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There is a branch of research under the name of Bible studies that varies from interpretation of the Scriptures to complete analysis through sophisticated software of Bible codes found in the Torah.They say all answers are there. If you can find it.  Michael Drosnin was a bit of huckster out for the quick buck in his book, not a dedicated researcher, but nonetheless, it opened people’s eyes that these ancient texts were extremely sophisticated and complex beyond our ostensible understanding, and helps round out contextual inconsistencies and media bias intrinsic to mass communication, particularly sins of ommission such as the famous “Transfer Agreement” between Nazis and Zionists and a mutual complicity that reverberates today… That is, the perspective is non-secular and non-atheist….

( see link at end) …The history of the Donmeh goes back as early as 1716, when they organizationally formed in Salonika. They were headed by Shabbatai Tzevi’s Islamic successor, Baruchya Russo. These Donmeh Jews were known as the “Crypto Jews” because they appeared to be Islamic people but in reality they were Jewish. It was to the Turkish Donmeh that Jacob Frank went to visit and study. While there he secretly converted to Islam, yet he returned to Europe as a Jewish rabbi.

He took the conversion and distortion of the Torah to a greater absurdity when he taught his followers that they were to convert to Christianity. That would become the pathway needed for the redemption of the world to occur. The Jews were to stop being Jews and when the messiah comes, the commands of the Torah would be reversed and they were to live the opposite. By the year of 1900, when the beginning rays of redemption to the Land of Israel began to radiate in the minds of the Jewish people, the Islamic Donmeh Society numbered over 100,000 members, most of which were “Crypto Jews”, but they played the role of not being Jews….

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It was in the year of 1891 that a politically oriented group of the Donmeh organized called the “The Committee of Union and Progress”. They soon called themselves “The Young Turks”. The leader of this group was a Freemason Jew called Emmanuel Carrusso who was allied and assisted by the Rothschilds. By the year of 1902 and later 1907, they met in Paris for the “Congress of the Young Turks”. It was their international goal to penetrate the military of the Sultan and take control of the Sultanate. By the year of 1908, they were formidably prepared and staged a coup d’état and Sultan Mehmed VI was overthrown….

---Mr Eichmann didn’t even claim to not have known that he sent millions to their deaths, as he recounted four of his visits to concentration camps where he saw, and wrote reports about, how the killing was done. In some of his testimony, he still referred to Jews as “transport material”. When asked by the judges if he felt any remorse, Mr Eichmann responded “Remorse is pointless. Remorse is for children”. He clearly didn’t even attempt to win any sympathies. Mr Eichmann’s only defence was that he was obeying orders.---Read More:

…It was in the year of 1914 that the Jewish Young Turks were now bolstered by their successful bid to depose Abdül Hamid II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. This was in retaliation for the Sultan’s refusal to sell the Land of Roman Palestine to the World Zionist Organization. On behalf of the Jewish people, the Young Turks enlarged their bid to topple the imperial European states that had hegemony over the Middle East.

The Serbian Terrorist’s Assassination of the Habsburg heir as portrayed in this contemporary postcard that triggered alliances and unleashed a worldwide slaughter that changed the power structure of the world.

The plan by the Young Turks was to hire a confirmed assassin, Gavrilo Princep to assassinate the visiting heir to the Hapsburg throne the Austrian Archduke Ferdinand arriving in Serbia. The bullet from Abdül Hamid’s gun lit the fuse that sent the entire world into the inferno of World War I. Austria and Germany declared war on Serbia. Russia entered the war siding with Serbia along with England and the Nation of France. Germany immediately invaded Belgium in route to France and the international press began to report the immense loss of troops and people on the European continent. As Europe was engulfed with World War I, in the year of 1915; the “Young Turks” began the systematic genocide of 1.5 million Armenian Christians that were murdered in what became known as the “Armenian Genocide”….

---Frederick Goodall (British Painter , 1822-1904) - A New Attraction in the Harem--- Read More:

…The associates of Jabotinsky were a motley group whose goals and visions were many times in chacophany for they clashed and were destructive rather than being harmonious and constructive. They included; Talaat Pasha, a Donmeh Jew who became the Interior Minister of Turkey during World War I and the architect of the Armenian Holocaust; and Djavid Bey, a Donmeh Jew that was Talaat’s Finance Minister with his assistant Messim Russo. Then there was Refik Bey, the editor of the Young Turk newspaper called the Revolutionary Press who became the Prime Minister of Turkey in 1939 along with Emanuel Orasow, a Jewish propagandist for the Jewish Young Turks. The influence of the Rothschilds was significant with their liaison, Alexander Helphand, the editor of “The Turkish Homeland”. Finally there was Mustafa Kemal Attaturk, whose revolutionary group destroyed the Sultanate of the Ottoman Empire and put him into power as the new ruler of secular Turkey. Attaturk was a Sephardic Jew who attended the Jewish elementary school called

Semsi Effendi School that was run by the Jewish headmaster, Simon Tzi (Simon the Just).

…Attaturk (Mustafa Kemal) went on to become the ruler of Turkey in the year of 1918. Two years later (1920), the Jewish Russian Bolsheviks were supplying Attaturk with 10 million gold roubles, 45,000 rifles, and 300 machine guns. By the year of 1921, the defense of the Port of Batu had collapsed and was now in the hands of the Jewish Bolsheviks. …

…It is curious that Israel’s first and second prime minister, David Ben-Gurion and Moshe Sharett, and her (Israel’s) second President (figurehead position) Yitzhak Ben-Zvi, had lived and studied in Istanbul, and had embraced the concept of “lehitatmen”, which in Hebrew means ‘to become an Ottoman’.”

…Israel’s first Prime Minister Ben-Gurion, according to Chamish, “was Sabbatean, through and through”. He gave up his citizenship in Russia in order to become a Ottoman citizen. Prime Minister Ben-Zvi was a reputed descendant of a Sabbatean family. Israel’s first President and second Prime Minister, Moshe Sharret served in the Ottoman army in World War I. They all had a “curious similarity” with modern Israel’s secular left as reported by Avrum Ehrlich:

…Avrum Ehrlich – “Most interesting is the movement’s choice of messianic terminology when describing the peace process with Israel’s Arab neighbours, including (They use terms like): ‘New World Order’ (or Middle Eastern New World Order)… Further, a curious similarity between the Israeli Left and the Sabbatean movement is illustrated in the Left’s strong public ties with Arabs and Islam while privately rejecting and even despising their lifestyle, morality and habits. Stark similarities are evident with the Donmeh who showed great public affection with Islam but amongst themselves entirely rejected and even despised Islam.” Read More:


Steven Plaut:The Israeli media has long operated under the nearly complete hegemony of the Far Left, a unique form of quasi-totalitarianism operating within the overall framework of a country with democratic institutions. The Israeli media have by and large taken their cues from the Academic Left, and campus Newspeak, including “postmodernist” gibberish, is now a regular part of the daily journalistic dose.

Israel’s daily newspapers have served as regular bludgeons against the country, promoting Arab propaganda as editorial and Op-Ed opinion and often even as news, blaming Israeli obstinacy and mistreatment of Arabs for all of the problems of the world.

Haaretz long ago ceased to be a newspaper or an organ of political pluralism, and operates as an instrument of Far-Leftist political indoctrination. Yediot Ahronot is only slight less biased. Maariv is the only Hebrew newspaper that maintains any semblance of pluralism, and even it is often much more often a platform for the Left than for the Non-Left.

The three Israeli television stations compete against one another over which is the furthest to the Left and which can employ the largest number ofleftist political commentators. The main form of political pluralism in radio broadcasting ended when the Sharon government shut down Arutz 7.

The main manifestations of the Leftist Ascendancy have been the universities and the media, but other institutions, such as the Supreme Court, the intelligence services, and much of the officer class in the military, have also come under its sway. A large part of the secret of the success of the Ascendancy is the enormous funding it openly receives from institutions and people outside the country, those for whom Israel’s best interests are decidedly NOT part of their agenda. Picayune “organizations”, some of them communist front, are flooded with funding and fill the press and billboards with large political ads.

And Jewish anti-Semitism is more and more openly the driving force behind the fundamentalist theology of the Leftist Ascendancy. This obsession with self-flagellation among the Ascendant Leftists has produced a situation whereby each and every atrocity committed by Arabs, without exception, is greeted with calls from the Israeli chattering classes for MORE concessions and appeasements. Some, including the tenured extremists at the universities, go so far as to justify and celebrate Arab acts of terror as necessary to force Israelis to come to their senses and make peace. Read More:

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