dog night afternoon

by Art Chantry:

1969 poster for 3 dog night playing in tacoma (by chuck pennington). noted without comment…


…my old girlfriend worked at a hot and cool and ‘hip’ marketing design firm in st. louis. their janitor there used to be one of the those three guys in 3 dog night. i guess he went through a massive drug thing and bottomed out. he picked himself up and got a job as a janitor in the middle of nowhere. doing ok now. 3 dog night were hellacious partiers – sorta set the tone for bands like led zep…. i think chuck must have been around 15 or so when he drew this…

… if i had a nickel for every band i saw in concert that sucked… well, i’d have a LOT of nickels, i’ll tell you! i saw led zep three times and i thought they sucked each time. swore i’d never go back. then they’d come to town again….

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