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Augustus built an impressive mausoleum for himself and his family, and he was buried there in 14 A.D. as he had planned. He could hardly have anticipated however, that in succeeding centuries his tomb would be used as a fortress, garden, bull ring, theater, and open air concert hall. By 1938, it was excavated and restored.

Image Wiki. Read More:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Roma-mausoleo_di_augusto.jpg

( see link at end) …According to his contemporary, Strabo of Amasia, the tomb of the emperor Augustus was among the most remarkable monuments of Rome. The Greek geographer describes the building as an artificial hill covered with evergreen trees, and we can infer that it was not unlike the tombs in Etruria, or the tomb of Alexander the Great in Alexandria, a ruler greatly admired by Augustus. Other sources of inspiration may have been the tombs of the heroes of the Trojan War, of whom Augustus claimed to descend (e.g., the tomb of Achilles and similar monuments), and the world famous Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the tomb of the famous satrap of Caria, Maussolus.

Strabo adds that in the neighborhood of the Mausoleum of Augustus, one could visit a park with lovely porticoes and an ustrinum (i.e., the place of the pyre) that was surrounded by black poplars. … No Roman had ever created a tomb like this.Read More:http://www.livius.org/ro-rz/rome/rome_mausoleum_augustus.html

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