeland,” he said at a news conference, flanked by young men with shaved heads.

“We are coming.” Read More:http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/05/07/neo-nazi-party-has-election-breakthrough-in-greece-leader-warns-time-for-fear-has-come/

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