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That entire cultures could be formed on the basis of hated, or villainization seems almost too absurd to be possible. As the Arab Spring revealed, the whole phony nature of restricting civil rights, outright repression was based on the phony supposition of a Zionist enemy like the boogy-man communist enemy of old, lurking under our beds and ready to strike when least expected. Israel itself is no different, if a bit more complicated and based on historical precedent, slightly more complex, and given the holocaust, as Norman Finkelstein alluded to, more susceptible to being manipulated as a hot-button issue, making it easier to create trauma and anxiety, all the better to fleece shekels out of them.

Image: Art Chantry. ---Rachel Hirschfield:In 2008, Mahmoud Abbas's official news agency, Wafa, reported that Israel had released poison-resistant rats to drive Arab residents of Jerusalem out of their homes. The report claimed that, "Rats have become an Israeli weapon to displace and expel Arab residents of the occupied Old City of Jerusalem. Settlers flood the Old City of Jerusalem with rats." In October of 2008, Iranian officials captured two 'spy pigeons' near the uranium enrichment facility in Natanz, alleging that the birds were being used to spy on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear advancements. In 2007, the regime detained over a dozen squirrels believed to be spies of Western powers seeking to undermine the Iranian regime.

Here there is the laboratory nightmare to many of a genetic holocaust based on the idea of a “chosen” gene bleached in an ocean of assimilation after dining on white bread, mayonnaise and chitlins. This version recycles all the tropes and utilizes similar fear-mongering tactics that generously pick the pockets of demagogue hall of fame, past and present. Central is the ressussitation and recycling of Kahanism, the thesis of survival articulated by Meir Kahane with his views that democracy and Judaism are fundamentally incompatible and the ladling of heavy portions of paranoia spicing and splicing its way through a narrative peppered with denigration of those opposing the view, and a textbook example of Thorstein Veblen’s invidious comparison.

Image: Art Chantry. Tijuana. 1973. Rachel Hirschfield:In June of 2010, Egyptian officials blamed a wave of shark attacks on Israel’s foreign ministry intelligence, asserting,” We must not discount the possibility that Mossad threw the shark into the sea, in order to attack tourists who are having fun in Sharm al-Sheikh.” Furthermore, in January of 2011, Saudi Arabian security forces detained a vulture carrying a global positioning satellite (GPS) transmitter and a ring etched with the words "Tel Aviv University."

No need for the due process of a Stanley Milgram experiment here, we begin at the highest voltage of electric shock and then turn eastward to pray to Jerusalem. But to pray for what? The current expression seems to catch god’s ear for a fervent and tenacious request for financial catastrophe, dire economic meltdown, perhaps a burning of Washington as the Brits did in the war of 1812, and then a spontaneous sequence of Kristillinacht. After all, maybe that would be enough to wake up the jewish diaspora to pack a flight bag and head for the sanctuary of the Holy Land. It smells like the ghosts of Father Coughlin, the Irish demagogue anti-semite priest who integrated in a seamless manner, Galton, Social Darwinism, Julius Streicher and Martin Heidegger as integral compendiums in our understanding of the scriptures.

Image: Art Chantry.---Hirschfield:Turkish authorities believe they have found a bird used by Israel for espionage purposes, the country’s media reported. According to reports, a Turkish farmer found the already dead bird, commonly known as the European Bee-Eater, with markings indicating it came from Israel. The bird’s left nostril was reportedly three times the size of its right nostril, leading Turkish officials to believe the Israel had implanted the animal with a surveillance device in its beak.

But there is a basis, a reason that is almost too absurd to contemplate. In cultures like Hamas or the PA, they have cake and it too at the buffet table: Israel is acting like the Nazis did to the jews except now to the Arabs and at the same time, the Holocaust did not happen; a terrific circular argument filled with the intellectual backwash of the likes of Israel Shamir and even the forementioned Finkelstein. And here you have an entire culture, an intricate social system of friendship and men meeting their spouses through the interface of hatred against Jews. If you begin to question the basis, it is a sandy shot to be sure, but not much worse than some jews pining for a collapsing dollar and the spectre of the Patriot Act enforcers dragging assimilated american jews off to the wilds of Montana for “re-education camp.”

Image: Art Chantry.---In a development that harkens back to the Nuremberg Laws and the old racialist broadsides of Rabbi Meir Kahane, MK Danny Danon has proposed a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist: he’s claimed that over 1,000 Jewish women have complained about being kidnapped

alestinians and forced to become sex slaves. ---Read More:http://www.uruknet.info/?new=84369


( see link at end) …A member of the committee, Danny Simon, asked a policewoman testifying whether she was aware of any such problems. The officer said she knew of none. Nevertheless, Danon insisted on persevering.

The racist pandering tenor of his comments was instructive:

The kidnapping of young [Jewish] women and turning them into sex slaves is the sign of a third world country and not of Israel in 2011. We must act immediately to save these women and prevent their being introduced into this vicious cycle.

Danon called for offering greater authority to government officials to deal with the problem, while another witness called for official legislation outlawing “seducing” or having sex with a minor. The director of another NGO claimed that [Jewish] girls aged 11 were raped and were now residing in Bedouin villages. Another that Jewish girls were “bought” by Arabs “with money.” Yet another complained of crafty Arab men who tempted girls by posing as Jews. Those who described the “phenomenon” said it affected girls who were immigrants from Ethiopia and Russia and those from poor backgrounds.

One crusading solon, Nissim Zeev regaled the panel with the “true” story of a girl from Beitar Illit who was enslaved in the nearby [Palestinian] village of Hussan. The “Arabs” allegedly published a claim that they’d “taken” a settler girl and converted her [to Islam]. He suggested a law that would prohibit the conversion of anyone under age 21. Of course, Zeev provided no proof of his claim.

---Israel's economy is widely seen as a high-tech success story. Yet to many Israelis the real players in their economy are not programmers or venture capitalists. Rather, they are the 20 or so Israeli families who control banks, supermarkets, telecoms, real estate, gas stations, and utilities—businesses that underpin much of daily life. Too much, says Stanley Fischer, the governor of the Bank of Israel, who has sounded the alarm over the power concentrated in the hands of these families.---Read More:http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/10_42/b4199010761878.htm image: Israel National News

The hearing featured videos purporting to document Arab men flirting and seducing Jewish women and bragging “like roosters”  of their romantic conquests. Another MK said these were grave criminal acts and having sex with a minor should be outlawed immediately (I’m certain it already is, but why should we stand in the way of such pandering?). Another Knesset member suggested setting up a cross-ministerial database which would list the name of every “endangered” girl so that all the various relevant authorities could endeavor to “protect” her. Yet another reminded his listeners of Golda Meir’s saying that every Jew who assimilated was added to the toll of the six million murdered in the Holocaust. MK Anastassia Michaeli touchingly remembered herself at the age of 13 or 14 in Russia along with fellow girl students who were tempted by boys to drink cola and eat pizza. It’s clear that such deviltry led immediately to the defilement of these poor girls. Read More:http://www.uruknet.info/?new=84369

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