sugar sugar

by Art Chantry:

1968. mlk, rfk assassinated. riots in the streets. vietnam drafting our kids and killing them. chaos and madness and lots acid. even andy warhol got shot. most normal folks simply gave up, bought guns and headed for the hills.

and the arches “sugar, sugar’ was the number one hit song of the year. go figger.

---i just remember this because i always thought 'sugar sugar' was such a total anomaly during such a crazy tumultuous and pivotal year in our history. i even thought that when i was a little kid (i was 14 in 1968). you should see the another amazing songs it outsold that year. it'll amaze you.---AC

then follow that up with ‘sugar shack’ by jimmy gilmer & the fireballs. then you can finsh with ‘sugar blues’ by clyde mccoy….and the oscar for best picture in 1968 was the musical version of charles dickens’ “oliver twist’ called “OLIVER!!”. again, go figger….

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