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Its the superficial liberal values; essentially reinforcing and continuing the template that was started in the 1930′s with the Transfer Agreement worked out with the early Zionists and the Nazis that brought out 70,000 of the richest German jews to Israel with their property in exchange for purchasing German heavy-industry goods to build he country. The rest of the yids there, the unwashed, apparently they all had train tickets. standing room only.  The whole ugly mess almost popped the septic tank during the Eichmann trial, but with the likes of Rolf Vogel and others massaging the kinks out of the message, it kept the dyke from breaking; after all neither did the Labor Zionists of Ben Gurion want the complicity exposed.

Today, Israeli universities are chocked full of Jewish anti-Zionists and unfortunately,  anti-Semites, “Post-Judaism” of all absurdities, where leftist teachers, mouthing the drivel of the bureaucrats financing their institutions, are openly working with the enemies of their own country in time of  crisis, even asserting the elimination of their own country and its fitting  into some sort of Palestinian state. Martin Buber lives. Judaism as an unfortunate birth defect.

Paul Schutzer photo. 1967. Read More:

It amounts to a fifth column; these academic prestations that call for Israeli national existence to be terminated, and for Israel to be replaced by a new entity. Very much in the zone of Hannah Arendt and Heidegger in a perverse left radical take on the counter-enlightenment; casting doubt on that entire project that began with Voltaire, Diderot et al. the fruits of which are reams, whole lifestyles and identities built on anti-Israel and anti-Jewish political propaganda, dumped  off as scholarly research with ingenious quotes from rabbis of wisdoms past, as if the Bal Shem-Tov and Rambam are supporting them and the permanency of “international law” as superceding the Torah. Anything goes.

( see link at end) ..My heart leaped as I recognized the sound of Jews praying together enthusiastically. I told my wife: “I wish I could go and join them”, and she replied simply, “Well why don’t you?” I admitted to her that I simply couldn’t – I had been raised in a decent, upright, secular-Zionist home that instilled in me the belief that religious Jews were the devil incarnated….Read More:

…However, the elites calling for an international boycott of Israel, and the Israeli participants in Israeli Apartheid Week in cities around the world, and in general all those who tend to portray Israel as a despicable and failed state, solely responsible for the conflict – this indeed is an Ashkenazi elite “with a smattering of Mizrahim.” It would be appropriate for the members of this elite, who excel at preaching morality, to show a little more humility and learn a lesson from Israel’s business, political and defense elites on how to integrate Mizrahim. Read More:

---Such reasoning leads to one solution: Israel must de-Judaize itself, if only to accommodate to its environment. That kind of accommodation, advocated by selected segments of the Israeli secular elite, is reminiscent of the widespread belief by emancipated Jews in Germany that Judaism was too Oriental and must adapt to the majority by becoming more Western. There is a difference: Jews were a minority in Germany, whereas they are (still) a majority in Israel.--- Read More: image:

So, it may be the greatest irony of Jewish history  that the secular Zionism of the nineteenth century, Herzl et al.  formulated precisely for the purpose of offering an alternative to assimilation and Jewish absence of esteem, secular, in the Diaspora, should, in its fruition in Israel, should be intimately connected with  the emergence of the most vile manifestations of Israeli self-hatred and Jewish anti-Semitism, in their home country.  A Zionism that was conceived to offer an alternative to Jewish assimilationism sees the realization of a dysfuntional  movement of assimilationism inside the state itself, in the guise of  a kind of neo-Jewish Israeli….

---Men of Emir Mohamed Saleh in their camp listening to latest news. April 1948. John Phillips--- Read More:

Beneath the sympathies for the Palestinians, still lies a rich myth that recalls Kipling. Young, well-off white people from privileged backgrounds, the profile of Israel’s secular elite, going through an identity crisis where they latch onto this cause in order to restore a perceived lack of vitality, through a brief and flirtatious contact with the raw, ragged life of the dispossessed Arabs. But the relationship is still vampiric. But this is preferred to a dialog with the Jewish jews as opposed to them, the Israeli Jews, the former being regarded as having an “incestuous” relationship with god.In any case, the need is for “civilized” sensible people, white, to come and save somebody, anybody…

( see link at end) ….Miko Peled:Now once again Israel is faced with two options: Continue to exist as a Jewish state while controlling the Palestinians through military force and racist laws, or undertake a deep transformation into a real democracy where Israelis and Palestinians live as equals in a shared state, their shared homeland. For Israelis and Palestinians alike, the latter path promises a bright future….The transcripts of that meeting, which I found in the Israeli army archives, reveal that the generals made it clear to Eshkol that the Egyptians would need 18 months to two years before they would be ready for a full-scale war, and therefor

is was the time for a preemptive strike. My father told Eshkol: “Nasser is advancing an ill-prepared army because he is counting on the Cabinet being hesitant. Your hesitation is working in his advantage.” The prime minister parried this criticism, saying, “The Cabinet must also think of the wives and mothers who will become bereaved.”

Throughout the meeting, there was no mention of a threat but rather of an “opportunity” that was there, to be seized.

Within short order, the Cabinet succumbed to the pressure of the army, and the rest, as they say, is history. The Six-Day War began three days later and was over on June 10, 1967….Read More:–six-day-war-20120606,0,3821348.story

( see link at end) …The moral of Levy’s fanciful story is that as the Israeli Right is becoming “a united tribe of zealots” thanks to the discrimination of the Israeli Left, then across the board, from right to left, Israel has become—hold on to your hats—a racist, bigoted society!

Alas, collectively smearing Israeli society isn’t Levy’s only game. By reducing the nationalism of Israeli Sephardim to a kind of “false consciousness” attributable to leftist discrimination, Levy (a German Jew) high-handedly dismisses the authentic, historically-rooted Jewish nationalism of the Sephardim—thus embodying the paternalistic racism he claims to deplore. He also misses the tensions that, at present, characterize relations between the Sephardi and ultra-Orthodox sectors of Israeli society. Ultimately, reality is far richer and more interesting than Levy’s simplistic anti-Zionist polemic.Read More:

( see link at end) …To be sure, the role of Israel in this regard would be much more effective if its approach to Judaism became less rigid and more pluralistic while continuing to be regarded as an important element of modern Israel. Such a change, however, is impeded by two mutually antagonistic elements within Israel: on the one hand, traditionalists tied to the Orthodox rabbinate who oppose any adaptations to contemporary realities, and on the other, elements within the Israeli elite who want to shut religion out of Israeli culture completely and who deplore the very idea of Israel as a Jewish state….

…They have compared Israel’s behaviour to that of Nazi Germany and South Africa’s apartheid regime; they have asserted that Israel does not have a free press, that it lacks a civil society, that it is one of the most autocratic polities in the world, and that Netanyahu is Israel’s Leonid Brezhnev. One Haaretz journalist suggested that instead of slinging mud at the Goldstone Report, Israel should be thankful for it, because it will cause that country to refrain from deliberately attacking civilians in the future.

Undated File Photo: Nazi Criminal Adolph Eichmann In His Cell In Galami Prison, Near Haifa, Waiting For His Trial To Open. (Photo By Gpo/Getty Images) Read More:

This recalls an analogous argument of Jewish reformers in nineteenth-century Germany that in order to gain acceptance by the Christian world, Jews should become more ‘civilized’, and that their Judaism should become more ‘well-tempered’. Some have tended…to blame Israel for the world’s hostile attitudes. Thus Moshe Zimmermann, an Israeli historian, blamed Zionism for introducing anti-Semitism into the Middle East , a charge reminiscent of German Jews blaming themselves for their country’s problems, or blaming Ostjuden for its anti-Semitism.Read More:

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