poetess of a thousand dances

by Art Chantry:

this is patti smith’s high school yearbook photo….new york city must be a really hard town…

—AC: Spray glue and Elmers—

AC:in my long career, i never really got to work with the a-leagues. all the interesting folks i worked with were nobodies when i did their covers. almost all of them are still nobodies, but are still very interesting….

…”never meet your heroes. they turn out to be just people.. and people ain’t no good.” my experience is that i got to work with music i loved and met cool folks who often turned out to be friends for life. i actually got tho HELP people develop and make a meager living for everybody involved. that’s not 100%, of course. lots assholes out there everywhere you look. especially the people AROUND the folks you love. icky. and don’t get me started on the major label greed heads, we’ll be here all day….

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