radical chic: return of the ekosians

Truth to power. A kind of truth to power. Neo-Nazi? Patriot? Freedom fighter? Misguided genius? Eccentric gadfly and publicity hound?  Clearly inscrutable, but all part of the mystery of radical Jewish culture, the people, the remnant of the remnant as Benzion Netanyahu described them, who are intrinsically not able to be normalized. Netanyahu also called jewish existence a series of catastrophes, of which the holocaust was only differentiated by the scale and thoroughness, but it is that particular tragedy and its relationship to political Zionism that has fixated Norman Finkelstein for over thirty years now.

---Still from Patterns of Force, episode of the science fiction television program Star Trek: The Original Series, broadcast on February 16, 1968. The crew of the Enterprise tracks down a Federation observer on the planet Ekos, dominated by a Nazi-inspired regime. Kirk and Spock learn that the Ekosians are planning “a final solution” — the extinction of all Zeons who reside on their planet, and the destruction of the neighboring planet Zeon. The Zeons are a clear reference to the Jewish people, and they carry names like Isak and Abrom.--- Read More:http://holocaustvisualarchive.wordpress.com/2012/03/28/spock-and-the-jew-as-vulcanian/

Perhaps the key is having his own parents subjected to the victimhood of the Shoah. It appears from the studies that the  inter-generational transmission of trauma is so strong that Holocaust-related influences can permeate the psyche of their offspring down to even the third generation.In the context of children of Holocaust survivors, the background narrative tends to be  a repressed mystery or an endless stream of traumatic information. Still waters running deep or the wake of the flood; the children being emotionally vampired to lethargy or simply overwhelmed in an emotional minefield. They absorb a wide panoply of emotional repercussions native to their parents trauma.

How this is played out appears to extend to identification with Israel or engagement with Jewish culture extending to religious observance and institutional involvement, or in the case of Finkelstein an intense but scattershot volley of explosive emotions against judaism, the victims, and on more credible grounds, the institutional complicity with reparations and restitution, which has led inevitably down a slippery slope to being hered into the same pen as the David Irving’s, Zizek’s, Israel Shamir’s, Galloway’s and others who intentionally or inadvertently form a nucleus of nihilism that is destructive to coherent dialog and conflict resolution. In some respects, their ideology with surprisingly broad limits, sanctifies the ideology of Israel’s ruling class through a belittling of the interests and opinions of a significant sector of the population that is in opposition to them, except of course when they go too far…

An authenticity hoax? Social capital? Too many people bashing Israel and time to find a new niche? ---"They've lost the battle for public opinion," he says. "They claim it's because American Jews know too little - I claim it's because they know too much about the conflict, and young liberal Jews have difficulty defending the use of cluster bombs in Lebanon or supporting the Israeli settlements. I was bashing Israel in the past because nobody else was exposing its true record. Many people are doing it now, so I switched hats from a critic of Israel to a diplomat who wants to resolve the conflict. I have not changed, but I think the spectrum has moved." Finkelstein's book is suprisingly optimistic about the chances of settling the confict, and about changing the debate, even among American Jewry.---Read More:http://www.haaretz.com/blogs/focus-u-s-a/norman-finkelstein-bids-farewell-to-israel-bashing-1.422684 image:http://blog.art21.org/2010/07/01/on-view-now-mind-the-gap-thoughts-on-representing-the-holocaust-through-comics/

It seems that lately, Finkelstein has pulled himself back from the precipice, something like an alcoholic who finally slay his demons. What is apparent through Finkelstein’s ramblings, or at least can be teased out of them is that any threat to an exclusive right of the secular establishment in Israel  to rule is construed as a threat to the state itself. Therefore,  it is in the interest of the ruling class that an accommodationist ideology be abetted through the likes of the radical left; which gives these accommodated people a sense of inclusion while marginalizing them and augmenting their sense of inferiority. It can be seen that these activists are given the “right” to preside over secular ceremonial matters of an intellectual stature, while important decisions are made elsewhere.

Max Beckman. ---Norman Finkelstein is arguably the most openly anti-Semitic "Jew" on the planet, and the competition for that title is tough. He has made a career out of defaming Holocaust Survivors, painting them as thieves and liars, mocking the Holocaust and its victims, and cheering anti-Jewish terrorism and violence. He spent last summer cheering the Hezbollah attacks on Israel. He has defamed Elie Wiesel for years. He trivializes the Holocaust and denies that Six Million Jews were murdered by Nazi Germany (although does not claim that no Jews at all were killed). He works closely with Neo-Nazi groups and Holocaust Deniers, and is widely proclaimed to be the "Jewish David Irving". Finkelstein claims Germany is the victim of Jewish extortion.---Read More:http://www.normanfinkelstein.com/article.php?pg=11&ar=1072


In recent months DePaul University has become something of an international laughingstock. While retaining neo-Nazi Norman Finkelstein on its faculty, a person with no scholarly credentials at all and someone who has been accused by the Anti-Defamation League of being a Holocaust Denier, DePaul also fired Prof. Thomas Klocek because he dared to defend Israel to some fanatic campus jihadnik students. Among those who have denounced DePaul’s neo-Nazi has been Alan Dershowitz….

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Many people are comparing DePaul’s employment of Finkelstein to the employment of another neo-Nazi and Holocaust Denier in the Chicago area, Arthur Butz, an Associate Professor at Northwestern University, and some wonder aloud what is wrong with having such people on the faculty if academic freedom is to mean anything.

Image: U.S. Holocaust Museum. ---Many survivors internalized the crushing deprivation foisted upon them; this, too, was passed on to their children. “I would ask my father, ‘What are you eating over the sink for? Sit down at the table and eat on a plate,’” says Kolber. “And he would answer: ‘You think I had a plate in Siberia? You think I need a plate? I ate for five years without a plate.’ I felt I didn’t deserve to be happy, to be fulfilled and complete.” ---Read More:http://www.ou.org/index.php/jewish_action/article/41103/

But closer examination of the twin Chicago “academic Nazis” reveals important differences.

Arthur R. Butz is an open nazi and Holocaust Denier who crayoned a “book” insisting that the World War II Holocaust of Jews by Germany was a grand “hoax”. Butz even touts his Nazi ravings on the Northwestern University official web site. (Interestingly, Butz and Noam Chomsky are among the main advocates on behalf of French Holocaust Denier Robert Faurisson .) But there the similarities with Finkelstein end.

First of all, Butz teaches in Northwestern’s electric and computer engineering department, where he teaches technical courses and does not engage in political advocacy in his classes. Indeed, he is prohibited altogether from spouting his nazi views on Northwestern’s campus.

Butz evidently does have some serious academic credentials in his field of expertise. So the lunacies he advocates in the privacy of his swastika-bedecked bedroom are his own business, believes Northwestern. We have trouble understanding why being an open Nazi does not signal to the Northwestern University brass that Butz is deranged and so should not be on the podium at all, but we are the first to concede that academia is crawling with other lunatics. Finkelstein, in contrast, is not teaching a technical subject and does not have any serious scholarly credentials in anything, yet is permitted to use the DePaul podium to conduct his little Nuremberg Rallies….

George Grosz. Fara Kaplan:It is a well-known fact that Holocaust survivors who endured the concentration camps suffered agonizing emotional wounds that, for many, have never healed. Less well-known is how this legacy has also seeped into the psyches of many of their children. Bower (1996) studied 80 Jewish adults born to Holocaust survivors and 20 Jewish adults whose parents had not faced Nazi persecution. All subjects were of comparable age and all had reported experiencing some type of trauma during their life. At some point over their lifetime, 29 percent of the offspring of Holocaust survivors had experienced symptoms of depression and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as opposed to zero percent of the control group. This finding suggests that the child or children of the Holocaust survivor may be at higher risk for psychiatric symptoms including depression, anxiety and PTSD through exposure to their traumatized parents (i.e., they may be vicariously traumatized). Survivors who develop PTSD in response to Holocaust experiences may pass on vulnerability to the same condition to their children. Yehuda et al. (1998) found that survivors' offspring who were diagnosed with PTSD typically reported Holocaust-related thoughts or images as their primary traumas. Personal experience corroborates this finding. My mother is the daughter of Holocaust survivors. She reports having early childhood memories of her father's nightmares. In addition to PTSD, children of Holocaust survivors also experience many other symptoms. Holocaust survivors often develop symptoms such as guilt associated with being alive (i.e., "survivor guilt"). Other symptoms include melancholia and identification with the dead. It has been suggested that survivors may believe that they are unable to fulfill the needs of their children and may withdraw from their children (Fogelman, 1998). However, I must comment that personal experience suggests an alternative response. I have found that the survivors I have known have done "everything" for their children and have deprived themselves in an effort to provide for their children. ----Read More:http://www.aaets.org/article96.htm

In addition, Northwestern evidently did not know about Butz’s psychotic Nazi agenda when it hired him, but DePaul knew exactly what it was getting when it hired Finkelstein. Finkelstein had earlier been fired from two adjunct jobs in New York due to his lack of any scholarly credentials, his charlatan pseudo-research, his Jew-bashing bigotry and his vicious ad hominem attacks against writer Elie Wiesel and other Holocaust survivors.

Finkelstein teaches in DePaul’s political science department, where he is allowed to offer a departmental course that is completely one-sided anti-Israel indoctrination and anti-Jewish advocacy. Finkelstein’s course syllabus consists 100% of anti-Israel propagandists and anti-Semites, some of them Marxists. Not a single pro-Israel voice of dissent is permitted to be aired. Where are the rights of DePaul students to hear all sides of an issue? Why are they not being defended against Finkelstein’s podium bullying?

Northwestern – by the way – has been trying to dump Butz for years, by buying out his contract (he has tenure), but Butz has refused. Butz is an enormous embarrassment! But DePaul’s chiefs, led by DePaul’s President, Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, C.M., Ed.D., are downright PROUD of their neo-Nazi, insisting that he is a serious scholar (even though no serious scholars consider him one). The people other than Brer Holtschneider who take Finklestein as a serious researcher usually run Holocaust “Revisionism” web sites and worship David Irving.

DePaul would not hire a faculty member in the name of free speech who was claiming that it was actually Jesus Christ who had Pontius Pilate crucified and not the other way around, so what then is a racist flake like Finkelstein doing teaching political science there? If you would like to ask DePaul Prez Holtschneider yourself, his email address is dholtsch[at]depaul.edu.

The Chicago Jewish Star has been commenting at length on the Klocek affair and on DePaul’s toady defense of Finklelstein’s presence on its faculty. As the Star notes: “When the university first hired Mr. Finkelstein in 2001, his reputation as an out-of-control, unbalanced analyst who mixes vile and vitriolic attacks on his critics with a gleeful exhibitionism was firmly established. With so many credible, intelligent, informed scholars of Middle Eastern studies available from which to select, why in the world did DePaul decide to bring this man on its staff?” Read More:http://www.normanfinkelstein.com/steven-plaut-excellent-student/
( see link at end) …For town after town, village after village, and even just spots in the countryside, Dean and his team assembled pieces of a grisly puzzle, which he said “shows that the Nazis made a concerted effort to find every last Jew in every last place” and eliminate each one.

Dean is a Holocaust scholar at the museum’s Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies and former senior historian for the Nazi War Crimes Investigation Unit at Scotland Yard in London.

One tiny town in Ukraine, Mizocz, reflects the horrors repeated over and over across Eastern Europe. Its entry was written by a survivor who now lives in Pennsylvania and one of fewer than 10 percent of Eastern European ghetto dwellers who survived the war.

Helen Segall, now 81, was 11 when she witnessed SS troops torch her town of about 2,000 residents, with hundreds of hidden Jews burned to death before they could escape. Others were killed outside the town.

“People had to undress and walk in small groups into the trench and lie face down, where they were shot by an SS man helped by a Ukrainian Schutzmann,” she wrote, using a German word for local policeman.

In two days — Oct. 13 and 14, 1942 — the 300-year-old town “ceased to exist,” wrote Segall, who is now writing her own memoir.

She also wrote an encyclopedia entry for Dubno, her Polish birthplace where her father and two brothers were dragged from their home and murdered in the local cemetery. The ghetto was established there on the first day of Passover in 1942. Read More:http://news.yahoo.com/excruciating-details-emerge-jewish-ghettos-000356301.html

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