shahn and beall

by Art Chantry:


“‘illustrators ’60” – the annual of the american illustration (1960).

design/lester beall, illustration/ben shahn (look real closely).

(sorry my photoshop skills are so bad. i almost lost the shahn illustration entirely. i’m gonna post more lester beall tomorrow.)

…this TYPEFACE i think is originally called “eurostyle” (or “eurostile”). later it was rechristened “microgamma” by compugraphic vendors. today it’s probably called something like “andromeda strain”….Shahn is my hero for his politics. beall is my hero because he was the first punk rock american graphic designer….later around the same time, david carson and i were exchanging fan mail (when he was just starting ‘beach culture”.) we were doing “ever heard of…?” games and i asked him if he ever heard of a guy named ‘von dutch’. he said,, “sounds familiar. pin-stripper, wasn’t he?” i thought that it was funny that david carson back then didn’t quite know who von dutch was.

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