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All’s quiet on the Leftern Front. How can the left massage the data, strain some liberal secular humanism out of the issue of attempted lynching of Sudanese refugees/illegals in the Moslem Israel village of Kfar Manda. Here, they don’t have the “uppity” religious jews to boot around whose criticisms are seen as undermining the democratic foundations of the state; only criticisms within the ruling elite is permitted. Here are not the unwashed of South Tel-Aviv; they have to ideologically side with the Eritreans in their own unique condescending way without actually engaging in their struggle while somehow finding a way not to blame Israeli Arabs for their actions. Its the perverse side of Zionism and its assimilationist aspirations where once seen as as an alternative to assimilation and what they saw as jewish self-hatred in the diaspora is somehow transposed under their guise in new incarnations…

Jacques Callot.—Les Grand Misères depict the destruction unleashed on civilians during the Thirty Years’ War; no specific campaign is depicted, but the set inevitably recalls the actions of the army that Cardinal Richelieu sent in 1633 to occupy Callot’s native Lorraine before annexing it to France. Callot was living in the capital, Nancy, at the time, though the prints were published, like most of his work, in Paris, with the necessary royal licence.—Wiki

You have to question if self-hated and anti-semitism is intrinsic to Zionism, and whether it can be teased or coaxed out of it and discarded, emancipated in a new direction as inits present form it throws off perverse forms such as radical leftism/anarchism and extreme radicalist groups on the Arab side…

( see link at end) ….Ah, the tormenting mental gymnastics that the following paradox is causing Israeli leftists….

Today (Thursday) in Kfar Manda, an Israeli Arab village in the lower Galilee, Israeli Arabs lost their cool, and had an all out rumble with the illegal African migrants who have been occupying the town after too much noise was erupting from an apartment of Sudanese.

For over an hour, Kfar Manda became a battle zone between the residents and the illegal African migrants, and the Israeli police had to intervene with force, — including the use of tear gas. The Kfar Manda Arabs decided that they “had enough” of the Sudanese and decided to evict them all using bats, rocks and knives. The Israeli police intervention prevented bloodshed, yet the police decided for the Sudanese protection to evict all of them from the village.Read More:http://muqata.blogspot.ca/

This is  part of the communist-anarchist  mindset of  of nominal Jews, Jewish ancestry as birth defect, who really don’t give a rat’s ass about the Jewish people, where a chaotic refugee problem can be heaped on those areas of the country least able to handle and absorb it such as South Tel-Aviv and Arab villages. It’s the left-elite “post jewish identity” in which knee-jerk anatagonism to jewish religion and tradition manifests itself in assimilation within the state; The lesson of Gush Katif should have been sour wine enough; eight thousand jews expulsed and more than than number of missiles launched from their former community into the south of the country.

—Hogarth pictured catastrophic stock market crash of 1720 noted as the South Sea Bubble. Blindfolded Fortune is hanging f

the balcony of London’s Guildhall. The devil is cutting her flesh and throws it to the speculators. Difrent forms of gambling and feverish spining of merry-go-round simbolises wild speculation that took place during the South Sea Bubble. —Read More:http://valuequest.info/content/glossary/greedeconomy.html


( see link at end) …The YNet story from Wednesday said:

Large police forces that were dispatched to the scene were forced to use tear gas to break up the fight. Two Kfar Manda residents and a Sudanese migrant were arrested.

A police official told Ynet the scuffle erupted because some Kfar Manda residents “were not pleased” with the presence of Sudanese migrants in the village.

Following the brawl, hundreds of locals arrived at the scene and demanded that the migrants be removed from the village.

I purposefully waited overnight before posting this story, because I wanted to see if the mainstream media would cover it the same way it covers every story of Israelis who demonstrate against or attack illegal African immigrants in Israel….

–Goya y Lucientes, Francisco Jose de (1746-1828), Nor in this case, plate 36 of `The Disasters of War`, 1810-14, pub. 1863 (etching) , 1863, etching, burnished aquatint, drypoint and burin, Private Collection, bridgemanart.com —

When incidents like this happen in Tel Aviv, the media, egged on by the anti-Israel crowd and the extreme leftist websites that they inhabit, cover it extensively, along with quotes from activists who say that this proves that Israelis are racists. But this time, over a day after the fights and 14 hours after the Africans were forced out of the village, only the Israeli media has covered this.

Why is that?

Because Kfar Manda is an Arab Israeli village.

And the only time it is proper to scream “racism” in Israel is when you can blame the Jews.

Al Akhbar talks about “rising racist attacks by Jews against Africans, with Jewish extremists carrying out anti-African pogroms in Tel Aviv.” But nt a word about Kfar Manda.

Peace Now, quoting Lara Friedman at The Daily Beast, blames not all Jews but only the right wing variety:

These politicians have a clear and compelling message: these people are diseased and unclean; they will attack us and rape our women; they are an existential threat to our people and our way of life; they are an enemy that must be shown no mercy, and anyone who helps or defends them is likewise an enemy (one Kadima MK suggested that Israeli human rights activists who are aiding the migrants “should be imprisoned and transported to [prison] camps we are building”)….Read More:http://elderofziyon.blogspot.ca/2012/06/media-and-leftist-double-standards-on.html

(see link at end) …Jewish Voice for Peace boasts among its membership virulent anti-Semites such as Paul LaRudee, the west coast leader of the ISM in the United States, whom Israel deported back in 2006 after I exposed his entering the country under a false name to meet with and support Hamas.

JVP was founded by a corpulent Berkeley radical named Mitchell Plitnick. At first largely populated by anti-Semite Marxists and Arabs to act as a Jewish front for Arabs and anti-Israel groups in America and to make people think that Jews were just as anti-Israel as the Arab groups that also make up the ISM.

Plitnick has stated repeatedly the Exodus and other Jewish history from the Bible are fantasies and has openly called for boycotting and thereby starving the Jews of Israel, something that obviously also appeals to Patinkin.Read More:http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/11683#.T9099sVb76M

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